Substantiating the Differences

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Substantiating the Differences

Prosperous amount of time, devolving attributes, conformal to higher grids/links in temporal fields. Alignments which are made in co-disposition towards the general flux in decisions or how we chose to manifest greater life venues, for experiences, and other type of conditions, which can bring about a multitude of alignments, towards what you are looking for in life, or simply what you love to do.

In constant fields, either static or constantly in change, the fabrics which helps us evolve or devolve some attributes which are needed in time of greater events, as alignments... Change is gradually accepted for conventional expanses, towards the general light flux, which is needed when we are ingrained in a system which is in a constant, as a cycle, repeating experiences, or repeating articles, when we want change in a way, to adjust to newer concepts or things which are needed for a gradual augmentation to something new. We imply on proper things as our decisions to have something new, may come to us gradually after having said words within, in search of greater service, as messages and such, there will always be a time in which the concepts will come to fruition if you’re ready to be selective, receptive of said changes, which usually comes in abundance, in many different ways, occasionally for some new constants to be ingrained until some more expansions come your way from delving deeper in constructs or your works.

As expansions occur we must not forget to be thoughtful on what we can achieve and have as a balance factor for new energies and concepts to emerge, in simplicity what usually comes in, is selective throughout your decisions from your intuition… When we say ignorance is part of what many are in, simply when you receive a thought, or intuitive tract, by simply putting it to good use, instead of ignoring it, it can change the gradual path you are on. In other words, you can be sleeping or relaxing and something comes up as an idea or a message which you can wright, well first off you have to get up to do the work, but sometimes we miss out on it because we are either to tired or just unaware as thoughts may come and go. But instinctively, to get up and go see outside the stars or whatever it is you got as a prompting to go do I suggest you give it a go and see what happens, since we are in some form of contact one way or another.

In September 2014, that’s what happened to me I got a message saying go outside I was sleeping and it was late, I thought to myself no way, and then by mere decisions, from remembering to not always ignore, I went outside, grounded on the grass and was having a telepathic message and, it was telling me you have great importance in the coming days, you will be able to help many with messages, and they were downloading my codes for my light body and I don’t remember what else they said but at the end a flash of light in the sky just went off to the left and they said goodbye, so that was a big prompting for me, they said I would go into training and have some other things to gradually set what was needed for the next stage of my path.

In any case when we listen to our intuition or what we get as messages or promptings sometimes is a pretty good sign towards a general synchronistic event which can change dramatically the formation of our lives, in simplicity that part is something which brought me to a lot of messages and experiences which were beyond exposure of my thoughts, something as channeling and a lot of differences, magic and synchronicity, precognition in what I was writing. I went in training from around September to November where I finally came out with the messages and brought up a whole new system and information which was accelerating many things through dispersions and subnormal fields, while contending to individuals in my surrounding. More so it changed the general direction in which I was heading since I had a lot of hard times to differentiate what was true and false as in, what was physically and metaphorically, metaphysically what, as in I could not always distinguish and usually there would be a lot of synchronicity and events which were beyond exposure of our normal everyday thoughts and the way in which we understand things.

Many beings have had similar experiences and some are Ambassadors, representatives and so on, I didn’t get the name of the group whom came to see me and worked with me but I find it of no importance until they actually give away a label, what came up for me was the Galactic federation, but in earnest I usually understand by the energetic signature or the setup (general setup) in which they work with me through many venues, also in our decisions what complies with rules about well mainly everything is pretty much coincidental in meanings, the intuition will guide from the higher self or light body, deeper core self, by allowing things to unfold naturally with inner guidance we usually get things done on time and in the rightful order. So in any case if somebody needs help in getting things straight or messages which they receive and they want more explanations, or to see what it’s about you can send me an email and I’ll be glad to help, usually we have all the help we need by sheer experiences.

Ok so Gooday, goodbye, have a nice day, Namaste.