~Summer 2011 Message ~ Part 2. The Roads Are Many, All Converge On The One~

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~Summer 2011 Message ~ Part 2. The Roads Are Many, All Converge On The One~

Road To Heaven by Lovell D'souza


A side effect of too much Light is that one often becomes forgetful of everyday matters.  After I write a message I store them for future reference.  While looking through my latest batch to determine if it was time to put together an 11th Release (I think of this one as the 11th Hour Release)  for my faith-restored website, I came across this one which I had written a note on to publish it as my Summer 2011 Message.  Well, I already did this a few days ago with another message, so decided to publish it as Part 2 of the Summer Message 2011.  Here goes:

Summer Message 2011 - Part 2.  The Roads Are Many, All Converge On The One

The roads are many, all converge on the one road that will lead you directly to yourSelf.  Yes, just as the pilgrim trails of old, an outward projection of an inward journey.

No longer does one need to walk down the trails of old.  It is now the time to tranverse one's own inner road to find one's way back to oneSelf.

Yes, the energy that leads the way is the same.  Each feels it, each is effected by it, each manifests their own unique gift or talent.  This is the way of the true seeker unfretted by dogma, unfretted by methods or techniques, unfretted by the guidebooks and seminars that project false beliefs more for the profit of the presenter than for the benefit of those that attend these affairs of commerse.

It's now time to begin the affairs of the Heart.  Love accepted and Love projected outward, a sharing of Love for all in need of healing.

The time for hinderances and detours has pasted.  The time to embark upon one's own inner journey has begun.

One's Soul is now the revealer of Light.  None other, none outside of oneself.  A Trinity of God, Soul and Man joining together.  A strength and wisdom custom tailored to the individual, a safe and sure way, the way of all great masters, now the way of the many.

The time has come to open yourself to your own innate and inherent inner strength and wisdom and bathe within the Holy Trinity.  Yes, God, your Soul and you, a man or woman united as one.  United in Love.

We see a day of a great awakening and that day is now.

We see a day of the illumination of many a human heart and that day is now.

We see a day of Love received and then offered to those who have the courage to share and that day is now.

We see a time of Love renewed, Love accepted and Love projected outward into your physical world.

We see the time of Man.  Man once again balanced in the Love of the Father and the Mother of us all.

We see kindness expressed and accepted.

We see a great healing occur upon your Earth.

We see you and you see us.  We hear you and you hear us.  We feel you and you feel us.

Past and future unite in the Now.

Creator and created united as one.

We wish you to feel the truth of our words.

Let not the words distract you from their intended message.

The message is Love.

Now, feel and be as One.

Now, have we delivered our message.

Now, can you join us in joy.

Now, can you realize your dreams.

Now, can you see the clarity of the moment.

Now, we enter the Now.

Now, shall we complete the circle.

Beginning has met the end and at that meeting starts a new beginning that never ends.