Summer Session of Lessons for Full Spectrum Humans begins June 17, 2013!

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This is an excerpt from Lesson 7 For Full Spectrum Humans: The Rainbow Journey.

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Course Schedule:

June 17 class begins

week one: Lesson 1 The Chakras

        Lesson 2 The Shape (of everything…) The torus and its significance

        Lesson 3 Time A multidimensional perspective of time

        Lesson 4 Organic and Inorganic Beings


June 24 week two: Lesson 5 Mastering the Mind (with meditation)

                        How to Die Well

            Lesson 6 The Inner and Outer Worlds

            Lesson 7 The Rainbow


June 29 first videoconference

July 1 week three:    Lesson 8 The Singularity

            Lesson 9 non-Religious Christ Consciousness

            Lesson 10 The Flying Rainbow Lasagne and DNA


July 8 Week four:     Lesson 11 The Merkaba, Flower of Life, and Flying Rainbow Lasagne

            Lesson 12 Energetic Anatomy and The Sun

            Lesson 13 Sungazing, Kundalini, and intentional timeline shifting


July 13 second videoconference

July 15 Week five :Lesson 14 Ascension

        Lesson 15 Intentional use of Energy

        Lesson 16 The Death Journey

        Lesson 17 DMT and Cannabis


July 22 Week six: Lesson 18 Galactic History and

                    Nonphysical self defense

            Lesson 19 Resolving Duality

            Lesson 20 The Future and Beyond


Final videoconference July 28


Please note: videoconferences may be rescheduled in order to accommodate the maximum number of students to participate, so the dates are open to change; additional conferences may be scheduled dependent upon student interest