Sunday Musings ~ The Magic of the I AM in action!

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Beloveds, isn’t LIFE magical? Life really is meant to be magical! We just get so bogged down by ‘what is’ around us that we fail to see the magic inside of us. We fail to see the whole picture because we get stuck in our minds and forget we have hearts…

Beloveds, the heart is where magic lies. Once we fully embrace a heart based way of life we can begin living as we were meant to live, as one big happy family because we are all connected, all of us. We are all made of the same stuff, intricately and wonderfully made with perfection, and JOY is our natural state of being.

If only we could see that, understand that and believe that, life would be so different. The world would be a different place!

Einstein said , ‘If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales.’

You want to know why? Because fairy tales are magical, and they bring out the imagination in people and it is through imagination that we create experience.

Life is all about experiencing stuff. Simply experiencing it. If there is some experience you don’t like you can use your imagination to change it. You have that power. You have that choice.

Energy is alive and waiting to be shaped into whichever experience you wish to give it, and give yourself. That is the joy of creation!

Didn’t you enjoy playing with modeling clay as a child? You could sit for hours and hours modeling different shapes. Life if similar to modeling clay where we get to be the creator and experience the joy of our creation, or the opposite of course, depending on what we are choosing to create.

The fact is that if we create from our hearts, then we can never lose! It’s only when we create from our ego’s that we end up creating dross most of the time! Haven’t we done enough of that already?

When will we learn that if we live from our hearts, and really and truly face up to who we really are inside, we will find the magic?

I had a conversation with my I AM Presence earlier and as I’m writing this, I feel such overwhelming love that there are tears forming in my eyes… 

I asked him (I shall refer to Presence as a ‘him’ for now), I asked him who and what he was and he told me, I am LIFE and I am in you, therefore you are me and I AM you. We are One. He said it didn’t matter whether I am a expressing myself as a grain of sand or a Universe. All is to him is significant because without the one, there would be a void – a space – which would leave him incomplete. And he desires to always be complete. He also said he is that which is called ‘matter’ and that which is known as ‘antimatter’.

He said he is infinite and exists beyond anything humanity has ever dreamed possible, or dared to imagine, and that is really the whole purpose of life. To explore, dream and imagine, to expand and build, to mold and form, to be formless if that is how we wish to express ourselves.

Whatever it is we wish for can become our experience, especially when we add e-motion to the recipe, because e-motion is energy in motion – emotion accelerates our creation and brings it into our experience sooner.  That is the beauty of the human! We have the power to create through energy in motion.

That is the power of the I AM in action.  The I AM is energy – LIFE force energy! And that energy is of the purest Love and it is ALIVE in your heart right now.

In the words of Abraham Hicks, I remind you “There is great love for you here.”  And with that love “We are complete.”

Have a great and glorious Sunday! We love you!







Deborah Faith

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