Teachings of Michael 12-9-13

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Recalibrating the nervous system through Life Mastery and the Teachings of Michael.

Your nervous system has been calibrated through your conditioning in life. The nervous system is calibrated through what you have learned and been conditioned within your life mainly through mom and dad. It is important to look at what in that conditioning no longer works for you. It was simply taught to you by those who simply knew what they knew.

When you look at the personal process of looking at the conditioning, the old habits, patterns and the old behavior with the intention and the knowingness that what is old no longer works, you may possibly realize there must be something else. Why do I continue the old habits, patterns, rituals and behavior? The reason why you do is because your nervous system is calibrated to the conditioning, to the effect of the ego defenses.

It is then you take a step by step movement within to see what no longer works, to see the old behaviors, to see the defense working in action and then begin to shift that, and in that shift begin to release aspects and parts of the conditioning. You first see the conditioning and what you learned and how that directly has affected or created your behavior.

As you move through the growth period, you release the old. You are then shifting the calibration of the nervous system. That is a process. The end of the process is the recalibration of the nervous system. The beginning of the process is the awareness, the consciousness that the old must shift—the old behaviors—that it is time to take a look at this and bring that to your awareness and consciousness. Then utilize the exercises, lessons and messages that others and we give you to see the old behaviors.

It all begins with the awareness and consciousness of the mental body. Become aware in the mental body of your old behavior, your old habits, patterns, and rituals, of your defenses, of your conditioning. Once you are aware of them, conscious of them in your mental body, you then use the exercises, lessons and messages to release them and move into the emotional body.

As you move into the emotional body and begin to feel the feelings, the trauma that you need to experience, moving through the experience of the feelings of the old, that is when you release and move from your mental body into your heart space. After you move there, you then move to the memories of the physical body and begin to release the memories in the physical body.

So it is a mental, emotional, physical and spiritual experience of shifting and changing. It is the experience of it that releases it from the core and the depth of you that will then, in the final aspect, recalibrate your nervous system to the new. 

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