The Theme of Your Life - Heavenletters

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God said:

Am I not your Champion? I certainly am not opposed to you. I am for you. I am right with you by your side. You may struggle with Me. I do not struggle with you. I engage you in love. I know not struggle. I do not hold on. I embrace.
What can you not let go of in life? Who is it that you cannot let go of? What is it that you object to? Whatever it is, you have to let it go. Otherwise, you bear a grudge, and a grudge is an obstacle to your blossoming. It is uncalled for you to bear a grudge. It is unbecoming, and it is uncalled for.
Love is called for. Whatever satisfaction a grudge may give you, perhaps rites of scorn or rites of insecurity, you put boulders in front of you. You block and halt your moving forward.
It makes no sense to hold grudges, past or present. Sometimes you hold grudges in the future. Yes, in the future. You may see yourself defeated before the occasion. You are certain you will flunk a test, and you call out foul ahead of time. It is as if you plan malfeasance and attach it to someone else.
Have you not done that in life? If you say someone has done something that you cannot forgive, you bear a grudge. And if you get into the frame of mind that someone will reject you, you have set yourself up to be rejected. Do not let dismay become the theme of your life. Let letting go become the theme of your life. Be like the water. Let everything flow. Let even errors, yours and others, flow through you. Do not imprison them. Do not hang them up to dry.
Do not take on grudges. Then you will have no need to forgive. Do not steel your heart against anyone or anything, for you steel your heart against yourself.
In life in the world, you have encountered depreciation. You may have been called names. Others may well have vented their objections to life on you. Would you become exactly like what you object to?
Others find fault with Me as well. A child of Mine holds Me responsible for his unhappiness. He holds his heart against Mine as though he has scored a victory. He has scored a defeat. Whatever you call another responsible for, you may be sure you are describing yourself. You describe your opinion of yourself very well. You will deny this. You will say you are seeing life as it is. Beloveds, you are seeing yourself and saying another is responsible for how you feel. In so doing, you are sloughing off your own responsibility.
It is not a gloried thing to revile another. There is no other, beloveds. You are always talking to yourself. If you shake your fist, you are always shaking it at yourself.
This is across the board, beloveds. When you hold Me responsible for storms, accidents, death, so-called defeats in life, for example, you are stalling, beloveds. It is not helpful to find another accountable for your life. When your life goes the way you want, probably you take credit. You can’t have it both ways.
It is thoughtless to hold any other responsible for how you meet life. Be a friend to yourself. When you bear resentment, you hurt yourself, and you injure the world, When you let go of pointing your finger, you bless yourself, the seeming other, and the world. Cast blessings before you. Strew your path with rose petals. Thorns are not to be the subject of your life. Think anew.