Today and for always we celebrate as ONE HEART - ALL HEART mothers, daughters, fathers sons!

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For all heart Mothers, Daughers, Fathers, Sons!

Today, we are free to create new languages that imbue beautiful intentions of the light. No longer do we need to say step-child or step-mother if we wish not to. Today we celebrate all heart-daughters, heart-sons, heart-fathers and heart-mothers. Thank you friends Darlene and Alexi for this amazing new way of being family! We are all ONE! We are here to love and cherish one another every moment - every animal - every being no matter what country, sky, galaxy, inner earth they come from. Today we rejoice for all of the children who are here now to help us herald in the greatest love and light show on earth. 

Thank you amazing sun all that you are and all that you do! We love seeing the little hidden shapes all around you - subtle triangular patterns of mass hinting at more beautiful awakenings to come. Let this great love and light show begin! Today we rejoice and celebrate all that is light. 

Today we look above and all around us! We look for the shapes and colours and awaiting chariots of amazing love. We listen to the birds and watch them swoop so unbelievable close to us in ways we never noticed before. Thank you.

Today we look beyond the fears of the legacy of chem trails ... the horrific stories of what they may be doing to humanity ... their intentions ... we look beyond all of that and face the truth and nothing but the truth of love and light! Today, we celebrate and rejoice and call forth our freedom. There is great great love for us all here. Today and every day for the rest of forever! Thank you!!!



Yes, thanks to the sun for

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Yes, thanks to the sun for the bringer of the most beautiful DAWN!


Blessings today and especially tomorrow, Dawn, water, sweet wine and flesh of christ consciousness!



beautiful wonderful you!

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wonderful kind intelligent hilarious grailheart, thank you!