Transcript~ Days of Change: Asket of Temmer, Pleiadian

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"What we have to say today is something that you need to listen to a few times, probably, in order to fully appreciate the gravity of what is happening now in your world. It is not to say that anything bad is happening, because it is a birth and this is something that comes with in the best of times, great joy and good measure of uncertainty during the process.


Many of you have prepared yourselves for transfomation in ways that have been intended to ease your movement through the process, and these things have been of some degree, of help to you, and you will see the fruits of that as time goes on.

Some of you have done your best just to keep your heads above water as the tides have changed, as pressures have mounted and uncertainties have heaped themselves upon you in ways that have kept you on your toes, and you may have not had the time or the ability to get yourselves squared away, to prepare your selves for the inevitability of what is coming.

And to you I say, don't worry about it. Everything is going to progress as is best for each person and if you feel that you haven't had the opportunity to pepare your selves, through doing certain yoga exercises or cleaning up your diet like some others have been propounding, here and there, don't worry about it. Because this is beyond a mear physical change and your physicality as you know it is not going to be affecting you as much as you might think.

There is physicality which you are moving into, this is the one that you need to focus on dear ones, don't focus on what you have not done, the merits of what you have done, because in the final balance it doesn't really matter one way or another. What matters is where your head is, and what is in your heart and how balanced these two aspects of your beingness are, in this time.

Now, the days are changing, the seasons are shifting and the Earth keeps turning and as you raise your eyes to the skies you may be seeing things that you hadn't expected to see there before. Some of you have been studying patterns in the sky, some of you have been turning your attention more to the light as it comes from the sun and the moon and little sparkles here and there.

Your capturing these and studying them and this is to your benefit, all of you, to take a closer look, to break out of the entrapments of having learned what is in the sky, whats supposed to be there. And take a look for yourselves and see what's there. There are some things there that escape your field of vision. It's not just a multitude of craft now incurculing your planet, in greater and greater numbers, yes this is happening.

We are here.

And you are on the brink of something spectacular. I would not suggest that you strain your selves to fit what is happening into any particular prophecy or traditional mode of interpretation of signs and signals, to the extent that you would impede your selves from picking up the signals directly. For there are encodements within these signals that are coming to you that you can discern, which are designed for these times. They are designed for you to incorporate into your awareness and watch how that unfolds in your reality around you.

Your situation may change based on how you receive the encodements and if they are designed for you as you planned to be here a long time ago, it does not particularly serve you to take them in using someone else's mode of decipherment. While these are good to study and to understand, to place your self into a better arrangement of seeing what is happening on a grand scale, understand that you have the ability to perceive and integrate what is happening now.

Exactly what that is is something that remains to be seen and something that I am not going to tell you. And if anyone does tell you what is going to happen, I suggest that you take it with a grain of salt as their truth, and re-establish your self in relationship to your world, and watch what is happening, with your own eyes.

It is well and good to listen to each other and its your benefit to share your experiences and we encourage you to do this in modes that you already have established and to extend your awareness into a network that consciousness that exists between you and among you and within you, that your able to tap into any time. And I would suggest that if you do try this, you may become more aware of the presence of those other human beings on the earth at this time who are already entrained to what is happening as you are.

You may become aware of a greater closeness between you and an ease of communication that may surprise you. There is no distance between any of you who now is in service to the awakening of the Earth and her people, even though you may feel that you are separated by time and space and some of you may in fact be looking at your lives and feel quite alone, surrounded by people that may not understand what your discerning.

Take heart in this dear ones, there is no distance between you and those others who are in similar situations. You are all next to each other in a timeless, spacelessness of being and understanding that transcends the matrix of Earth that is in fact collapsing. And as it does, this resurrected Earth, this world of life that is coming into being at this time in your history, you are the ones who will be established in a new matrix, fully aware of each other, standing as beacons to help those who are interpolating them selves from an older matrix into a newer one. Into a shifted dimensionality.

And in their confusion or disorientation, you are the ones that will act as anchors and being fully aware of each other, you will be a network that will assist in this birth. We are here as support to you and to the entire process, and we urge you to come into contact not only with each other within your network, on the planet, but to extend your selves to come into contact with as more, frequently, more directly. We are here and available here to you for support and guidance, at any time.

This is the message for today and we are watching the enfoldment of this process with great joy and anticipation as our worlds move closer into alignment with each other in a reunion, in a unification of a humanity has been long long waited, by so many.

In peace, I leave you now. Know that we are behind you and beside you and within you and we see through your eyes what is happening and we understand to a great degree what your going through as we have experienced such a transformation in our history. What your seeing happen now in your world, has never happened before this way.

It is with great joy that we are participating with you. And keep your eyes open, aware. And remember to look up and look within and find us there, with you.

This is Asket from the League of Light, I bid you peaceful tomorrows."



Further Reading

1) If you haven't already seen this entry or read the book I am referring to, Far Journeys, by Robert Monroe, then this article further explains the situation around why ships are gathering in space and are seen more frequently.
'The Gathering'

2) Additionally to that, as a follow up to the gathering as explained from another perspective from Bruce Moen, an Astral Projection student of Robert Monroe's who was also part of the exploration 27 program where the gathering was observed.
'The Gathering' - Bruce Moen / Robert Monroe'

3) From Book 3 of Dolores Cannon's Convoluted Universe series, I quote,

D-“If the ships arrive, what would be their purpose for coming?”
A-“They are always here. It is only a time for them to become visible as the permissions open up, because it is a time of, not only free will as there is now, but also a time for others to claim their place in the new world. Not just the humans, but others who also belong here, but are in a different vibration. So partly, it is not that they choose to become visible, it is partly that the energies make them visible.”
D-“I am aware they've been here. I've been working with them. I know they’re positive. I've had no problems with them.”
A-“But by them becoming visible and part of the consciousness of the people, and the governments crumbling, and chaos, and natural disasters, you can see how the majority of people would be completely shocked. And their religions and their idea of a structured life would be brought down. So now, they would have nothing to cling to. This causes a great deal of fear for those who have not stepped out of their own house. That fear could lead to madness or schizophrenia or other types of reactions. And it is at that time, and that kind of reaction, that will leave people most vulnerable, where you can be of most service.”
D-“Then others like myself and Anne are some of the ones who are here to help?”
A-“The ones who are prepared to see these changes and not crumble in fear will be the pillars on which others will lean when nothing makes sense to them. It doesn’t mean you will provide the truth to them, it just means you are not failing down like they are.”