~Transforming into Galactic Crystalline Humans~

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~Transforming into Galactic Crystalline Humans~

This transformation is huge. It is impossible to underplay the incredible changes which wash thru our body as crystalline structures and great galactic spirits~codes enter our human phsycial bodies.

Here are some signs you could look out for:

# the opening of or sensation in the chakras IN THE BACK.
This may feel like the chakra is moved, clockwise or anticlockwise, quarter, half, or full turns. Or even just a tinkly movement. Perhaps constant fiddling, readjusting.
The charkas are activated in the back as the Galactic Oversoul can only be anchored this way.
# this may also involve physical injury to the lower back near the second chakra, which may be serious or minor, involving much pain or little, depending on the degrees need to readjust, open , and ready for the anchoring of galactic spirit.
# needless to say by now, any movement forward in spiritual development comes with the desperate need to face any darkness or negativity, which is either in ones soul or in the greater nation, planet, sun system, galaxy or universe, depending on how far out your antennas go.
And, needless to say by now, blaming the messenger is not enough and you must walk thru this hall of mirrors to come out the other side.
# when the Galactic Crystalline Spirit is ready to anchor in your physical, she /he will probably attune themselves to you beforehand. The timeframe of this may be from complete lifetimes, to months or weeks before Spirit attempts to enter the human physical
# The insertion of such huge galactic beings into their “downsouls” :ie human beings who these spirits are the oversouls of: takes precision and time. Usually a term of galactic surgeons are on board to watch and assist.
The human patient is usually asleep.
Or awake unable to sleep.

Here are some of the symptoms you may feel without knowing what is causing them:

# rapid and irregular heartbeat.
Rapid and irregular pulsation in other areas of body – ie wrists, ankles etc where the pulse emerges.
If you have a prior heart condition or the condition continues or intensifies please seek medical advice.
# Intense fuzziness in the head.
#Loss of memory in areas where you normally wouldn’t be expected to lose memory: ie in common situations such as names, numbers etc
# Suddenly acting as if you were in another incarnational sequence – ie the intense recollection of other existences and confusion as to which existence you currently inhabit
# Directional confusion. Getting “lost” or not sure which direction is which in your own home, and other familiar places. This can be extremely stressful if you are not aware why this is happening. This is a symptom of integration of the Sacred Geometry of Crystalline Consciousness.
# a sense of pressure or a “presence” in the crown of your head, and tingling sensations inside your head.
# a feeling that there are beings watching you intently.
# sharp unannounced pain arriving and leaving like lightening strikes in random places of the body
# extreme cold
# shivering for no apparent reason.
# fevers
# cold and hot sensations that are there and not there
# a feeling of extreme immobility as the Crystalline Matrix downloads. A feeling that you are “stuck inside something” and when you try to move you cant.
# visions of colours or crystalline structures
#visions of crystal cities
# sudden awareness of an energy package containing much information being downloaded into your conciousness
# sharp electric sensations like a livewire being pushed into various points on your body

as the spirit is attached to your body
you may feel
# something entering usually via your crown but also thru your back charkas.
# extreme pressure or fuzziness in the head
# knobs being put on your neck and turned. This is to attach the rather large galactic spirit
# Second chakra activations. The spirit needs a base anchor point and the second chakra is this point. The spirit also may chose to enter completely or partially thru “ming men” ( lifegate) , an acupuncture point on the kidney meridian in the back.
#Itchiness in certain places.
# vivid memories suddenly appearing for surfacing.
# extreme emotions and a sudden deep longing for Sacred Family.

The Crystalline Restructuring needs time for complete integration. This would normally take weeks, or even months in some cases. The human usually would need at least three days of recovery process after each activation, during which time the Galactic Oversoul would be close by, imprinting the humans consciousness with dreams, telepathic messages, or sudden urges to go to certain places, see certain people, or eat certain foods.
Each person is different, each crystalline structure is different, therefore the process is finetuned according the each persons system.

As the Galactic Oversoul intergrates with the human, you may find a sense of two beings inside you - your old self and the new – or you may be completely overtaken by the Oversouls consciousness , or you may be hardly aware of its presence consciously. You may find yourself looking at certain familiar things as if in new light, as if you had never seen them before, wanting to do impulsive, out of character things, or even plain stupid things like stopping your car on a busy highway to smell a pretty flower you have just seen. Please remember these Galactic Beings have not entered this reality-field directly as human before, so it is all new and exciting.
If you are out and about, driving, operating mechanical instruments, or responsible for children or the elderly, please ask your Oversoul to lay off the activation for this period. The Oversoul is happy to oblige as they are not here to overtake you, they are here to assist. They do not understand this dimensional frequency so you must tell them this - or simply affirm to yourself - so they do understand. As this is a learning curve the Galactic Spirits report back to their Council so that as more come in they have more understanding of this process.
The more of us who willingly undertake this processs and allow the transformation to occure, ,the easier it will become for more of the Oversouls to anchor into their human “downsouls”.

# The whole process can be very tiring and exhausting.
Naturally, the more you welcome it the easier it is.
It the physical sensations are too much, simply ask to be put to sleep while the “operations’ are occurring.

# Sensations such as feeling “building blocks’ of sacred geometry and blinding light inside your physical will continue the more the Galactic Oversoul attunes. During these times the feelings of intense immobility may return.
# The next phases involve the Crystalline Codes attuning very deeply to the cellular and molecular structures inside the body. This could give tingly feelings or itchiness.
# The Crystalline Oversoul will float thru your body exploring it. S/he will find places of illness or discomfort, thus old wounds or illnesses may suddenly flare up for release. If this occurs, don’t worry too much, allow the Crystalline Oversoul to take care of the dispersion of all miasms.
# The Crystalline Oversoul will undoubtedly attempt to communicate with you, so pay attention and keep records of all dreams, telepathic events, real time events especially those tinged with “oddness”>

It is an exciting process but one which involves much bravery and quiet times. Drink lots of water, eat less, and lie down as often as you can. Follow your bodies needs and soak in sunshine or rest in darkness, depending on what your body needs.

Good luck and see you in the Crystal Cities of Light.

Love and Crystalline Concsiousness