The Truest Dream of All - Heavenletters

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God said:

A land of peace exists. You have an inkling of it even as turmoil stirs within you. There are moments when you are acquainted with peace. More and more of these moments, and the innocent world will conform to this peace. Of course, this is so. Enough people having peace within can only result in a land of peace.
Everyone feels what is going on in the environment. When there is an argument, a house absorbs the effects. When there is calm, a house absorbs calm as well. And laughter! A house can only do what it can do. A house does not originate action. It is a reactor. What an important role you play in the world.
Enough children of Mine in the world living peace, and peace will be. Peace will take over the world. This is not a new idea.
You know that you are on the verge of this. It is also possible, perhaps likely, that when this Heavenletter comes out, peace will have already taken over. In any case, peace is imminent.
Please note that peace is not dull. Peace doesn’t mean perfect harmony. There will be disagreement yet disagreement without divisive anger. There will be more of reaching a solution rather than a fight to the finish about who is right or who has the most power. There will be a desire for give and take, not static, but real and alive. Good feeling can come from disagreement. Two parties can be happy rather than one or the other or neither.

A person who gets his own way may have a moment of triumph, yet it is a lack-luster triumph. Someone gets to eat all the candy and doesn’t feel so wonderful after a while. For someone to get his way is not all that it is cracked up to be.
There is something greater in life, and you are going to have it. Life will become more like one of those long saws where there is a man on at each end, or, more like a boat that more than one person rows.
Everyone ends up the Victor, beloveds. Triumph becomes more like good will. All are happy that a team does well. There will not be such a great investment in beating another team. Yes, victory will be good will.
You are already seeing more of this, and you will see more, and you will also be a giver of more. Two teams play together. Each team does its best. A winning team wins, yet, when a winning team wins with good feeling, where is a loser? When good feeling reigns, who can lose? What would be the point of such a concept? Who would not help another and help gladly?
Where could despair find a home? When little things are not made into big things, what can be the matter? Where can despair and depression and negativity score when Oneness is lived and known?
All on Earth will become a team in the true spirit of team. One for all, and all for one. This is not an idle dream. This is the truest dream of all. The world is gearing for it.
In the past there has been preparing for the end of the world.
Now there is preparing for the beginning of the world as the world was designed to be. What was the world designed to be but Heaven on Earth? Get ready. There will be music. All kinds of music. Harp. Rap. Nothing will be left out. Everything will be within and right out there as well. Get ready to be a virtuoso of life.