UFO orb caught on security camera in Michigan twice this month

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A man in Michigan has caught a mysterious orb flying around his yard on his security camera on two separate nights this month. On both videos the bright orb changes colors and beams a light onto the ground and his trees. Some people believe a humanoid figure can be seen in the beam at one point in the second video.

On October 8, a YouTube account under the name jcattera posted a video (seen above) of what he calls a UFO orb he claims he caught on his security camera on October 2. He says the orb was caught on a camera pointed at his front yard. The bright object appears to be lighting up the trees in his front yard with a beam of light. He also posted a video examining the tress the next day. Nothing unusual seems to have happened to the trees.

Photo of the trees during the day taken with iPhone near the security camera. (Credit: jcattera)

On October 13, jcattera posted a second video he says was taken the previous morning at 2:15 am. This time the orb was in his backyard, and he says it appears as though it was sucking up water from his pond. Viewers of the video have commented that they believe they see a humanoid figure at one point in the video in the beam of light near the pond.

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