Unified Wave Structure of Consciousness

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I am uncertain of how the unified field works as of yet but have a focus in interpretations of how it works and have experienced what you would call a unified wave that in those previous times where being wired within me, working with the Earth's wake/sleep cycles (The line where the sun divides the dark) as an example of one unified connection measuring the next assimilated process of creation's (Conscious energy) coming in and affecting us from the point left off where the source connection (intention of choice) had occurred in time. The intentions would of began as a 24h window getting shorter link's to 8hours and 2hours then back 3h and so on, measuring out the effects of the wave depending on the creativity the intentions allowed and formed.

When waking up in the morning, connecting to the source field is important to get to source within (The awareness), the magnitude expands the possibilities of co-creation or reliability in the 5th dimensional users, and measurements of the informational constructs, from reading within the unified field, those that are working in or have achieved it, link's those times, event's, up to the point of those that are beginning to see (experience) and those that are unconscious (Experiencing without notice) to view the purpose of their intent (choices) in full agreement to the level of creation that the moment brings into being... Someone getting hit by a car as an example, you would get pin point realization's of why, how, what, the purpose, the effects, the causes, and understandings (Higher aspects) as to why this happened and you can jump up in a higher construct which activates automatically.

Understanding, seeing this wave of conscious events taking shape is conventional to your way of being (Wiring). This began for me with information given from myself conveyed from point A to B in 2013 and can begin whenever you go deep within trance. We are all connected to source this is important to understand and we can get answered from it from us trough us in what we do, create feel, connect, build, advance in, experience etc...

The next thing is if we are all connected to source the more align you are with it, when creating or conveying your concepts, when the choice is made to send it out, it will be attached to the higher aspects of the waves. Since we are many gathering in the higher consciousness... The more aware you become of the creation's, choices and event's from on high from one of many points in time where you make a conscious choice in life with intention that follows trough. The wave form's events that can be utilized for bringing about a shift in consciousness.

Chained entities or beings linked to source have a "purpose" as we all are experiencing every day, and when we create collectively from source we share this alignment feeding into the wave. Many point's of your awareness can shift to higher aspects if you are aligned with the higher flow of intelligence. This means telepathy, and many more unexplainable event's will become possible (easier) to experience from your own life's experiences after reading or creating from point on experiences gathered at source.

Making the impossible, possible in other words acquiring sense's of disproportionate link's to formal realities, that comes about usually as coincidences unexplainable to how it happens in the moment. From this connection guided trough you the coincidences are created by your intellectual intentions, creative and expansive from the flow guided by source, without truly understanding how it is connected to have them happening at any given moment on average 3/4th of a one 8 to 8 expansion for one count of coincidences happening constantly on your acquired reality means you are connected deeply into source with others taking part in the same wave. Source can re-wire your brain your body to any type of requirements to understand these event's as an example to what it's capable of doing. It's not only used for healing but it can expand to more things of this nature. Spiritual growth, intelligence and reasoning, miraculous events, realization's and evolution etc...

Only to show that which seems impossible to do. This is where Ones of many, Ones of infinity came from. An example is a message with intention when being created will bring back from source (When crown and Pineal is active) a restructuring concept in acquaintance to source (The alignment is created trough your time of need, what you ask for in prayer or meditation) and will bring about re-structuring of your self to enable the assimilated awareness to view in real time experience's between the unified field's levels of your acquired being's, waves of acquaintances from the point on creation's. This can also be understood in a fashion of how we came to be.

Since the point in time where you first became conscious in this universe you had developed many attributes and since then your attributes have been converted or turned around to experience other part's of existence. These attributes are never loss they are merely reconstructed to allow new experiences to begin. Since they are limitless in structural design there are limitless ways to learn and experience. The way we choose to live and structure our lives is how we came to be. If you choose to accept your re-structuring you will adapt to changes that refine the natural flow of this higher potential if given in a fashion of higher aspects in your life's choices, same as before you came into being. But now we have potential for connections and can expand on these as the 5th dimension allows. This means what is happening here on Earth is that we are connecting further down deeper within our awareness to what is capable of calculating the impossible... well, what usually is known as the impossible. This is from looking deep within. The connections can begin as needed. Source.

An example of what I mean by trance and intention is that it took me around 5hours to finish this writing. With the concepts flowing from the first intention morph into what is now in final script which if chosen correctly never really ends until highest possible frequency is reached. I get help from telepathic images and concepts from experiences and understandings at the first intentions then allow it to morph and be conveyed in it's entirety (Group Level) to what is being transcribe as a pure source connection. Once I did this and arrived at the core, and had a visit from an inter-dimensional being and other beings in the etheric realms of creation. This inter-dimensional being had a potent force an invincible or unbreakable silence, waiting for something I am not sure.

Namaste, Have a good day, Be at One.