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We are the high council of orion beloveds and we come to guide and support you as you try to move into your heart centre to live the life journey that you incarnated to. Many of you are struggling with the heart centre and we are here to guide and support you in the process and we guide most strongly that it is a process. It is not as simple to many of you as stopping the thoughts created by the mind, it is a harder thing for a human to move into the heart when they are surrounded by illusion.


Many will not have visited their heart centre since they were a child, many more will think they live from the heart centre but realise by what is created all around them that they are just outside of that area. The heart centre dear ones is the very fountain of your creation, to have the LOVE that IS within your very BEing makes you a powerful creator. Much illusion swirls around the human race across the planet at this time that is lowering the vibration of many. We guide you strongly to maintain being in your heart centre at all times, no matter what the outside world is trying to teach you, the heart is the truth.


Illusion is much denser around certain sections of human life than it is around others, we note the banking and monetary system and we guide strongly for you to process all media information with your hearts. The human experience is not about collecting pennies and storing them dear ones, do you count your potential and your worth based on the pennies you have in the bank? Why would this be dear ones? What would the illusion gain by teaching you this is the way forward?


Humans do not need the monetary system any more than you need to consume vast amounts of food, clothing etc but the illusion teaches on fear, many of you fear not being able to feed or clothe yourselves or your children so you buy and buy and buy. Always collecting, always amassing things just “in case”. We guide you to look once more at this scenario and ask if you live in your heart and are connected if you employ this behaviour. Mother earth supports her children at all times dear ones, many of you are not connected to your mother earth and therefore are full of seeds of fear. Many of you strive to feel safe and secure and we guide most strongly that this safety and security comes from WITHIN, it does not come from having households full of shoes or cupboards full of food. If the seeds of fear have been triggered then these commodities mean nothing to your BEing. By that we mean that the fear will have been triggered, it is therefore irrelevant how many pairs of shoes you own as that feeling of security will be evasive. It is found by connecting to mother earth and by allowing her energies to flow freely through your energy system it is not found by continually spending the money that the illusion teaches you is your god.


The monetary system contains human beings dear ones, far from being liberated and free, money will chain you into slavery. Money is the cause of most disagreements between human beings, many fight and bicker over money all the while not seeing the illusion plant seeds of fear and anxiety deep within them. We acknowledge that our guidance will trigger many who will descend into anger and rage when reading our guidance that the monetary system is not needed. Such is the depth of illusion that many humans cannot see a replacement for the monetary system. Such is the depth of illusion around the teachings of the “need” for money that many simply do not understand how far they have fallen into illusion.


The” world as human beings are leaving it is around money and banks. We ask who this serves dear ones? Do you feel free and able to expand? Or do you feel contained and feel that there is much you could do in your life experience “if only”? Many of you will feel that you cannot fulfil a life dream because the illusion teaches that only those who have lots of money in the bank can “afford” to do what they wish. This is illusion at its deepest dear ones and we guide you to move into your heart and FEEL how containing this mindset is. Many will not be able to acknowledge or accept our teachings around money at this time in their life journey as they are too far in the illusion. If you allow the connection to mother earth and allow her energies to soothe your very BEing, if you can move into the heart and realise that all you will ever need will come to you and is not dependant on you being in competition with your fellow humans then you will be able to create the life that you want to.


All of the creation of the human life journey comes from the thoughts and feelings of the human experiencing that life journey. Illusion will teach that you have to “cosmically order” the value of your dreams before you can pursue them, we guide you to be aware of the illusion in this. How many of you who live in a mind centred life journey have managed to “cosmically order” the vast sum of money you believe you need to start on your dream? We guide you to be aware of illusion dear ones, whilst you have deep seated fears on security you will not be able to “order” anything, freeing your BEing from the seeds of fear is the way forward dear ones. Then you will find that as you begin to take steps to create YOUR reality the universe flows everything you need towards you.


We have guided on vibration and how the human vibration is at various levels. As you increase your vibration you draw to you events, people, places of similar or higher vibration. The vibration of a human being chained to the illusion of money and money solving everything is very dense and low dear ones. Whilst you define your worth through your bank accounts you will keep your vibration low and not expand. We guide you strongly to go within to the silence and connect to source, connect to the LOVE that IS and realise that you do not define yourself with money. In fact dear ones there is no definition to be had at all, to define is to contain.


We fully acknowledge that many are still too deep in illusion to be able to accept our words of guidance, many will be triggered by how simple it is to step out of illusion, but such is the intensity of the fear that was planted many cannot see this. The illusion teaches that once you have lots of money in your bank account you are in effect free. It then goes on to teach that humans are only the value of what they have in that account, this lowers vibration and keeps the human vibration at a level that it is unachievable. The teaching is illusion dear ones, to realise that your worth is infinite, to realise that you are loved and loving and that you are worth more than any money is the freedom dear ones. This truth has to be uncovered and accepted before real freedom is there for you.


Do not look at your economies and your bank accounts and feel the seeds of fear germinate, know that all is illusion around this subject. All is smoke and mirrors to contain and control you dear ones. Money just IS. But the level of negative emotion that surrounds money for humans is vast and it is this emotion that illusion plays on. Many of you are completely unaware of the depth of seeds of fear that surround the commodity money. Many of the seeds were planted from a very young age and many will be unaware of the depth of emotion that is within them with regards to money. We guide you strongly to go within and allow the emotions that are there to surface for you. Many of those emotions will already have been triggered by our guidance and we strongly guide you to visit the silence within and find those seeds and weed them out.


Money does NOT make your society exist dear ones, the illusion is strong around this with many plunged into fear and chaos and they connect with the smoke and mirrors surrounding economies. We guide you to disconnect and go within. When you feel safe and secure from the INSIDE dear ones you will realise how far the illusion stretches when it comes to this subject. How do you FEEL when you think about your financial situation? Do you feel light and free or do you feel heavy and contained? If you feel heavy and contained does that bring up feelings of inadequacy or feelings of worthlessness ? Why? Who planted the teaching that you are the value of what you have or have not got in the bank? Who does that serve? We guide you to be aware of illusion at work.


We highlight that as human BEings there is no judgement, one human cannot sit in judgement of another, you are all equal yet we watch as many feel inferior to those who “appear” to have more than they do. This further reinforces the sense of worthlessness and further lowers the vibration of the humans concerned. Those who have “more” are gripped with the fear of “losing” the more that they have and we guide you to ask once more, who does this serve? This furthers the illusion of separation and division. WE ARE ALL ONE.


When you look at another and judge them by what they wear and how they speak you are in illusion, if you look at another human being and realise they have “more” money than you and feel inferior you are in illusion. All an attempt to lower and keep lower the vibration that you hold. Humans are not a quantity to be defined dear ones, you are pure BEings of light and you are not defined by money or houses or possessions. These are the commodities that the illusion uses to lure you back. For many consuming is now out of control with the need to own the latest technology or the latest clothes and overwhelming urge. Such is the growth of the seeds of fear that these humans are obsessed believing that they will feel safer, more secure, MORE SUCCESSSFUL if they wear the latest fashions or have a bigger house. This is illusion dear ones, whilst you live with the fear of “losing” you live in illusion.


Safety and security come from within dear ones, the drive for safety and security leave you open to illusion on many levels. YOU ARE safe and secure dear ones, but you need to connect to mother earth to realise this truth. No amount of us guiding you will actually make you believe it until your realise it for yourselves. Many of you may be surprised that we state this to you in guidance but it is truth. Our guidance is just that dear ones, humans have free will and we cannot make you do something you do not want to do. We can but guide you to your heart where the truth resides. The actual disconnecting must be done by YOU dear ones. Only by following our guidance and finding your truth will you be able to lift the veils.


Being within illusion leaves you vulnerable and we watch as many succumb to the teachings of illusion without a second thought but when shown a way out of illusion become paranoid and cling to the very illusion that contains and lowers their vibration. Such is the depth of teaching by illusion dear ones that you cling onto fear and anxiety in a desperate attempt to make sense of your life experience. Why would you be born onto a planet to experience nothing but anxiety, fear, doom and gloom? What is the point of human existence if it is one long round of trying to stay alive whilst dodging disaster? We guide you to go within and ask those questions in the silence.


We do not guide to lure you FROM truth dear ones, we guide you to your heart to FIND truth, that is where truth lies dear ones, not in your minds that can be swayed by the promise of gold and glitz, that is not where you will find truth dear ones. The heart is the only place in the human body that truth resides. We cannot take you there dear ones for you have free will and you must uncover your own truth. Our guidance can trigger truth within you, perhaps for some it is all that is needed to confirm what they already suspect. For others our truth is nonsense, so steeped in illusion are these humans that the venture into the heart is not even thought about. All just IS dear ones. We come to guide and support those who are ready to move from mind to heart.


For many of you that is a step too far too soon and we acknowledge and accept this. Work with yourselves dear ones and work to find out YOUR truth. This is not about division and separation this is about unity. If you feel anger and hatred rising within your BEing at the words we guide then we would strongly guide you to look within. These are signs of the seeds of fear being within, for there can be no negative emotion without fear dear ones. Such is the teaching of illusion that many will not believe this truth, many will hold on to illusion believing that division and separation is the ONLY way to live, we guide strongly that it is not dear ones.


We now step back to allow you to absorb out words and we appreciate that many will not be able to. Each human across the planet is the captain of their own ships. Each one has free will and has the decision about their creation within their very BEing. If you do not wish to live the life you are living then only YOU can change this dear ones. Holding on to that which is within you will continue the life experience the way that it is. Change is not bad dear ones, change brings many gifts but illusion will teach you that change is fear. Process this through your hearts dear ones, for the heart is the place of truth.


We are the high council of orion and we are your brothers and sisters from the stars. We guide to support you at this time of major change both on a personal level and a worldwide level. If you can dream it dear ones you can be it. We caution with regard to dreaming, such is the power of the human BEing you can create the nightmares that you fear by falling into illusion. Step out of illusion and begin to trust and have faith in YOU dear ones. We love you, we have always loved you, WE ARE ONE.