Vigilantly honor your knowingness

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By: Elaine Seiler, 02/17/2014

“Vigilantly honor your knowingness. We humans have not been taught to honor our intuitive knowing. Rather, we are taught to discount what is not a known or proven fact. As we move into a blended state and a multi-dimensional world, we must relearn what we knew as small children. We must trust and honor the wee small voice within, the fleeting knowing that we need to turn right not left,  the subtle message that a given individual is not to be trusted, or the sudden knowing that a cyclone is coming and we must take our family and evacuate the house now. Failure to listen to any of these messages could be dangerous if not fatal. Begin today to practice listening to the wee small voice within.”

Chapter 15 ~ Manifestation in a Multi-Dimensional World. 

WHETHER WE HAVE DREAMT OF A LARGER HOUSE, a better job, a college education for our children, a meaningful relationship, a vacation in the sun or just some extra cash in our pockets, I imagine we have each had dreams, fantasies, hopes and aspirations that have gone unmet. I know I have. 

In Chapter 15 of my book  Multi-Dimensional You: Exploring Energetic Evolution I share how to build an energetic bridge to one’s goal. 

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Elaine Seiler is an Transformation Energetics Expert, coach and author . She is the author of Multi-Dimensional You: Exploring Energetic Evolution. She is the founder of Transformation Energetics an enterprise dedicated to helping people through their awakening” Find out more at Transformation Energetics.