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The ancient Maya believed the formation of the universe is engendered by nine waves as represented by the nine steps of the ancient pyramids. According to Carl Calleman we enter into the ninth and final wave on March 9th 2011 . This period of the 9th energetic wave is also referred to as the time of universal consciousness. This time will challenge our understanding of separation consciousness and competitive mindsets and how it relates to duality and the 3D matrix. We are being asked to reexamine our understanding of competition and clear the blockages that keep us from accessing unity consciousness and a supportive and cooperative environment.

We see competition as a healthy way to keep an edge in our individual and separate consciousness based on the ego’s need to survive. We identify with the ever illusive scale of winner /looser, and the ego’s need to be numeral uno. The corporate model and our competitive based institutions support this energy, keeping us constantly battling each other for ever dwindling resources and opportunity. We struggle and fight and are completely exhausted at the end of the day from the illusion of this rat race and still we have gotten nowhere.

On March 9th we have an enormous opportunity to come together in unity consciousness to usher in the 9th wave. It will be increasingly difficult to maintain competitive, divisive and non supportive relationships on all levels. In our individual lives we will see more opportunities to clear competitive mindsets and the emotions that are attached to it, for this no longer serves the good of the whole and keeps us locked in the lower chakra’s.

The wave that is coming in enlivens the heart chakra where we are able to access unity consciousness and the nurturing and supportive energy that will allow us to put our comparing check lists down and roll up our sleeves and come together at last to build the architecture of a world where compassion, sustainability and living in harmony come to the forefront. We must let go of our separation consciousness as it divides us and does not serve the new cycle. Now more than ever the old adage “United we stand divided we fall” rings true. And yet through all this we will still maintain our individuality because everyone one has a unique role to play in the tapestry of the new earth, your distinctive signature is needed to complete the whole picture. The question to ask now is how can we co create in joy a world in which we want to live and a world we would be proud to have our children inherit? The answer my friends is unity, think unity.

Annette Farrington www.theememergenceproject.net