Weekend Stargazing: Celestial Scorpion Reigns in Night Sky

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Space.com- 6/28/13, Joe Rao

There's a giant scorpion hovering overhead, but have no fear. This creepy crawler is actually the constellation Scorpius. It's all sparkle and no sting.

In his book "The Stars in Our Heaven – Myths and Fables," (Pantheon Books, 1948) author Peter Lum writes: "The scorpion is essentially a creature of darkness, a furtive little animal that lurks in the shadows, hides under stones or in any dark crevice and cannot bear to face the light … only at night does it come out in search of its prey. Although seldom fatal (its sting) is extremely painful; hence the scorpion is usually disliked, feared and avoided by anyone who has ever come in contact with him."

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