~~What Do We Do Now?~ Love Reporter ANgeleka ~

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~LOVE REPORTER ANgeleka Stargate~



As it is obvious that some ancient prophecies are being fulfilled, and our planet  and our HUmanity are going through many changes, we ask ourselves...


  ~What Do We Do Now?~


Call it The Shift or call it Evolution, there are many activities that affect us that are out of our apparent  "control".


The way we used to address things is no longer working.


Does this mean we are Powerless?


Absolutely NOT.


There is no need to stress or be fearful regarding this time of change. And the fact that we were prepared for many of these changes through these prophecies, helps us to understand we are part of this process. This knowing has helped to awaken HUmanity.


We are alert and aware. Paying attention and coming together to be part of this momentous time.


Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Solar Activity, Earth's Magnetic Field, Shifting Poles, Comets (such as Elenin), asteroids...


These are all events that have forever been going on here on our planet. Indeed this activity has increased, and is expected to continue to increase as we find ourselves in an interesting position in our solar system.


The Mayans and other ancient souls, knew of this Time and left us helpful signs. And they also left us a VERY valuable piece of information that is more important than any other.


We as a species are Evolving. We are Evolving both Physically and Consciously.


The Physical Evolution we deal with on an individual level,. Many have not yet recognized this event. This is a process each individual experiences in their own way. There is plenty of information both scientifically and spiritually regarding this process. This is a step we take individually.


But what about the Evolution of our Consciousness?




It is this Event that we address which effects every other Event.


This Event we do TOGETHER, as ONE. Collectively. Mindfully.


So when we ask "What Do We Do Now?", we look at this reality. And in this reality (and it IS very real) we discover something that has been missing from the Human equation for a very long time.


In this Reality, we understand that we are ALL CONNECTED. And that it is this Connection that we have Power and that Power will save us as a species.


When we function as ONE Collective Power, Energy in Agreement....


We can do anything.


We have been told this forever, but have not been able to believe it as we were in Darkness as Ignorance. Under the control of those who do not want to give up  what  they see as power, which indeed is anything but.  They will learn this soon enough. For you see they need US for their power, ironic isn't it??


They will learn this when they see HUmanity coming together and exercising the One TRUE Power.


Our Collective Force grounded in Compassion and Divine Love.


How powerful can Compassion and Divine Love be you ask?  It is easy to comprehend why HUmanity has limited understanding of these powers, as we have been taught that power is aggressive and solid. That it comes from the Head and is ruthless and cunning. This is NOT power, this is FEAR.


TRUE POWER comes from within our Divine Selves, we are the Source of Power in a Collective Force that goes unmatched.  Believe this.


Love and Light...Compassion and Divine  (Unconditional ) LOVE, IS POWER. Believe this.


And we hold these energies, this power in our ONENESS, in our UNITY. Know this.


This is Unlimited Power.  This Power is translated through a connection in our Hearts and our Heads...namely our Pineal Glands. The Pineal Gland via the Heart is our Stargate. Our Power Source, it is our Connection to each other, and the Universe. As we connect with each other, and send our own powers as a vortex, we can focus our Energies on all of the issues we have at hand...




WE rise up and recognize our Truth as Divine Omnipotent LOVE and Compassion. We stand together and focus this power to Gaia, our Mother Earth....to Sol, our Ruling Star, our Sun. We focus this Energy out to our Solar System, The Milky Way and its many bodies.


We do not say "STOP! Do not come near"...


...we say "Come, you are welcome, we do not fear you, for we understand we are part of you.


We embrace you as you are part of Our Creation. It is ALL ONE, ALL Connected and we honor all of you and send you Divine Love and Compassion.


Be kind to our world, as we are kind to you. Bless us and share your wonders with us, as we share Our Divine Love and Light with you."


From ancient Times our species has revered and honored these influences that bring us great change and move us into our New Realities. They have shared their knowledge and Wisdom with  us, not so we would be afraid. But so that we would NOT be. That we may honor and embrace this part of Our Creation.


This Time is bringing us wonderful Gifts for HUmanity and we must open our Hearts, Our Minds and Our Arms to fully embrace and acknowledge these Energies as they are integrated into our New Reality and Moving us into a higher place where freedom and joy are expressed as nature.


Let us come together in Divine Love and Compassion and send a vortex of Energy out into our world and the worlds beyond us. A flowing Living Light of Love that nourishes and embraces all it touches. Bringing serenity and joy to ALL.


Together we can calm the Energies that are effecting us. The Time is NOW.


Join us June 21, Summer Solstice, for a global, Universal Meditation for Creating a Vortex of Divine Love and Compassion.


From wherever you are, become still and centered, feel your Love as the Divine Love, know that YOU are Divinely Loved by Humanity and Creation. Let this energy swirl around your heart, then move it out to encompass your entire BEING. See your 3rd Eye or Pineal Gland as a light turned on and ready to send these energies. Hold in your Mind all of Humanity doing this.


Now move this swirling flowing Divine Love Light Energy out connecting to all the other energetic swirls created by Humanity.


 Then send this swirl of Energy out as far as you can imagine. For the Imagination has no boundaries.


There will be an Event created for this meditation.


Loving you ALL fully embraced in Divine Love and Light, ANgeleka