Which Zodiac Signs Will Be The Luckiest In 2019?

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I hope you too have some sweet and sour memories of this wonderful year which is about saying goodbye as we set to enter the much hyped and buzzing 2019. Everyone wants to get as many goodies as they can before this year ends to have at least something to cherish. If you want to know more about yearly horoscope prediction, then visit Horoscopelogy.

While we tentatively wait for the New Year's eve so that we can get over with this year, party all night, and drown all our sorrows in booze and frenzy, somewhere down we still hope to catch a glimpse of the year ahead. So that we can get an idea about how things are going to pan out and whether or not we’ll be successful.  

That’s basic human psychology, we often tend to get more worried about future way too much and want to know everything beforehand.

But if you think about it, it’s not that bad of an idea to find out whether your zodiac is going to be fortunate enough to taste success or not. Like always, Astrology is the science that has helped us time and time again to take a peek into the future so here’s a list of six luckiest zodiac signs in the year 2019. Take a look


Thanks to a close perfect position of the planets Jupiter and Mercury, Sagittarius will have an awesome 2019. Apparently, you guys would be turning a new leaf and would be acting more confidently. This is mainly due to the fact that you would have come across a new side to your personality which is making you take on new challenges and be totally fearless with your approach towards your goals. This will benefit you significantly over the course of almost this entire year and you’ll get to be part of some kind of dream projects. However, I would still suggest you to be a little cautious with matters related to money and finance.


It won’t be wrong to say Virgos would go on to be the luckiest zodiac signs of the year 2019. Thanks to Saturn and its overly positive influence over your ascendants, you’ll achieve everything that you’ll set your eyes at. Given of course you do at least all the essentials. Virgos, who are usually characterized as tenacious, friendly, and talkative individuals would put forth a character completely opposite to it which would be the principal reason for their success and good fortune. 2019 is going to be pretty lucky in terms of career as well and you can expect yourself to be going way ahead in a way you would have never imagined.


If you have started something and you are in it for good, then don’t worry your success is guaranteed this year. Now, the meaning of this particular prediction can be manifold. It could mean you get success despite people throwing obstacles on your way, you won’t get wavered by momentary setbacks, and it could also mean you are so far ahead of everyone that it’s impossible to match your excellence. Plus this year you’d be pretty lucky with the opposite sex. I can already see you finding someone beautiful and considerate in the most unusual of places and your love life heading onto a long fulfilling course. You better not ruin it with your habit of overthinking and getting ahead of yourself.


If you are bored with your life and want something exciting and new, then this is the year for you #Taureans. Now, this may not appear to be what qualifies of being particularly lucky but if you think it my way you would feel that too. There are two reasons why this year is going to be fortunate for you - one, your stars are aligned in the most magnificent of fashions and it’s only obvious that you’ll be successful in almost every aspect of life, and two, you would turn into this much more confident and bold individual who would know to get his way around everybody. I really feel more than anything this year you would have successfully awakened your inner passions.  


You’ll follow the path created by no one but yourself this entire year and that will help you acquire a great sense of achievement and self-satisfaction. And much like Virgos, you too will also be one of the luckiest zodiacs this 2019. However, the more interesting thing to note though is that stars have nothing to do in your case, it’s all you this year. You would be the master of your own destiny and everything even luck comes to those who take matters into their own hands and create their own destinies. Be it a career, business, finance, love, or any of the crucial life aspects, you would happily put your hand up and be ready for every crazy challenge that comes your way. You must be ready for a magical 2019 with love horoscope prediction.                      

The Yearly Tarot card, or as we like to call it, the Tarot card of growth tells you about the overall theme and what the coming year has in stock for you.

The resolution card gives you a clearer view of the circumstances surrounding a specific issue or appealing to a particular life aspect and the simplest of ways to resolve them.