Wisdom and Contemplative Thought

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Channeled by Paul Marwood

We wish to talk to you today about the inner act of wisdom. For what is wisdom? Wise thoughts, thoughts that give guidance to actions, thoughts of greater and deeper contemplation, thoughts of greater and deeper consideration, the thoughts that are in greater alignment with the divine connection. In the human perspective it’s like taking a step back and looking at the big picture.

Taking more of the factors into account than just the raw emotions in the moment, so that you are coming from a place of greater knowingness, rather than reaction (where in this place of reaction, more often than not, it is your “stuff” as you call it), which is quite often pushing your buttons, creating an emotion, which is leading you to a thought, which then leads you to an action.

Whereas, thoughts of wisdom come from a place where you are centered, contemplative, and thoughtful. You are tuned into what is around you and what is happening to you, but the thoughts are coming from a greater perspective where you are simply observing the emotions and the reactions that you have.