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Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for Life Tapestry

"You're an Official Universal Zoomer" was the title of last week's "Brenda's Blog" – her weekly channeled blog for

Dear Ones,

It's time to negate your 3D beliefs that someone somewhere needs to care for, protect, and save you. You are it.

You have creation skills, dimension, frequency, and time shift capabilities, and the wisdom of the ages is within you. You are the most powerful being the Earth has ever hosted.

You are no longer only Brenda, Madison, or Tom. You are a glorious being of the Universes who can solve problems, create new worlds, and travel wherever you wish to create what you need.

Perhaps you believe those Universal words are similar to the "snake oil salesmen" of the 1800s Earth. What we of the Universes are relaying might be true for someone, but not you because you have limited skills. You have tried to create previously to little or no avail. And you still need to prove to others how wonderful you are. On and on with thoughts of what is impossible in your life. Creating an emotional/physical dam that holds back your new being for some future time when it might be true for you.

Everything you have learned and continue to learn about your current capabilities is dedicated to the future. "I'll be happy when this happens." "I'll change my situation or ways when that happens."

That future has arrived. Yet, most of you are too frightened to alter much in your life. This final leap into the new—your being as it has always been except when of the Earth—is too frightening. Thoughts of failure, disappointment, and too good to be true continue to ramble around your thoughts as if everyone but you can do and be what they want.

Your new world is not a fantasy or wishful thinking. It is you now. Allow yourself to accept your new thoughts and actions. Allow yourself to step outside your 3D world of limitations and what-ifs. Allow yourself to be in all your glory.

Despite the information we of the Universes have provided, you pretend that you are Clark Kent when, in reality, you are Superman, Superwoman, or Superbeing without limitations and without kryptonite, except for your ongoing belief in your limited reality.

Jump, run, dance into what you are now capable of. You're no longer peeking out the window at the fabulous life of others. It is time to create what you want and need without fear, angst, or worry. Some of you even worry that you will be isolated as a braggart or a person you find disappointing if you become yourself.

So you wait, watch, and fear that becoming you is TOO MUCH for your tiny world. It is - because you are no longer just of the Earth; you are a Universal being with all the accouterments that includes. But then, the same is true for millions.

You have created a new race of humans similar to the historical jumps you now tout, like the Stone Age, the Bronze Age, or whatever historical Earth period, human skills were enhanced through trial and error.

You have completed your trial and error phases throughout the eons. It is time for the new human you and your cohorts created to emerge in all your shining glory. So be it. Amen.

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