Amazon Indians unite against Canadian oil giant

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Survival - March 14,2013, James Vybiral


The abundant resources of their forest home provide the Matsés with a rich and varied diet.


Amazon Indians from Peru and Brazil have joined together to stop a Canadian oil company destroying their land and threatening the lives of uncontacted tribes


Hundreds of Matsés Indians gathered on the border of Peru and Brazil last Saturday and called on their governments to stop the exploration, warning that the work will devastate their forest home.

Soy: In the Name of progress (Full Version)

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Published on Jun 22, 2012 by Todd Southgate

Directed by Todd Southgate

A new “soy rush” has been kick- started, and large-scale farm producers from all over Brazil are flocking to the Amazon forest in hopes of striking it rich with this golden crop. Yet all this comes at a price. Communities -- most often those found in the forest -- are often violently expelled from their lands in the wake of this uncontrolled scramble to plant soy.

For Brazil, it’s all in the name of progress. Still, to ask those whom have been chased from their lands and have seen first-hand the ecological wrath which has followed in the wake of soy in the region of Santarem, this new cash crop in the Amazon has brought nothing but destruction and misery.

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Director: Todd Southgate
Producer: Greenpeace


Chief Raoni

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The insight courage and determination of Chief Raoni is so inspiring. I'm having a hard time controlling my outrage at what is being done to Mother Earth and the indigenous people in particular. I know that love and light will win but find it So saddening to see this mass destruction. I pray that when the shift happens and new guardians are empowered that we all can follow the lead of Chief Raoni. And I pray for reassurance that the amazon and her tribes and animals will be saved.

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