The Fae'rea Speak of our Coming Transformation: September Message

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What do the Fae'rea have to say about this coming month of September?

I am connecting with their energy as bright tiny points of light that fly in darkness. They are telling us of our luminance and our ability to fly. Do we get superpowers this month? The answer is a picture that I am shown in my mind's eye, which is that of the ruby slippers in The Wizard of Oz. We always had the powers to go home to fly, and to be light. We are light. They are having fairy giggle fits over this. They want us to see the obvious.


There is a desire from me to bring this into human terms... they say that human terms are limiting, so it isn't possible to do that. Your human belief system of impossibility keeps you from expressing and experiencing the magic that you are. I see the unwinding of a sweater being pulled out, unraveled. That is our fabric of existence. The fabric thread is a golden yarn, meaning what we believe is a tall tale, an illusion, the thread or sutra that we are given. A yarn is a tall tale. It is also a thread of continuity, a teaching, that leads to another, a sutra as in Sanskrit. Unravel the old threads, the old programs, the old suit of armor, old clothes. The shape of our lives is being undone so we really don't know the shape of us, the form of us, anymore. We go to one another to see what we look like, for mirror reflection. We are becoming aware that all other beings act as mirrors for us while we act as mirrors for them.

What about our new clothes, Fae'rea? The new clothes will be light and they will be given when you are naked. Get down to the bare truth of you. Let yourself be totally authentic and this is the key to unraveling, to remembering yourself as light, and to no longer be weighed down by your armor. Armoring is the emotional baggage, the habitual responses, the patterning that keeps you heavy and our of the lightness you could embody. Lightness is a state of being. (Fairy giggles.)

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