Copyright and piracy.

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Copyright and piracy.


First off piracy supports where humanity and this planet is headed in the long run, the life where you don't have to pay to get music you desire to hear, and the artist making the music doesn't need to support capitalism or any other current societal standard from this and other nation's on this planet, in order to continue living and supporting themselves and family. The whole copyright law infringement war is full of beings who are pitching tents and throwing temper tantrums over the fact that that which they've put their whole being into , to support and attain their inner dreams.


Piracy goes against the grain of the greedy, selfish beings on this planet. You stating that you aren't greedy or selfish, how about you go give some inside information in regards to what you know about the corrupt , hypocritical beings working in the government. (right now it is absolutely impossible to go without the use of currency in order to continue living.)


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