Communion with All Life

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The trees wish to share from there perspective what it is like to be. They communicate in telepathy and remind us that we are one with them and one with the all. The trees consider themselves each a tree within a greater whole or wholes. The first whole is the forest that they inhabit, and then the other plants, animals and life forms. They share that they feel themselves as the earth and are inbedded in her, Mother Earth, and have become her through the roots and the exchange of energy and matter with the Mother or Mater, the Latin word for mother. They  show us that minerals are her life force and we see minerals as a different thing. They absorb the life force of the Mother and give back their life force with the all, the One. We see minerals as a small constituent that helps us be healthy, a necessity like vitamins that comes through our food. We see it as a virtually irrelevant, tiny, and not so important thing. Yet the trees see our and their exchange of life force with Mother Earth as our continued bonding and blending. They show how the minerals in our blood connect us to Mother Earth and allow us to be a part of her and her a part of us. It is through experiencing each other as ourselves. 

Portalul (The Portal)

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Published on 24 Nov 2012

Urmăriţi filmul documentar „Portalul", despre descoperirea unei zone de acces şi comunicare cu o civilizaţie extraterestră benefică.
Filmul prezintă un jurnal de călătorie în această zonă, care a fost dezvăluită în urmă cu 15 ani de către o rasă de fiinţe extraterestre benefice. Mărturiile celor care au perceput influenţa subtilă a locului, precum şi documentarea video se corelează în mod captivant pentru a elucida, într-o anumită măsură, misterul zonei.

Watch the documentary "The Portal", about the discovery of an area of access and communication with a beneficial extraterrestrial civilisation.
The film presents the diary of a journey in this area, which was revealed 15 years ago by a race of beneficial extraterrestrial beings. The testimonies of those who have perceived the subtle influence of the place, and the captivating video documentary correlate and elucidate, to a certain degree, the mystery of the area.


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