Paradoxal Grids

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Paradoxal Grids

The percentage of events, fractured on contents which were disposed for us to see, from venues which had been immersive, throughout exoplanetary “products” exchanges, these were pronounced in a matter of a fractal of a second for the exchange was energetically abiding in lower transparent forms, throughout the grids which disposed the effects, (Causal planes) to adjust the temporary fabrics which were shifting and coalescing with greater care of units, which are predispositions, from the enactments of some contents found throughout cosmoses, in planetary situations, where we had hidden some of the misfortune in probable futuristic timelines for rebalancing to occur, and this caused an occurrence which had not happen in a long time, as for the effects of said memorabilia, the content which is viewed from within immersive venues, pathways which are abolished from individual grids in cosmoses, had successfully readjusted the contemplations, in accords to systems wiring in extent to the universal codex, law’s which would interchange transgressions, from purposeful grid enactments.

In temporal manifestations, the conduct, flow of antiquity, given the old earth, surmounted in excess the probable routes in which we were getting to a substantial set back, as in destruction, of something which was acting as an inertia, to potential fabrics within the psyche of humans, and other beings…

Something which resembled the anti-matter phenomena, from some experiments going on in 1954-1955, where they had achieved or been able to pull out anti-matter, and contain it in space (Matter) which was crucially unstable, and this could affect the psyche of humans all around the Earth.

Perpetuated Systems

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March 27th 2015

Perpetuated Systems

Fractals acquiescing in disruptive venues, temporal flux is justified on attempts to relocate star matter...

Frequency is coming to fruition from abundance programs, while adaptive to the sub selective flows of our lives purposes.

On accounts the sub selected flows grow in abundance on perpetuated systems, for fall backs when acquiring predisposed fabrics.

Contending field viewers are in aboriginal synapse, given on occasions the sub selective flows grows predominantly at fractals while acquiescing the internal “combustion” (activity conformal to irregular synapse)… In attempts to relocate matter, (disruptive energy) in currents, while simplifying flows, which were given in introverted concepts, for aboriginal synapsis, to contend in the supremum, which acts in accords to the sub intellectual fields of individuals, while governing factors, are perpetuated within accountants, from predisposed fabrics, as for unusual activity in irregular synapses is adnominal in querying attributes formal to sub type groups in these pertaining matters.

While contending to the supremum, what gives in abundance to systems perpetuated at fabrics which can evolve on their own predisposed fabrics while contending to the supremum, some inert concepts (activity) can conform to irregular synapse, which is predisposed in fabrics accustomed to the inertia of momentum while temporarily, they give out subliminal contact codes, for resurgence of the 5th kind…


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Forum for National Development (FND) has asked Prof. Peter Mutharika and the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) to be the first ones to provide answers on massive plunder and looting of Government resources rather than castigating the current leadership.

Remarks were made on Thursday in Lilongwe by the FND National Coordinator, Fryson Chodzi during the press briefing in awake of Mutharika’s statements when addressing the issue of green card and his resignation as Member of Parliament.image

Chodzi said FND agrees with the DPP leader that Malawians should not be diverted from the real issues of cash gate and massive theft of public resources.

But, Chodzi said FND felt that DPP should be the first to blame for the looting of public resources as evidence shows that the party through its former President late. Dr Bingu wa Mutharika was the architecture and the framers of the cash gate.

“The issues attest to our assertion that the DPP Members are the architects of the massive looting, theft and plunder of public resources known as cashgate. To be precise there was too much corruption during the DDP regime,” he said.

Chodzi expressed that Goodall Gondwe who was then Finance Minister has always acknowledged the degree of corruption during the Mutharika period.image

“Gondwe who is the National Executive member of the Party…. acknowledged that during the DPP government corruption was just a mere one,” he explained.


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when you are empowered by love to be the love that you are. youre
integrated expression of what it means to truly be empowered is shared
equally with the all and in this the all is empowered by you and you
are empowered by the all simultaneously. this expressing of being
empowered to be the love that we are is what gives us strength to
continue being the love that we are. through true strength of being
empowered by love to be the love that we are we become continously
deeper in being rooted in the love that we are and through this
continual rooting of understanding the love we are we and what it is
like to experience ourselves being the love we are we discover how
fearless we truly are. non of this is possible without first having
identified with the conditioned of the egomind itself. the spark
of inquiring into what we are going through on a consistent basis
which is to seek the truth of the experience is what enables us
not only to be set free by knowing what the truth of the love we are
is but also enables us to root in more awareness continuously of
what it means to experience being the fearless beings that we are.

this entire experience is enabled due to the fact that this planet is
giving us the contract to be present within the love we are.
there are varying degrees of conscious awareness on this planet at
this time.the less aware you are means that your experience of being
the love you are is one of a misunderstood experience. this
innocent misunderstanding of the love you are is due to the fact that
the great work that the illuminati chose to act upon was not widely
sharing the information that humanity has been conditioned from
generation to generation willfully and that those who unconsciously
and willfully indoctrinated their children into the ways of the
new world order agenda without even knowing it.

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