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Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for Life Tapestry

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Dear Ones,

Sunday Musings ~ Transcending Fear in the Game of Illusion

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Image ~ “My Rocky Mountain” by Deborah Faith

What if your whole life purpose was to transcend fear.  Nothing more, nothing less. What if your fears were all yours and no one else’s? What if your DNA doesn’t contain the fear imprints of your ancestors and what if the ONLY single most purposeful thing every single one of us is doing here is learning to rise above fear?

Nothing brings your vibration down faster than fear. Nothing takes you out of Presence faster than fear.

Everything that is not love has its roots in fear. Everything. Fear is born out of separation consciousness – the thinking of ourselves separate from our Source which is ALL That is Love. Perfect, Pure, Absolute, Unconditional Love.

This separation consciousness causes us to believe we are vulnerable.

Fear is illusion and therefore not real. You can transcend fear by looking at it and erasing it similar to erasing a blackboard in a classroom. The classroom in this instance is the holographic experience of Life itself, as we are projecting it into being or into form, from within our own consciousness based upon our thoughts and beliefs and actions. What if every thought had a life of its own and what if when we give it our energy, it becomes more life-like? What if we could actually bring something into form through our very thought? Are we that powerful?

The answer is yes, we are. The question is do you believe it? Can you comprehend having such power? What if I told you your power is Infinite? Can you even begin to comprehend the meaning of the word “Infinite”?

Our thoughts manifest our infinite

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When considering death and the physical acts that occur we must consider the reality of our eyes actions.  Since the eyes are the windows to the soul it is safe to say our souls look "without" as we live but develop "within" at the same time.  So in death when our eyes recede to our minds and our souls return "within" we have what we, in life, created for ourselves and our souls "within".  

I present this idea only to bring to light your life and the lives of everyone around you.  Whatever events you live in your life and whatever you learn from those events develop what you will one day return to.  So now you must ask yourself, "Am I AT LEAST content, hopefully very satisfied, with the life I lived and the infinite I have created for myself?"  With that question within you and your soul, you can truly discover what it means, and what it was always meant to be, to truly live free.  

Another important point I need to bring across to you is that the negative energies, whatever they may be, record into your same infinite.  With this comes the characters, I.E. The devil, "Jesus Christ the image" (note I say THE IMAGE) and the personalities we have given them for our infinite.  If I was seen as evil, treated as evil, and told as evil at every turn, I may too be created as evil...see the point?  Now this doesn't mean you're stuck with these characters, life gives you the great opportunity to come to terms with your miscommunication with...well essentially yourself.  

Maybe we fear death because internally we aren't satisfied with what is to come.


Love is divine for a reason, now we need to stop thinking we are in love, and start feeling that we are in love, and wholly so.

Mother Mary: You Have Lifted the Limits of Perpetuity – Channeled by Fran Zepeda – March 17, 2014

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Mother-Mary-213x300Mother Mary:


Hello sweet ones. I come today to give you encouragement and enlightenment as you stand right now in your journey. You are by no doubt encapsulating and experiencing the tremendous influx of light of a new quality that you have not experienced before. This is because, my dear ones, you are encompassing the Christ Light Consciousness more and more within your energy fields and you are coming more and more online with your divine essence and purpose.

It is difficult to quantify it; it is difficult to qualify it. It is difficult to explain it. Your experience is your experience and it is unique to you and it is perfect for you. However there is a common theme running through-out. There is a lightening and a floating of your energy as never before. It necessitates you to trust and go with it and thus it necessitates and allows you to move forward with it, not really knowing where it leads, because for all intents and purposes, you are there…you are just building within your own energy framework more of the divine template of which you originate.


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