Happy Love Day!

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Dear Readers,

Every day is a celebrated Love Day in the Higher Realms!

What this means is that you can celebrate love every day if you will only elevate your consciousness into the higher realms. The higher realms are not ‘out there’ someplace, flitting about in the ethers! They are within you, right here and right now!

Yesterday, once I’d finished a private channeling for a client, I noticed my energy was still soaring higher than I’d ever before experienced. I lay down to enjoy this blissful experience which cannot be adequately described with mere words. Nirvana perhaps? Why label it anyway? It is LOVE in the highest frequency that I was able to feel at that moment, which thankfully stretched into a rather l o n g moment!

Now for the first time I understand why Lord Adama has said that when a channel has had the privilege of communing with a higher dimensional Being that for at least 2 hours afterwards, the channel can still enjoy the blissful energy of that Being by remaining in a state of stillness and openness and receptivity within. And the same goes for the client receiving the channeled messages because there is precious energy in those words!! And the energy remains there for as long as you are open and receptive to feeling it. Many clients have told me every time they read their written channeling, sometimes months later, they still feel overwhelming love and peace infiltrate into their being! The same is appropriate for live and recorded channeling.

Dark partical?

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December had a lot of energie, Utilizing it was showing immense capabilitys that shifted meanings of concepts within, to larger perspectives, of what is simply known impossible.

I'm wondering how was it possible. Some of the concepts, hadron colider, partical accelerators, neutrality driving within showing everything, thought manifestation was noticeable instantainiously by everything around without speaking it out.

Every single moments, everything in my path automaticaly conected from neutrality "driving the system" every thing that is unoticeable to concepts within bringing further knowledge down a road.

This road was based on what parallels had brought me to impossibilitys.

Great understandings, awareness beyond the norm, unity, every one was a part of the great concept.
Adding constantly impossibilitys, of senses, futuristic events and manifestations, systematically affected by thoughts.

From this consciouss being, to all that I was witnessing.
Every thing was conecting, unbelivably, incredibly from earth to even out in space.

My last rememberance until it shut down was when I saw the post of the great central sun sending out energie from both sides of galaxy.

What conected that last time was a sense of release consciously, seen from central sun sending out energie from galaxial sides of Milky way system.

Dimensions are subatomical, going deep within. With neutrality helping was able to shift from this one to the next.

Had achieved from days without pause, of knowledge from all.

The unity, I could see thought manifestation trough live tv from one side to the other of the earth instantainously.

Fran Zepeda - Sananda - Your Journey To Oneness - June 7, 2012

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Sananda ~ Your Journey To Oneness ~ As Channeled through Fran Zepeda ~ June 7, 2012






Hello, my dear Ones, dear Ascending Souls that you are! I greet you with such love and gratitude for the work you are doing to transmute the energies within yourselves and the planet. You are such precious and brave Beings, fulfilling your purpose and mission so gracefully and fully.


My love for you abounds, as does the love of every Celestial being and Galactic being, every Being, that is; we do not really have to differentiate anymore, except to be all-inclusive. You are all One with All That Is, and are increasing in Light every minute on this beautiful journey with Mother Earth on the path of Ascension.


I wish to speak with you today about purpose and Mission. It is sometimes a misunderstood concept. Allow me to illuminate this for you, if you will.


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