Embracing Emotional Unconditionality

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TearsThere is a concept that we can use which has to do with how we talk to ourselves in our own heads. Emotions, both negative and positive come up for us. It is said that emotions that are positivive are based on love and those that are negative and feel bad are from fear. Ultimately there are only two emotions, love and fear. Often we fear the future of dwell on the past in our heads. We have emotions come up within our daily lives and which sometimes do not feel good. We may want these emotions to simply go away. We may even push them down by distracting ourselves or pretending they are not there. But the more we do not accept an emotion we are having, the bigger the emotion has to impact us in order to get our attention. The static or discord from negative emotion will be louder in our being so we notice, and emotion is serving a purpose.


How to Deal with Challenging Emotions as They Come Up


The Unveiling of Ourselves to the Light

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Perhaps you are feeling it? You may be feeling the energetic intensity of the collective through your own body. Sometimes I feel that emotional intensity that is anxiety, and with no apparent cause. Why do I feel this strong anxiety? It was wisely pointed out to me that it is often the collective emotion coming to the surface through me, and maybe through you if you. You may be an energetically sensitive person and not know it. When it is intense emotionally, it may not be personal! Keep this as mind. 

Healing Crisis and Wake up Call

Alchemy for Courage: The Power of Love

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Each of us have fears that drive us, even if we do not acknowledge them. They cause us to avoid situations. They cause us to not speak our truth, to live less than our full potential. It makes for a mixed energy inside that wants to go one direction, our soul's calling and the other direction, the voice of fear. Fear can be a friend. It can be a guidance system. It can also be the ego's voice that holds us back from our greatness.


How to See the Positive in a Situation

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If you define a situation as positive, no matter what the circumstances, it can then morph into that experience with the expectation you have. It is easy to know this yet hard to do it unless you get deliberate and intentional in how you experience the world. This is a call to change your perception to not defining something as bad, and to be open to how it could play out if you don't define it at all or if you are able to see any situation as potentially positive for your path. We are conditioned to judge situations as being bad or good for us, and it is hard to expect something good to come out of what has happened to you that is causing unhappiness when we think about it. That being said, we have to feel the emotions authentically first in order to move to a place of seeing the potential good. Maybe it involves stepping back and observing ourselves to do this. Reframing any situation toward the positive completely changes what is possible, though.

How do we see the good in a situation that at first seems bad?

What if you have a story playing out in your head about something, causing distress? It is often about another person. Let me share my personal situation in which feeling emotionally upset. In dealing with this, wanting to shift my perspective, upon asking for solutions, my higher self, while in meditation, gave some answers. In meditation, I receive pictures that have meanings which I can then interpret the meanings.

The Moment

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  • The moment when your heart opens to the truth that lives around you.... It's indescribable.  It is hope, love, gratitude, empathy, pain, joy, struggle and a host of so much more, yet with peace to the core.  
  • The moment you realize that the posts you read on social media each day that aim to motivate ARE in fact for YOU!  
  • The moment that you allow your heart to break and feel a flood of emotion to the likes of nothing you have ever imagined.

I've been so very emotional lately.  Yet, there has been no real explanation for my tears, my sorrow, my joy, my pain... I honestly thought I was going slightly bonkers, but I still embraced the stage of life.  I understand that much of my emotion comes from being a deep Empath.  I used to always say that I didn't have too many friends, because each new person I let into my life was soul tied to my heart, and I could feel their emotions.  DAMN, I did not know how true that was!  And now, here I am... openly inviting all of you into my life and my world with complete honesty, transparency and love... and this sh^t is no joke!  The funny thing is I wouldn't have it any other way and I even sometimes wish I could advance this journey just so I could reach out to so many more of you.  Yet, I call out my ego for having those thoughts and check myself back into the current moment because I am exactly where I am supposed to be in this moment.

Movin' Pretty Fast

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At this point in our ascension it feels like our soul is in charge and we (our human self, our body, mind and our emotions) are just trying to catch up.  Original song, "Movin' Pretty Fast" and graphics by Maria Chambers

The Golden Middle – The Divine Mother through Isabel Henn July 29, 2013

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Thanks to one of our blog posters for this article.  When promoting it to front page lost the original poster.  Thank you so much



(Translated from original language german)

My child, find the balance and stay in it. Your emotions will still for a while deflect like a pendulum, but will find more and more in the middle. You will see that the deflection will become smaller and smaller and then come to rest in the middle. Stay there. It is the “Golden Middle” like you say so often. But don’t quarrel with yourself if it doesn’t go smoothly immediately. Look at your emotions and let go what you don’t like. Just simple; don’t think anymore about them. Give them to me, I will transmute them with my silverplatinum flame into love and give them back to you in this form. My love will fill your heart and let it come to rest. I love you so much, my child. ~

Your Divine Mother


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