Fracking's Terrifying Water Usage Trends Spell Disaster

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By: Jon Queally, 02/05/2014

New study shows that fracking boom is happening in places that can least afford to lose precious water supplies. The irony of fracking: It destroys the natural resource it needs most. The tragedy for those living nearby fracking operations: That natural resource is the fresh—and increasingly scarce—water supply on which they, too, depend.


And not only does fracking—or hydraulic fracturing—demand enormous amounts of fresh water no matter where it takes places, a troubling new study released Wednesday found that a majority of places where the controversial drilling technique is most prevalent are the same regions where less and less water is available.


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Fracking in US stirs up debate on freak earthquakes

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By: David Icke, 12/28/2013

‘The US state of Oklahoma is famous for its tornadoes but that’s not been the hot topic of discussion lately. Something that was rare until only last year is now keeping people awake at nights. Many residents are concerned that the oil drilling method known as fracking is leading to a rise in earthquakes in the state. ‘

Salford anti-fracking camp enjoys local support

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The Guardian, By: Helen Pidd, 12/26/2013

Anti fracking protesters blockade drilling site

As the wind felled trees, flooded homes and cancelled ferries this week, much of the nation needed little excuse to stay indoors. But for a group of hardy anti-fracking protesters camped by the M62 on Barton Moss in Salford, near Manchester, going inside was not an option, explained Joe Boyd, a 40-year-old builder from Liverpool who was on not just his first demo but also his first real camping trip.


Before the storms hit the north, Boyd was already wrapped up warm: a coat, a fleece, two woolly jumpers, a lumberjack shirt and a turtleneck base layer, two pairs of socks, pyjama bottoms and waterproof trousers. His tent had a fluffy rug over the ground sheet, he had insulated his lilo and worked out the optimum number of sleeping bags and quilts to sleep under without either roasting or freezing to death. But he refused to moan. The way he sees it, a little bit of discomfort is worth it to avert an "environmental disaster".


Tar Sands, Natural Gas Fracking, Pipelines: The Fossil Fuel Wars in British Columbia and Canada

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By: Roger Annis, 12/23/2013

The fossil fuel industry offensive in British Columbia and across Canada is proceeding relentlessly. This is a report from some of the key fronts of the fossil fuel wars. On December 16, Kinder Morgan company made its official application to the National Energy Board for approval to build a $5.4-billion tar sands  pipeline from Alberta to Vancouver harbour. The new line will use the path of its existing Trans Mountain Pipeline for part of the route, but it will diverge from that significantly in places, including in the final leg of the line into metropolitan Vancouver.


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Follow Romania’s Rise Against Fracking

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News Beacon Ireland, By: R. Teichmann, 12/21/2013

Largely unreported by the mainstream media, something remarkable is happening in the small village of Pungesti in Romania. People are standing up for Life. But the protest against fracking and the US Giant Chevron is not only local. For today a day of national mobilisation has been announced. You can follow the unfolding events in Romania, which may hold many lessons for us in Ireland by going to the website.


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PA Supreme Court Says It’s Unconstitutional For Gas Companies to Frack Wherever They Want

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Think Progress, By: Katie Valentine, 12/20/2013

Photo Credit: AFP


Some major parts of Pennsylvania’s two-year-old Marcellus Shale drilling law are unconstitutional, the state’s Supreme Court decided Thursday. As the  Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports, the court voted 4 – 2 that a provision that allowing natural gas companies to drill anywhere, regardless of local zoning laws, was unconstitutional. Seven municipalities had challenged the shale drilling law, known as Act 13, that  required “drilling, waste pits and pipelines be allowed in every zoning district, including residential districts, as long as certain buffers are observed.”


The Court said Act 13 “ fundamentally disrupted” the expectations of Pennsylvania residents living in residential zones, and that the provision wasn’t in line with Pennsylvania’s constitution or  Environmental Rights Amendment, which guarantees Pennsylvanians the “right to clean air, pure water, and to the preservation of the natural, scenic, historic and esthetic values of the environment.”


Fracking protesters park bus across Salford IGas drilling site

Silver's picture, By: Adam Vaughan, 12/18/2013

An orange bus blocking the Barton Moss oil drill site operated by IGas

Anti-fracking protesters trying to stop an oil drilling operations in Salford have parked a bus across the site. The campaigning group Platform said that there were five people locked to the bus, which is reportedly blocking the entrance at the Barton Moss site run by IGas. The action follows a similar one on Monday, when protesters temporarily blocked the heavily fortified site by dumping a 17-metre wind turbine blade. The blade was subsequently removed.


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Small Town Declares All-Out Offensive Against Tar Sands Port

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Common Dreams, By: Lauren McCauley, 12/16/2013


Following Big Oil's narrow victory over a grassroots initiative designed to block the construction of a tar sands export terminal, residents of South Portland, Maine are attempting to overrule that vote with a bid to outlaw the flow and processing of tar sands within city borders. On Wednesday evening, members of the South Portland City Council voted unanimously to create a Draft Ordinance Committee with the explicit purpose of creating a new land-use rule to "prevent the flow and processing of unrefined tar sands in South Portland,” local media reports. “It’s very pleasing to see all of us this evening take a stand that we do not want tar sands in our community and that we will not let it happen,” said Councilor Tom Blake.


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Study Links Fracking Chemicals and Hormone Disruption

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Epoch Times, By: Sarah Matheson, 12/16/2013

High levels of hormone-disrupting chemicals have been found in water samples near fracking sites in Colorado, according to research accepted for publication in The Endocrine Society’s journal Endocrinology. The chemicals “could raise the risk of reproductive, metabolic, neurological and other diseases, especially in children who are exposed to EDCs [endocrine-disrupting chemicals],” said one of the study’s authors, Susan Nagel, of the University of Missouri School of Medicine.


Researchers took surface and ground water samples from sites with drilling spills or accidents in Garfield County, Colo. The area has more than 10,000 natural gas wells. Researchers also looked at control samples from sites without spills in Garfield County, as well samples from Boone County, Missouri.


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