what is and is to be

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Will be brief, Im low on power once again and short on time it seems. This entrapment of brokenness on computing really bothers me.There are no shortcuts to doing things right apparently.



Wonderful things await. I wonder sometimes, though if we are getting carried away with our wanting to be of the things to come, of the ships and people?


There will be times for this, and there is a LOT of work to still yet be done here from what I see.This is the begining, the end of the old, but not the end by far, not even December but by then hopefully most of us will be where we belong.And a great deal of us ar e not from here.


Thats ok.


I just think we are getting carried away a bit. Now I know not everyone is an ArchAngel, not everyone strives to be, there are a LOT of humanoids and Terrans out there and a lot of us here that have you as family in some way or another.The reunion will be grand beyond all means, I am sure.


But we must save ourselves an create the world we want, no other race will do that for us.There is a lot of halfway training and teaching and work that needs to be done I think yet, so have plans to go, but not be so eager to leave that you forget the mission as to why we are here.The mission is truely begining again.


My 2c for today.

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