The Redemption of Satan

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On January 18, 2020 Satan has been redeemed, taken home to heaven and welcomed.

Ever since I intentionally started doing my healing work [2000], Satan has been in opposition to me. I have performed countless exorcisms and set up Light Stations to attract the demonic for liquidation or transumation purposes.

This past Jan. 18, 2020. It all came to a conclusion when I performed a Redemption Directive for Satan, who had acquired a COMPLETE soul, as has every soul received, initiated on September 2, 2018.

Previous historical events:
[Some of this verbiage will not be 'clear', for you will not be used to these kinds of words. Also, all of these dated events occurred in history "out of my control", but were recorded as they occurred, whether I understood what God was performing or not. I just "did" what I was told to do by God. All of these events tied into and flowed into another event in a way that can only be said to be God's Plan. I know I sure did not plan these things. The first part of my collection here is a summary in time, a timeline of events that lead up to the "biggie", the Redemption of Satan.]

Oct. 9, 2013 - Lucifer exorcised and sent home to heaven.

9/2/2018 Brought Light to the darkest place in all the earth, Dome of the Rock, Old City Jerusalem, Israel. Israel' no longer DESPAIR LAND, BUT HAS RETURNED TO THE PROMISED LAND. Israel alone in all the River of Life is COMPLETE.

My theme is: "How can I bring COMPLETE to all?"

I met a fellow today.
His spiritual name is KEEPER.
He is Nephilim.

Whose SOUL is he "KEEPING?" SATAN..
Satan does not like that KEEPER is preserving/keeping his soul.
Satan' origin is as an angel.
KEEPER is to keep the soul of Satan, until it is time for Satan to be redeemed.

Amidst Boos And Multiple Votes, DNC Reverses Position And Reinstates Jerusalem

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Published on Sep 5, 2012 by GOPICYMI

Durring the Democratic National Convention boos break out for the vote to reverse the party's position on Jerusalem (September 5, 2012).


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