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There is a grand intensity of increase in the energies coming in and through us.  Do NOT fear that which is happening as many souls will now leave this realm.  We speak not only of the human soul, but of your animals, mammals and those of the Devic Kingdom.  They too are ascending with you in both physical and non physical realms.  There is nothing to fear.  All is in a grand state of elevation of frequency.  Mankind is taking another step up per se.  Life as you know it is becoming more real and alive.  The truth is unfolding before you and it may be unpleasant to see for man has lived in the shadow of himself not knowing the Light of thy Creator.  

Release attachment to things, people, places, situations and beliefs.  The puzzle pieces of your reality are now showing big gaps, holes and nothing may make you human mind in no way can grasp the level of quickening that is happening as you are shifting right along with the grand mix.  Your heart is the place that knows and is at peace with all that takes places.  Your heart is your connection to your highest truth.  Your heart is your path to your I AM creator connection.  Take, make and honor your time of going within to be ONE with All That Is.  Find your peace that is within you and is soon to evidence itself in your outside experience.

The New Earth is Rising…Fully Realized

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Created on 07/01/2013


imagesWe are here to help with more information on this subject.  There is a quickening of energy right now that is flowing from prime source to the Earth in a beautiful way.  We are delighted to be here with this our messenger she is working with us in order to do her planetary service.

Before a being, can pass through this stage of development, they must be in service to community as well as humanity first, several initiations will occur. With this great change happens, purification begins, before the initiate is robed with there Mastery, to do this work.

We are the Archangels, who come today to work in this realm, for only a short time. As you make your choices to Ascend in this lifetime, the process begins and the disciple of Christ, walks the Earth, with steadfast love and support for all beings.

As the initiate looks at every human being as the Christ, the love expands out to the masses. An initiate will hold the codes and keys, to enter the temples of the Earth, and above, to ground the energy here.

The sparks of light, you all came in on, will be remembered and reactivated. The masses are waking up, in phenomenal proportions, this is due to the energy from the Christed Light,  coming to the earth at this time.

The exquisite sounds of Nature, streams of energy weaving in and out of creation,  enfold our very being,  like a bride to a groom. The flower is an example, of this creation at work.

It  opens to the Sun’s light.  The flower, the stigma, ovule, connecting to the Mother, to create a new birth. The incredible love that occurs is effortless, it just is, not forced or manipulated. It happens, even without our knowing.

Visualize an immense cloud of Light hovering over areas of conflict

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John Smallman's blog 08/28/2013 by John Smallman

John Smallman

The apparently escalating conflicts at the eastern end of the Mediterranean Sea will not result in a full-scale multinational war.  The nations there in disharmony and disarray are going through a necessary cleansing, an eruption of conflicting interests and agendas which they themselves have to address honestly and transparently, and through calm and wise negotiation resolve to the satisfaction of all parties involved. Military action from within, or outside intervention would only aggravate an already tense and angry situation, and will not occur.

Diligence of the Light ~ Lord Metatron

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Metatron by Artist Tony Pinfold.

We are coming into another powerful surge of energy that is being ignited on the planet, and it is my pleasure to share some thoughts about this alignment which is the 2nd activation of the Merkabah or the Star of David means for each of you.

When these activations occur, you must understand that the information that is channeled is directed through the channel themselves.  This has always been the case but since the veil of forgetfulness and the veil between our worlds has been lifted there is so much confliction that is occurring with the information that is being presented by so many people.

And, yes, this is a channeling through Rev. Christine Meleriessee.  But let me give you a little bit of background information on her journey.

Awakening can not be bought or sold

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From the Creator Group consciousness melding with the high Hue-man!

Truth in Light - Light Transmission

Spirituality does not need to be "sold", it is innate from within each of us. Filter all through your heart dear ones. We each are students and teachers changing roles in every moment. No One has the key except you within. Karma - is part of the earth experiment and the news is, the experiment is over as soon as one can conceive it and move into love.

auric colorsMastering the four lower bodies (emotional, mental, physical, etheric)  is our journey and connecting within to our expanded self. As this happens we move out of law of attraction (although the like attracts like remains) but we move into resonance of Being. This is a state where we don't need to run the gambit to learn to manifest...we are already doing that at every moment., When we align with our higher aspects,  we give love and receive love fluidly. Karma was part of the path of lesson with the Earth Experiment. This is over...and it is shifting for each of us incrementally with increase awareness, understanding and adapting to our ever increasing energies, new DNA activations that effect how we view our world, our existence, how we relate to all things.

Love then is the centrifugal energy of cycling love in and out. Karma is no longer the path as lesson is balance, we expand our consciousness to move BACK to what we have always been, a being of Light. An innate sentient being, a reflection of the Light of Source Creator.

Athena Arcturus Anchoring Divine Trust and Faith Through the Celestial Diamond Light

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Oh my dear family and friends, I have not talked to you in so long. God bless each one of your hearts, I have missed you. I received this absolutely blissful meditation from Athena Arcturus today and my heart so over-whelmed with love she just asked me to share, share, share the love. <3 <3 <3 Lets manifest and multiply more of that. ~~~~@
I am so grateful to be of service to you in this way.
Such a beautiful thing I have been given from the beautiful, heartfelt light of the Arcturians that I can give to you now. It is so yours. Bless you all so much.
Dear sweet family and friends,

I am Athena Arcturus and I love you so dearly and completely from all that is made manifest within the world let my light from my heart chakra open to you and let you bath without limitation on all the love that I have within me to offer you. I ask that you accept this light from within my heart chakra in whatever way you can and take from it as much as you like for I give it to you freely and without asking anything in return.

It is with such joy and gratitude that I greet each of you for you are so special to my heart. Each one of you that are reading this are more than just human beings upon the earth you are sacred family members that I rejoice in connecting with and I honor with all the love that is within my being.

I bring forward to you today a gentle divine feminine energy from my being and from the Star System of Arcturus to bath your entire being in the loving and warm feminine energies that come from our central aspect.

We shine infinite waves of divine love and bliss to you in each moment and are so proud and grateful to each of you for all you have achieved upon the earth and in your reality.

Embracing Change and Opening The Heart: June 14, 2013 Update

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We have moved so far in the ascension process yet I feel in many ways it may not seem for some that this is so. We are asked in many ways to let go of old beliefs or ideas that no longer serve us yet at the same time this is not really the Truth. Why is this not really the Truth? Well, it is the Truth because we are in fact being asked to do this but in a way that really we have not ever experienced before upon the earth by very heightened processes of clearing.

Clearing can mean many things to many people. I am humbled by the beautiful souls and lightworkers in the world who come both together in this world and the inner planes to create harmony and balance for existence. It is so beautiful how we all have our own path and Truth.

Clearing to me is a vibrational experience in which lower more dense ideas and energies are elevated to their highest aspects which in many ways can appear to us as wisdom. Wisdom to me comes forward in both great love and compassion yet is also an energy that is based off our past experience in such a way that it allows us to navigate the earth.

I got the impression from several sources that there were some lightworkers who very much wished to "clean the slate" and in some ways, that is a very beautiful thing. Yet, to me it is not so much that we are "cleaning the slate", but clearing old energies and integrating the wisdom we have achieved.

Many of us have been lightworkers upon the earth for a very long time. This means that we have a huge akashic experience on many different levels. Not only on the earth levels, but also on the inner planes as we move up in dimensional awareness. It can take an incredibly long time to integrate such wisdom and I would go as far as to say that we have not ever really integrated our wisdom to such a degree on so many levels.


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Inviting ALL Beloved Lightworkers, Starseeds, Shamans, Crystals, Indigos, Walk-Ins, Braid Ins and Star Wanderers!  We of Project Eagle Triad (Ashtar's Trinity) welcome you with open starship hatches. Write janisel (at) today to join our global galactic family! We love you!


Michael's Legions - How To Pull Your Sword: Love Swords Causing Ascension + The Split-Apart Test/s + Step by Step Instructions

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Michael's Legions - How To Pull Your Sword:  Love Swords Causing Ascension + The Split-Apart Test/s + Step by Step Instructions of How to Use Your Sword + AA Michael's Roles

We of the Ashtar's Trinity Eagle Family would love for you to join your LIGHT with ours! We communicate in Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, and English. We welcome you with open starship hatches! To begin your ground crew mission, please write to janisel(at)
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"Michael's Legions - How To Pull Your Sword"
by Sananda with sword directions from Archangel Michael
channeled through Rev Deb and Rev Janisel of Sananda's Eagles


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