Love Loves

We Are Indeed Oneness in Love and Awareness in Light....When We Awaken. (^_^)

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Our Oneness Within is the Love and Light Center of our ascension.


This is the place where we feel Love, in our heart center. The world is aglow with the rays of awareness spreading like wildfires around the globe. We are gathering and beginning the new change that has been heralded, and Our Brothers and Sisters from afar are here helping with so very much. I only hope that our Songs of Joy and Celebration will fill their hearts as much as we will feel filled to overflowing from our own. Indeed, in the Oneness all will share this in Abundance.


Love is the beginning of our lives, where we feel it from the one who cradles us in the security of their arms and gentle whispers. Love is the embrace of a special pet , each time multiplied and repeated throughout their presence with us. So many times Love is gifted and given and shared in so many ways, as to express each difference and variety. Sometimes Love is stolen, or taken, or unregistered, or controlled in this 3D place.


However, Within... Love is concentrated in a wonderful Light, shimmering, brilliant, warm, and incredibly, incredibly immense. It is inside of You, shared and One with Everyone and Everything else the imagination can attempt and beyond. It is Home and Transport, and School. Love by its very definition Loves...

Love Loves....

Love Loves...

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