The Sirian Blue Star Guides, Ancient Mysteries, Prophecy & Your Path - LONG VERSION

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This is an informational video on the Sirian Blue Star Guides, celestial helpers of deep love, wisdom, compassion and loyalty. They are responsible for CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS and the Unity template taking place.

They are here to assist in very loving, life-affirming ways in very specific to each one of us. They tell us they hold secret technologies that we are ready to use again after such a long period of darkness and they help us unravel the secrets of our soul, turning on our Merkabas, opening our hearts and activating our Manifesting Machinery.

Making Friends With Beings of Pure Light...

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This is a series of clips from Lesson 20 For Full Spectrum Humans: The Future and Beyond. The final lesson in the course talks all about creating a star traveling vessel made of telepathically linked minds/energy bodies.

To watch full lessons, please register for the course via the link in the video description.

The Summer Session begins today, June 17 2013!!

many thanks, Aurora

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