Barack Obama says smoking marijuana less dangerous than drinking alcohol

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By: Jon Swaine, 01/19/2014


President Barack Obama has said that smoking marijuana is less dangerous than drinking alcohol in an interview that risked undermining national drugs laws. Mr Obama said that using the drug, which remains illegal under US federal law, was safer than drinking "in terms of its impact on the individual consumer". He said that it was "important" for the controversial legalisation of marijuana by two American states to proceed, as it would end the unfair penalisation of a minority of smokers.


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Syria Plan B? John Kerry May Have Defused Syria War By Being an Idiot

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Commonsenseconspiracy, By: cscadm, 09/09/2013


One would like to think that the American President and Secretary of State would try to achieve a peaceful resolution to any problem that might be put before them.  One would also like to think that military action would probably be the last option on the table after all other possibilities have been eliminated.  Well, it turns out that after a couple of weeks of political pandering that was poised and ready to lead to the United States openly attacking Syria, all that really had to be done to defuse the situation was to simply ask Syria to turn over its weapons.


Yes, you heard that right.


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Stephen Lendman ~ War On Syria: Dissent In The Ranks

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By: Steve Lendman, 09/03/2013

On September 2, London’s Daily Mail headlined ”‘I didn’t join the Navy to fight for al Qaeda in a Syrian civil war’: Picture of serviceman goes viral… but is it real?” More on that below. The Pentagon goes all out to avoid dissent in the ranks. It surfaced in Vietnam. Until 1967, order was well maintained. After Tet in late January/February 1968, things changed. Mutinies forced the Pentagon to disguise them with language like “combat refusal.” Soldiers disobeyed orders. Most were search and destroy missions. They were put in harm’s way. They faced formidable enemies. At times, entire companies defied commanders. As fear of punishment faded, incidents mushroomed. So did fragging. It’s committed when soldiers target a superior with intent to kill. Fragmentation grenades were used. As frustration and anger grew, so did fragging incidents. They became the price for being ordered in harm’s way against enemies refusing to quit.


After Tet, 1,000 or more incidents occurred. Precise numbers aren’t known. Pentagon officials stopped counting. They downplayed what happened. They suppressed incidents best they could. Officers shot by their men were excluded. They were those listed as wounded or killed in action.


Edward Snowden withdraws Russian asylum request

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Guardian.co.uk, By: Miriam Elder, 07/02/2013

edward snowden

Edward Snowden has withdrawn his request for political asylum from Russia, the Kremlin said on Tuesday, further adding to the uncertainty over the US whistleblower's future. A spokesman for Russian president Vladimir Putin said Snowden withdrew the request after Putin's statement making clear that he would be welcome only if he stopped "his work aimed at bringing harm" to the United States.


"Snowden really asked to remain in Russia," Dmitry Peskov, the spokesman, said. "Learning yesterday of Russia's position … he abandoned his intentions and his request to get the possibility to stay in Russia." Russia has refused to hand over Snowden, charged under espionage laws in the US after leaking top-secret documents on US surveillance programmes. He has been kept hidden away since 23 June, when he landed in Moscow's Sheremetyevo airport from Hong Kong.


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Chief Shares His Dream of President Obama

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By green guerilla 06/02/13


Chief Golden Light Eagle shares his dream of President Barrack Obama and asks for an interpretation. President Barrack Obama Dream



Obama to view Oklahoma devastation Sunday

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moore-tornadoDavid Jackson, USA TODAY

President Obama will travel to the Oklahoma City area on Sunday to visit with victims and survivors of this week's deadly storms, aides said Wednesday.


Obama will "see first-hand the response to the devastating tornadoes and severe weather that have impacted the area on Sunday night and Monday," said White House spokesman Jay Carney.


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In Prime Creator’s realm every being has an equal right to live – SaLuSa through Isabel Henn November 20, 2012

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As has been said many times, the re-elected President Obama is a man of the light. His election could be made with great success despite some incidents and irregularities by the opponent. It will not be long and he can carry out his true mission: to lead humanity to freedom and to build together with them a new society on 5D Earth.


As a Sirian he has prepared himself for this on my mothership during many years before his incarnation. He has all the knowledge and skills for this rather demanding task. In his re-election, the light has won a great success. It has paved the way for Disclosure, the conversion of the world’s governments and a new unified currency. After Disclosure, an event which is to be expected shortly, programs will be broadcast by your media, to share the truth about the dark forces, your history and religions. Some of the programs will serve humanity to prepare furthermore for Ascension and to educate and teach people who just woke up.


Obama's Victory is a Victory for the Light

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Obama's re-election is a clear win for the Light. All our channeling resources here at the Galactic Free Press have said so, and if you're like me this morning, you Feel It in your bones and Know It to be True.


There is no doubt in my mind that the Shift has taken place, that we've crossed over the hump. 1) Obama gets re-elected in one of the most hotly contested races in American and World History; 2) two states pass propositions to legalize Marijuana; 3) another state joins the chorus of recognizing gays and legalizes same sex marriage; 4) a proposition opposing a new bridge between Canada and Michigan gets defeated clearing the way for better trade between our (I'm a Canadian) nations.


What this all means to me is A Sound Defeat for the Dark, for the Republican Agenda which is dark through and through, for the attempted controllers of the world, like bridge owners in Michigan, like the Fox News Network and its litany of lies, like the flip flopping ADD Mitt Romney and his cadre of supporters, like Carl Rove and his army of manipulators who have to crawl back under their rocks somewhere, like the anti-marijuana paranoids, the gay paranoids, the "rape is OK whackos" who want you to believe that "it's God's will", like the Bush family who sent in their Army of manipulators, intimidators and cheaters to try and steal another election and FAILED!!!,  like all these Fat Old White Guys who've been running things for so long they can't imagine life without their usual measure of control.


DEAD IN THE WATER!  That's where they are.  America has spoken and Her Voice was echoed around the world with a Tsunami of Support from every corner. NO MORE!  NO MORE!  NO MORE cowtowing to the Dark! 




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