Pentagon guilty of billion-dollar accounting fraud, reveals Reuters investigation

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By Russell Brandon, 11/18/2013

A new report from Reuters has discovered widespread accounting fraud at the Pentagon, describing more than $8 trillion disappearing into a mess of corrupted data, erroneous reports, and unauditable ledgers. Sources from the Department of Finance and Accounting describe the arduous process of squaring the Navy's books with the US Treasury outlays, dealing with obviously inaccurate numbers or entries that were simply left blank. The data usually arrives just two days before deadline, and supervisors direct the office to enter false numbers — known as "plugs" — to square the accounts and conceal the agencies' patchy bookkeeping. The result is fraudulent figures that can reach as high as a trillion dollars in a single year, simply to make the Pentagon books match the Treasury's budget.


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Another $200 million for the Pentagon up in smoke?

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Published on Jul 30, 2012 by RTAmerica

While social programs are being scrapped across the board, expenses for the Pentagon are exploding more than ever. The US spends several times over what China spends on their military, but few speak out in favor of cutting in. More than $200 dollars has been spent on training police forces in Iraq. Is tax money actually being spent on anything being asked for? Author Michael O'Brien discusses.
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