The Rainbow Journey: Flying Rainbow Lasagne online course Lesson 7 (excerpt)

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This is an excerpt from the most recent Lesson for Full Spectrum Humans.


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Lessons for Full Spectrum Humans (excerpt Lesson 6) The Flying Rainbow Lasagne resolves duality

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This is an excerpt from my online course Lessons for Full Spectrum Humans.


To gain access to all of the Lessons, and participate in the Q&A and videoconferences, it is necessary to enroll in the class. Please visit http://flyingrainbowlasagne.com/online-course.html to register.


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PROVA OVNI colorido de dia a aproximadamente 10.000 Km/h

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Published on Aug 3, 2012 by ConscienciaDosAtos

***Obrigado meu amigo, se não fosse por você esses avistamentos não chegariam aos olhos de muitas pessoas.***
Filmado em 24/11/2011 em Campo Grande - MS.
Observações: O objeto muda de forma e a palavra Anunnakis foi colocada pelo significado, portando não criem terias. A velocidade está acima de qualquer aeronave conhecida.
A única coisa que peço a vocês é respeito nos comentários.
Deus abençoe vocês.

Source: YouTube.com.

Return of the Rainbow Beings

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greetings children of the dawn...it is with great joy in my heart i greet you from galactic central...the source of all. to all those who still fear, have hope...we are here for you, ccontinue to communicate with us, we hear your every wish, and it is our command to assist you in every way possible within your free will allowance, which is why we stress to clarify your intentions, complete your creations, and ask for truly everything you need to complete your mission here. galactic central command hears every heart centered request and answers with gifts beyond even some of your current ability to comprehend, that is how much we love you. stand tall and proud, for you truly are sons and daughters of universal royalty, and your domain is at your command. be ye wise as serpents and gentle as doves, and may your hearts be light as a feather, i will be tuning in more frequently as time accelerates i love you dear rainbow


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