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Wedding Supper of the LAMB: A New Covenant

The New Covenant, Is A Blood Covenant.

The "True Church" & The Bride Of Christ>>>3

Holy History Will Call For Her Witness.

She Signs And Seals, the New Covenant With Her Bridegroom.

Her Witness Is required before The New Covenant Can Be Executed.

And necessary before the Marriage Of The Lamb Can Be Consummated.

The 5th Seal Witness Of The Saints WILL Be Seen Before Men And Angels

The First Day: Light

Butterflies heralding the new energy

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I often see recurring themes around me in terms of animals that present themselves to me. It is one way that spirit helps to tell me stories. I have been seeing two kinds of butterflies in my area that are significant. The first, has a look alike and we only were able to identify it based on territory. It is the Western Tiger Swallowtail - it features yellow with black markings, similar to the Zebra Swallowtail. 


Photo and reference to this butterfly here:


The second butterfly that I have been seeing is brown with white wingtips. It is called the Mourning Cloak - I feel it represents the energies of past relationships, while the Tiger Swallowtail is hope.


On my walk the other day I was presented with a pair of Western Tiger Swallowtail wings that were directly on my walking path. Today when I went out I saw one of the yellow butterflies dart across my path, dancing with the Mourning Cloak. As they were dancing in swooped a second Tiger Swallowtail and the three of them swirled around each other until the two flew off as a perfect wing pair, like Twin Flames for butterflies!


I started grinning from ear to ear at how exciting it was, having just purchased a crystal at 13:13:13 and reading this article:


7 Signs you are entering the 5th Dimension -The Movie

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I accept I am God In full humility In full knowing We accept the truth I Am God You are God We are One And we are the same I see you You see me I am the one seen Accept this truth Now I am your eyes beloved I am your love Rite of Divine Relationship ♥ Children of the Sun ♥

swimming in the waves of love. wait, WHOA! (scary!)

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So i know this is long overdue, and i offer my apoligies (however you spell that word) as its been bothering me everyday that i keep telling myself im gunna write this blog, but even on the most boring days, i cant find the time to write it out. i guess maybe i wasnt floating in the right groove to explain it properly until this morning. who knows. that being said, lets get this scary shit going here =p 

False Prophets Stand Forth into the LIGHT!

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Inner Beauty by my brother D.W. Olsen

This writing is intended for many audiences. It is deeply personal and touches on subjects that may be uncomfortable for those not ready to face the complete truth of what is happening to people all around us right now. The account addresses subjects relative to human dignity, religion, mental and physical care, independent living, the homeless, treatment by the RCMP, 911 agencies, government agencies and so much more. This blog is a work in progress and the story continues to evolve. I will make edits as the story unfolds and the respectful authorities step up and respond to this situation. This is simply one account but represents a microcosm of the macro story happening around the world. It is intended to show base levels of truth and without judgement on all of the highly-intendedl lightworkers who are working in positions relative to the care, safety and well-being of people in care, the parenting of our children, and the love and respect for all of humanity, Mother Earth, and all light beings around us. Use discernment as the account is personal and written from an experiential view. Emotions are high.


To poets, angels, saints and survivors !

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Heart of a Clown

By Glynn

As I sift through the sawdust of my own mind

There are places I still search for yet to find

Whenever the circus trains would travel through our town

I would always ask or sometimes plea, "But where are the clowns?"

Middle-aged men garnished to a ghoul grey white

The children's laughter is tarnished ~ some turn away in fright

Rosy red lips rouged to an upside-down frown

Once more I plea, could you tell where are the clowns?

Some months ago I met this child in the early hours of the morn

She made me laugh then smiled ~ I knew then how a clown's heart was born

It's not what's in the clothes or costume or how you play the part

It's the affection we give one another with the gold that's in our heart.

* * *

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