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Of course, everything starts with passion and desire, but to realize a successful and long-standing love life, you need a lot more than that. The dialogue that counts and silence, the common goal to which you are coming step by step, the ability to take responsibility without fear … And these 10 basic commandments that follow:

It Is Time For Humanity To Come Together

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Friends, as many reading this more than likely already know, for too long our world has been ‘under the influence’ of unfair governments and unjust laws. For too long many of us have simply accepted these governments and laws, but that time is swiftly coming to an end. Finally citizens of this world are waking up to the injustices occuring around them every day. Does anybody really still believe that this is the way Life was supposed to be lived? Does anybody still believe we are supposed to live in a world where all of the money is in the hands of the few who own everything, leaving the rest of us to struggle? We have slowly been manipulated into believing that this is how Life is supposed to be lived, and it gives me joy to report that We The People aren’t taking it anymore.

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