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Blue StarShip/UFO Report - February 17, 2013

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Blue StarShip Report 




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Unsealed Alien Files S01E04 Aliens and the Vatican HDTV


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(HD) Brilliant UFO Documentary | The Day Before Disclosure 2010


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Blue StarShip/UFO Report ~ February 16, 2013

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2012 - Kent, UK - Two 'alien aircraft' sightings in one week in 'UK's UFO hotspot'

They hover in close formation against the backdrop of a cloudy Kent sky. The two mysterious bright lights were photographed on January 6 floating over Chatham.

Less than a week later, four similar lights were seen over Essex, shining brightly against the dawn. The remarkable sightings were made just 30 miles apart in an area now dubbed the country's UFO hotspot.

Source: UFO Casebook


Angel War in the Heavens Feb 12th 2013


Pulsating Star Like Craft-ValPescara-Italy-February 4,2013

Blue StarShip/UFO Report - February 13, 2013

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1954 - Sicily, Italy, December 10. Four men are staring upward at two very odd shapes in the sky.

The photographer was questioned about his photograph, and he claimed that the objects were actually in the sky, as opposed to a film or camera anomaly, and that the objects simply stood still for several minutes.

Source:  UFO Casebook


Blue StarShip Report Special - Recovered Tape!


Blue StarShip/UFO Report - February 10, 2013

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1961 - Taiwan - Taken by Wang Shi-lin in 1961 in Taitung City, this is the first known photograph of a UFO in Taiwan. Photo courtesy of TUFOA.

According to UFO investigator Ho Hsien-jung there have been 15 recorded sightings where photographic evidence suggests that extraterrestrial objects have traversed the skies above Taiwan. The earliest of these pictures was taken in Taitung City (¥xªF¥«) in 1961. UFO photographs date to 1911 in China proper.

Source:  UFO Casebook



Starship/UFO sighting over Cottonwood, AZ. Feb 9th


Blue StarShip/UFO Report - February 8, 2013

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2007 - Van Buren, Arkansas - Taken by retired Air Force pilot Col. Brian Fields from his backyard.

"At first I thought they were landing lights from an aircraft," he said. "As I continued to observe them they began to slowly disappear, then suddenly one reappeared, followed by two, then three. On at least one occasion four or five appeared. Each time they would slowly fade and eventually disappear. This occurred several times and when they would reappear they might do so in differing numbers and in different positions, sometimes in a triangular shape, sometimes stacked on top of each other, sometimes line abreast, etc. When the objects appeared they might stay illuminated 10 or more minutes."

© Col. Brian Fields



Blue StarShip/UFO Report - February 7, 2013

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1982 - 83 - East Germany. This is an excellent photograph. The picture was given to UFO researcher Michael Hesemann on a lecture tour.

A retired officer of the National People's Army of the old GDR entrusted the photo to Hesemann, telling him that a comrade of his took the picture during a close encounter one night during a training exercise. A photo from that domain is extremely rare.


Mysterious Purple Spheres Found in Desert - UFO Phenomenon


Wormhole UFO in Russia [2013 - January]



UFOs Over Cape Coral, Fla. Are Still Looking For An Explanation

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Huffington Post - 2/05/13, Lee Speigel 


These are some of the unexplained objects seen in the sky over Cape Coral, Fla. on Jan. 27.

Odd, lights glowing and flickering in the early morning sky above Cape Coral on Jan. 27 had many Florida residents reporting possible UFOs to their local NBC affiliate.



"They were small lights that hovered over the water...and then they disappeared," Pete Maccio told the TV station.

UFO Sightings: Alien Craft Spotted over Russia and Costa Rica? [VIDEOS]

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International Business Times - 2/02/13, By IB Times Staff Reporter



Three Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) have been spotted over the Ural mountain range, which runs approximately north-south through western Russia. A video, recorded on 31 January, shows three shimmering lights in the skies over the mountains.

"Watch the orbs and how they flash as if they are communicating with one another. The stay close together and change formation. Only wish this person had a zoom on his camera so we could see more. A 30X-60X zoom would do wonders at giving up close details of these UFO orbs," Scott C Waring, wrote on UFO Sightings Daily.


Blue StarShip/UFO Report - February 3, 2013

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1979 - New Zealand, October 27. Two former Air Force photographic analysts called this picture,"inscrutable." In other words, a mystery.

This one photograph is from a series of photos, none of the others had an unknown in it. The object was not seen nor heard at the time.

Original source: "The Complete Sightings" Peter Brookesmith

Source: UFO Casebook 


UFO Sighting Possible Drone Or Scouting Ship




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