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This Woman Spent 14 years Photographing The World’s Oldest Trees

San Francisco photographer, Beth Moon, spent 14 years searching the world for the oldest trees in existence.  She has come across some of the most fascinating and admirable feats of nature in her journey, as you can see below.

There is something to be said for their magnificence.

Moon developed these photographs by embedding tiny crystals of platinum in the paper, producing the 3D element and giving them a structure that can last thousands of years.

According to Moon, “many of the trees I have photographed have survived because they are out of reach of civilization; on mountainsides, private estates, or on protected land.


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Make a Beautiful World Out There

God said:

What is all this about the so-called old that makes limitations seem to be a foregone conclusion? Old age seems to have a narrow range of prediction, well, predicted only as… old.

The world may look at the so-called old as some lesser kind of being who descended to Earth shriveled and referred to simply as the Old as if they had never lived, as if they had never raised a family and moved youthfully in the world, as if they, the experienced, have no further contributions to make, as if the old have no future and couldn’t really have had a past. Is the world saying that the grouped old are no more than water under the bridge?

Oh, sure, certainly, older people have become good sports, pushed along in wheel chairs, facing a blank wall or the TV like good guests. I, God, pray to Myself:

“Oh, please, God, don’t be so willing to let life for the longest-lived be grim and that the world relegate them to a non-status. Must the so-called elderly be housed together at a way-station and just wait their turn before being shipped off to the wild blue yonder? God, what happened to Your gift of a purpose to every soul on Earth?

"Age does not have to be presumed to be as it seems to be today, as an off-shoot of life. What excuse is there for this? Come, paint a better picture. Who can look forward to old age as it is portrayed in modern times? Could You, God? Who could? Old age as it is seen today is nothing more than an idea. Can it be Your idea, God?


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GFP Newsletter - 10/3/2015

The journey of science is outwards, the journey of religion is inwards. Science means going outward, religion means going inward; their directions are diametrically opposite. Although they are diametrically opposite they are complementary too, as all opposites always are.

There is a harmony between the opposites. The inner and the outer are not enemies, they are in utter coordination. The body and the soul are not enemies, they befriend each other; in fact they cannot exist separately, they can exist only in a togetherness. Man and woman, darkness and light, summer and winter, positive and negative - they are all together, although they are opposites. But they are not enemies, this has to be understood: opposites and yet complementaries... and there is utter harmony in existence.


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Terrorists Bomb Afghan Hospital, And By Terrorists We Mean The US Military

Hopefully this gets widespread attention, as it's a perfect example of the sheer madness of the "war on terror". The US has just bombed a hospital in Afghanistan run by the charity Doctors Without Borders, killing at least 19 people, 3 of which were children. The location of the hospital was widely spread, so the US military should have known it's location. The charity also tried to contact the military during the bombing, but that appears to have been ignored because the US continued to bomb the hospital.

If you really want to end terror, you don't declare "war" on it. You can't fight terror with tanks, bombs and soldiers, those are tools for spreading terror, not preventing it. Compassion, empathy, and understanding are the "weapons" through which terror is defeated. Instead we have a system that defeats one enemy while creating five more, and all the while innocent people have to suffer for it.


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BREAKING: Poland Becomes 14th European Nation To Officially Ban GMOs!

Poland is the latest country to reject genetically modified organisms in their food production.

As Radio Poland reports, the nation of Poland has officially announced its decision to join thirteen other nations so far in it’s excluding Monsanto’s controversial crops from its nation’s farmland. The news was announced by Informacyjna Agencja Radiowa (IAR), a press agency working with Polskie Radio in Poland.

The fourteenth country to opt out of growing GM crops, Poland joins the ranks of Slovenia, Serbia,  Croatia, Latvia, Italy, Germany, Scotland, Wales, Lithuania, Austria, Ireland, France, and Greece.


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16 Of Nature’s Best Natural Pain Killers

Source: | Original Post Date: September 27, 2014 –

Are you in pain? You don’t have to reach for over-the -counter pain killers, or even the heavy pharmaceutical hitters prescribed by your doctor; there are literally hundreds of natural pain killers waiting for you in the abundance of nature. You can count on plants and herbs to alleviate everything from arthritis pain, to headaches, to burns – read on to find out more.

Many pharmaceutical pain medications, while effective and useful at times, can be downright dangerous, but there is another solution to your pain problem. “Almost always, if we find pharmaceuticals doing the trick, we’ll find a plant doing the same trick—and doing it more safely,” remarks botanist James A. Duke, PhD, author of The Green Pharmacy Guide to Healing Foods.

James N. Dillard, MD, author of The Chronic Pain Solution says:

“No matter how well you prescribe medication, chronic sufferers don’t get complete relief. It’s an enormous problem, and the medical community is doing a bad job solving it.”


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Total Eclipse Of The Heart


A reflection on our feelings during these moments of chaos and confusion and some ideas for how we can contribute positively to this world.

It’s impossible not to notice that most of us are experiencing a strange feeling in our hearts.  People I know from childhood and from different times of my life, with diverse nationalities, religious affiliations, with no exception, are realizing that the world is dramatically changing. Lots of things are happening everywhere; human tragedies, injustices, catastrophes, environmental disasters and a loss of many lives. We are bombarded with tons of negative information, bad news and sad stories by the mainstream media.

It’s an overwhelming feeling in our hearts that we are all experiencing one way or another, possessing us slowly but steadily and it’s making each one of us wonder what is happening. It’s certainly making us question ourselves if we have a role to play in all this. With the recent lunar eclipse, it occurs to me that we could be experiencing a total eclipse as well, but of our hearts.


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The Zen of Ingenious Space: Discovering the Gap between the Known and the Unknown

genius4 “In the beginning you will fall into the gaps in between thoughts – after practicing for years, you become the gap.” ~ J. Kleykamp

There is a creative state, or ingenious space, that can be achieved during meditation where our inner genius is free to emerge between the gaps of our thoughts; where creative ideas, or even ideas that have yet to be imagined, have the potential to be born. It’s a place where “flow states” are conceived; where we become a microcosm giving into a greater creative macrocosm.

When we fall into these cosmic gaps, the entire universe is at our fingertips, at the tips of our pens and paintbrushes, and the floundering baby genius within us begins to thrash and splash about in preparation for its original dance –its unique contribution to the human leitmotif.

Discovering the gap between genius and non-genius
“Talent hits a target no one else can hit. Genius hits a target no one else can see.” ~ Arthur Schopenhauer


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Do You Have a Calling to Heal the World? How to be an Agent of Change

By Nanice Ellis
Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

So, here you are on Earth noticing all that is wrong – and yes, there appears to be a great deal that is “wrong.” When we look at all the problems in the world, it is easy to get overwhelmed and bury our heads in the sand, however, that is not why we came here.

If you are reading this, you are likely here on a Mission for World Change!

At this moment, my job is to remind you that you came to this world to create a better reality now and for future generations. You came here to create Heaven on Earth.


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Does Telepathy Conflict With Science? Many are Starting to Think Not

Chris Carter, New Dawn
Waking Times

Recently, journalist Steven Volk was surprised to discover that leading skeptical psychologist Richard Wiseman has admitted that the evidence for telepathy is so good that “by the standards of any other area of science, [telepathy] is proven.” Mr Volk goes on to write, “Even more incredibly, as I report in Fringe-ology, another leading skeptic, Chris French, agrees with him.”

Mr Volk might even be more surprised to learn that back in 1951 psychologist Donald Hebb wrote this:

Why do we not accept ESP as a psychological fact? [J.B.] Rhine has offered enough evidence to have convinced us on almost any other issue… Personally, I do not accept ESP for a moment, because it does not make sense. My external criteria, both of physics and of physiology, say that ESP is not a fact despite the behavioural evidence that has been reported. I cannot see what other basis my colleagues have for rejecting it… Rhine may still turn out to be right, improbable as I think that is, and my own rejection of his view is – in the literal sense – prejudice. (emphasis added.)


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Daily Message ~ Saturday October 3, 2015

Many of you have grown up with the concepts of heaven and hell being a large part of your religious teachings. From our perspective, hell is, simply put, the denial of your own divinity, and heaven is the reunion with the divinity that you are, and have always been. Moving into that truth while still in the body could then be considered experiencing heaven on earth, which is exactly what is anchoring and driving the grand shift on your planet. ~Archangel Gabriel


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Chakras, Energy Flow and Essential Oils

chakrasAnna Hunt, Staff Writer
Waking Times

Chakras are the energy centers in the human body that facilitate the flow of energy. They are linked to mental, physical and spiritual well-being. By understanding what each chakra represents and what you can do to stimulate the flow of energy through the chakra, you may be able to achieve an optimal quality of life. Below you will find how you can use essential oils and certain spices to stimulate the chakras.

Root Chakra

The first chakra is called muladhara and is associated with the color red. It is located at the base of the spine. Muladhara is associated with survival and your comfort in the present moment and in your environment. It governs your sense of stability and security. If you feel insecure, antsy, distracted or insecure, you can diffuse and breathe in essential oils such as basil, cedarwood, cilantro, myrrth, patchouli, or a blend of any of these.


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A Moving Star

God said:

Would you like a Heavenletter today? Here it is. I give it to you. Every Heavenletter is a little poke. Heavenletters beckon you into the realms of your DNA. DNA seems like your past all set, yet your inheritance moves you forward. Ultimately, your DNA is Mine. Whatever details it may contain, your DNA is My say-so, for you and I share DNA. Your DNA is not a fixed star. It is a moving star. Your DNA has no bounds. You dance to the tune of your DNA, yet your DNA dances to the tune of your Heart’s Longings.

Let’s have a lovelier name for DNA.

Let Us call it Dear New Aspirations. Let Us call it Dreams Now Alive. Let Us call it Dedicated Neutral Actions. Let Us call it Destined Natural Alohas. Let Us call it Love.

There is no getting set in life. Life is movement. Life is a surprise. Life can be anything it is.

It is no kidding when Hamlet said:

There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,
Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.

And Hamlet also says:

And therefore as a stranger give it welcome.

Yes, welcome life. My beautiful children have a tendency to let life be unwelcome and attend overmuch to the hum-drum or to the unkind.

Consider that this day before you -- every day before you -- is new and filled with the unexpected. No one knows what today will bring.


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GFP Newsletter - 10/2/2015

"...Whenever a wave of such divine rapture strikes the heart of the Sufi, it creates great waves in the lake of his inner being..." He is just a receptacle. To say that the Sufi is dancing is not right. The Sufi is being danced. He cannot help it, he is helpless. Something is pouring into him and it is too much; it starts overflowing in his dancing and singing.

"This, in turn, causes his body to move. Upon seeing such movement non-Sufis have often supposed that the Sufi is dancing. In reality, however, it is the waves of the ocean of God that are tossing and turning the anchorless vessel that is the heart of the Sufi."

On the surface, from the outside, the Sufi seems to be dancing. But he is not dancing, because there is no dancer. It is pure dance. God has taken possession of him. The Sufi is drunk, intoxicated. His state is that of non-being. He is anchorless. The waves of the ocean toss and turn. First his inner being is stirred, great joy arises there; and then it starts spreading towards his body.

...Remember it: forget the dancer and be the dance.

The way of the Sufi is the way of dance, song, celebration.



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