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What Are the Symptoms Of Not Being Grounded?

Author: Inaya Ved Ashtarie


There are several symptoms of not being grounded

Some are more mental/emotional and others more physical. Mood swings, being distracted, disorientated, forgetfullness and short term memory loss, unable to focus or concentrate, daydreamy, clumsy, inability to finish tasks, sensitivity to noise, feeling sleepy, general intolerance are a few traits that result from not being grounded.

Physical symptoms are due to an imbalance of energetic flow. Of course, not all physical symptoms are a result of not being grounded, they could be from dis-ease within the body from other causes.
When we are not grounded, there is ''excessive" spiritual pranic energy in some levels of our being, while the cells are trying to "keep up" with the absorption and assimilation. These symptoms include headaches,backache, shoulder strain, eyestrain, nausea, dizziness, palpitations and other manifestations in vulnerable organs.

This is my understanding of "grounding", learnt from different sources and from experience in my life so far!

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3 Steps to Regain Your Happiness - Aligned Holistics

Do you ever feel like things are spiraling out of control? Like there are a million things to do? Like you hardly recognize yourself?

Last week I struggled with a painful soul assignment, feeling a loss of control, and a disconnect from my higher self.

While I’m not Catholic, I celebrated Easter with my brother’s family. (Any excuse for cute dresses and ham!) During the sermon, a light bulb went off.

I need a resurrection. I need to bring love and light back into the places where I thought there was only darkness.

Read the rest here... (alignedholistics.com)

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Confession is the key to Love - Knowing Whispers

The path to inner healing is a continuous confession of all that we carry within us.
The ego says it’s okay to protect different parts within – that we should hide them “for our eyes only”.  It uses fear and the memory of real, or imagined, pain to hold onto, knowing confession is the key that opens the door to the heart and our healing within.
We become free when we dare to confess all that we are within -- this also frees us to give and receive love. Real love knows that we are all the same within. It knows we all are looking for acceptance of ourselves and others, as we are, and without condition.
False judgment by the mind and ego are all that prevent the healing and love from embracing us in our lives. The mind, ego and society gave us judgment, but only we can give our self the freedom to love and be loved again.

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Like Godwriting, Love - Heavenletters

God said:

There is only one thing that you can know, really know, and that is love. Love is the only thing you can really know because it is the only real. Love is the binder of the Universe. Love upholds everything. There would not be gravity on Earth without love. Not one flower would bloom without love. The sun would not shine. Even through what are called hard times on Earth, flowers bloom and sun shines. The tide keeps its tempo. The Earth lifts its head and proclaims love. Love does not stay to itself. Love is the nourisher of Life on Earth. Love is IT. What else is?
You can try to make other frequencies seem true, yet you can’t fool yourself or anyone forever. Despite what you may see as less than love, love is the mirror you shine in and look at yourself in. Love reflects, and love outshines everything else. Of course, it does. There is nothing to equal love. There is nothing that comes near it.
What do you carry in your heart? Love. What is it that lasts forever and is never undone? Love. Despite what anyone may say, love is all you want. Love is all you can have. Love is your environment. Love is what pulls you. Love is your evolution. It is your path. There is no other.
Love is a magnet, a powerful magnet. Nothing equals the magnet of love. You were born to love. You were born for love.

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The Astral Realm

The astral realm can be a rather complicated place, and as such it has many different names. It's called 4d, the mental realm, the void, limbo, purgatory, and it's where all the religious heaven/hells "exist". Some people also call it the etheric realm, though that's a term we often use for 5D. Some people call it the "spirit realm", though I'm hesitant to call it that as well because the astral can be completely devoid of Spirit.

The astral realm can be anything you believe, your preconceptions influence it enormously. You want to see shining cities of light, you'll see that, if you want to see hellish realms, you can see that too. If you approach the astral with fear, it can become a nightmare. Your own thoughts are projected onto the astral, kind of like a movie screen. If you've ever had a lucid dream, this is exactly what's happening. You're in your own little part of the astral realm, and you can make it into whatever you choose.

This may seem very appealing, but astral experience is ultimately empty. It's just playing with illusions. It's largely an imitation of the physical realm, but with even less substance. It can be a huge distraction on the path back to Source, and people often get very caught up in the astral realm. Many types of spirituality actually focus upon working with the astral realm, and these are ones we recommend being very cautious with.

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Selection from The Unfoldment by Neil Kramer

Delaying fundamental inner work until another time is a common practice. It can be tempting to falsely supplant doing the inner work (particularly dealing with emotional patterning), with the arrival of a particular event or achievement. When I get that new job. When we move to France. When I lose 30 lbs. When the kids leave home. When I find the perfect partner. “Then I’ll be ready!” If and when these events do occur, another event is summoned up to once more project the time for self-examination into the future. When I’ve retired. When I’ve read the complete works of Shakespeare. When I’ve got $250,000 in the bank. When I’ve learned to play the glockenspiel. And so the years roll on. This is untruthful. The time for the inner work is always now.

Continued deferment of the organic unfoldment of one’s spirit eventually results in a significant diminishment of self-esteem. The void sucks it out of people. Buried deep within the subterranean caverns of the psyche, a little voice repeats, “You are not following your true path.” This is the most terrifying murmur conceivable. To drown out these fateful tones, a persistent and sizeable over-riding pain is required. And this is exactly what people create, albeit subconsciously, by maintaining a highly dysfunctional element in their lives. It usually takes the form of a relationship, but it can take other forms, too, such as a particular environment, ongoing manipulated dramas, magnetized ill-fortune, or a psycho-somatically induced disorder.

With the dysfunction in place, all the resentment, anger, and pain that have accumulated from years of spiritual renouncement can be channeled into the object of dysfunction—the bitch, the bastard, the chaos, the pointlessness, the sickness, the soulless job, the evil empire. This distorted logic gives license for heedless self-indulgence.

This is perhaps the most insidious avoidance technique, and it can have ruinous consequences. As Nietzsche observed, “He who despises himself nevertheless esteems himself as self-despiser.” This gives a further insight into the mechanics of this ritual self-harming.


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GFP Newsletter - 4/22/2014


And when you have found your innermost core, when your lotus of consciousness has blossomed – the Indian mystics have called it the one-thousand-petaled lotus – when all the petals have opened and you have found the enter of the lotus, there is great stillness, a stillness which is unchanging, there is great purity, great innocence and deep rest. You have come home. The pilgrimage is over. In finding yourself you have found God. In reaching to your own center you have reached the center of the whole universe. Now there is no need to go anywhere; you have found the infinite treasure – what Jesus calls the kingdom of God.

People have tried to create substitutes. You can create a certain stillness by learning some yoga posture. If your body is still you will feel a certain stillness, but that is not the real stillness; it will be disturbed. It can be disturbed very easily by anything – just an ant crawling up your body is enough to disturb it. Anything can distract it: just a bird calling and you will be distracted. A child starts crying, a small girl starts giggling, a dog starts barking, and that’s enough. And the world is full of so many things continuously happening. You cannot remain still for long; sooner or later it will be disturbed. Because of this, people have moved to the monasteries, people have escaped to the mountains, to the caves. But there too something or other will disturb you.

Rather than escaping from the world, escape into yourself: Remain in the world because the world is a great opportunity; it is a constant testing ground. It gives you thousand-and-one opportunities to see whether you have attained the real stillness or it is just an imposed phenomenon, only skin-deep and can be disturbed by anything.



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