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Decoding the Ego: The Soul Beneath Your Creation


When we indulge in the highs and lows of ego we are in a state of imbalance. The ego defines our strength and weakness. It conceals the meaning of our existence at any state of consciousness. It’s the reagent that overwhelms sensations with emotions as we move away from any conformity or pattern that defines our identity to ourselves. We exist in a mode where society conforms to the concepts of equality based on a singular projection of our potential, as the individual.

“Forget the self and you will fear nothing, in whatever level or awareness you find yourself to be.” ― Carlos Castaneda, The Active Side of Infinity

As our beings evolved thoughts and mental capabilities we somewhere developed the tendencies to drench every aspect of our existence in contemplation, fueled by the polarities of mental conditioning...


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Stop Worrying and Start Living

By Jaden Sterling

How do we stop worrying?

We’ve all been there…lying in bed awake, staring at the ceiling and worrying about things we can’t change (especially in the middle of the night). Fleeting thoughts cloud your brain and wrench your heart, “If only I said this, or have done that…”

Second-guessing actions, decisions, thoughts, words and deeds burns the counterproductive emotion of worry deep into your mind and soul. We have become a society that equates worry with love. We believe that if we worry about people, places or things then we are being helpful.

Neh Neh!

Worrying isn’t the solution, it’s the problem! Ever take an exam, participate in an athletic event or give a speech while, worried? What happened? Did you get good results or not so good results? Turns out, the MORE you worry the LESS you accomplish. Yet… we still worry, why?


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Why We Dream: A New Study Reveals How The Mind Processes Information

It’s safe to say that sleep and the ability to retain new information or learn new skills is intertwined. Imagine, the day before a big exam and we study all night losing out on precious sleep, possibly resulting in lower test results than we had hoped for because there was no other choice than to pull an “all-nighter.”

If there’s one thing I hear people say the most, it’s that everyone has difficulty falling sleep. With our minds occupied on what we did today or what we need to do tomorrow, technological gadgets, and external distractions it’s no wonder our capacity to relax is depleted, especially before bed.

In the medical community and our personal lives it is well-known that restful sleep is significant in maintaining a sound mind and able body, yet plenty of people are affected from a lack of it, in fact about 50-70 million Americans according to the National Institutes of Health. How do we complete our tasks for the day? We simply push through somehow and we’re missing out in ways.


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Astrology Forecast for February 2015

by Kathy Biehl

Magical Mystery Tour is the theme song of the month. The Astrology Forecast for February 2015 shows we’re on a strange and wondrous journey of love, compassion and the otherworldly. The ultimate destination? A kinder, gentler relationship with ourselves. 

The gatekeeper at both ends of the month is Neptune, bringer of magic and transcendence and operator of the cosmic fog machine.  His involvement cloaks much of the month’s developments in a soft, wispy vagueness, at times magical, at times confusing, and generally bypassing rational thinking. 

The atmosphere is hardly conducive to completing tax returns. It’s tailor made — heaven sent, actually — for letting heart and spirit guide you. 

The channel opens wide as the month begins, when Neptune greets Venus, goddess of all we hold dear...


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A Snapshot Of The Challenges We Face As A Global Culture

This is one reverently beautiful but problematic world.

On the one hand, we’ve developed a robust society with ingenious technological and scientific advances which has spread information and resources to the deepest corners of our stunning planet. Smart, resourceful and energised, our species is now interconnected as a global culture and every human is a part of it, regardless of their race, culture and individual identity. As it should be, most humans are compassionate, caring and creative creatures too. I discuss ‘The New Age of a United Global Culture’ here.

On the other hand, our communities are plagued with inequality, manipulation and disconnection – consequences of ideological warfare and systemic dysfunction. In many ways, this is a pained planet.


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Cannabis Cures Cancer And The Government Knows It

Source: | Original Post Date: July 14, 2013 –


Cannabis is labeled by the US Government as a Schedule One Narcotic, meaning little to no known medical value (even though the US Govt holds patents that state otherwise). Marinol, which is APPROVED BY THE FDA, is synthesized THC. Millions of people are sitting in jail for using Cannabis raw, but it’s ‘perfectly fine’ to use the plant if the Government and their corporate owners take most of the medicine out of it, then get to charge you an arm and a leg for it. Why is that? I shall explain.

The US Government is well aware Cannabis has medicinal properties. How could they not? It’s been used as a medicine for at least the past 10,000 years. Even in America, Cannabis was used as a medicine for over 100 years. It was in over a hundred over the counter medicines for a wide range of reasons. Everything from pain and nausea medication to sleeping tonics...


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How To Build A 400 Square Foot Solar Powered Off Grid Cabin For $2,000

Source: | Original Post Date: December 18, 2013 –


There has been a lot of talk lately about people wanting to break away from the system and get back to their roots by living more consciously and more in tune with the earth.. If this is something that you’re thinking you might do, it turns out that it may be easier than you think. Check it out.

How to build a nice small cabin powered by solar panels: Lamar Alexander built this cute little 400 square foot cabin for approximately $2000, and powers it with a 570 watt solar and wind power system. The whole system is very inexpensive, and the best part is he is mortgage free. Very cool little cabin. I’d be proud to build something like this myself and call it home.

“This cabin is 14×14 with a full loft and approximately 400 square feet of living space...


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Internalizing our disciplinary relationships without thinking often holds us back from experiencing our divinity. Adopting either a victim or authoritative identity seem like the only options. Attachment to either one neglects the true identity of the soul and our relationship with the most important part of us shrivels and withers. We long to regain that wondrous innocent feeling. Unfulfillment of this longing arouses anger, rage, hatred, bitterness, resentment and despair. No one would do this to themselves if they knew better. We need to feel the depths of this lost connection to the soul and see how greatly we suffer because of it.

 The personality will often get hostile and belligerent when facing the soul. Its posture is ready to go to war but it is really only a program for self-sabotage. The personality is either stuck in the identity of the authority figure or the child-like victim. While in authority-figure mode, it reigns itself back from experiencing its full divinity because that is part of its role as the disciplinary party...


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Night sky guide for February 2015

The period of February through March is not known meteor activity, however, the fireball season starts this month and will last until April. The best fireball activity occurs during the early evening hours so watch out for those bright balls of fire.

There are only a couple of weak showers expected in Northern Hemisphere this month but Southern Hemisphere observers can enjoy Alpha Centaurids which will peak on February 8. Although meteors from this stream have been seen as early as February 2 and as late as February 25 it is difficult to detect it except on its peak night when they can produce hourly rates of 3 - 5.

Next major meteor shower is scheduled for the nights of April 22 and 23 when Lyrids are expected to peak.

Comet C/2014 Q2 (Lovejoy) is performing better than expected and you should still be able to find it as it drifts northward into the stars of Andromeda.

  • February 3 - Full Moon - 23:09 UTC. This full moon was known by early Native American tribes as the Full Snow Moon because the heaviest snows usually fell during this time of the year...


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10 Benefits of Meditation

Waking Times

Meme - The benefits of meditation are many, and we are learning new ones everyday. In general, meditation lowers stress and anxiety levels and decreases risk of depression. It improves our ability to concentrate, helps stabilize our moods, and improves sleep. Meditation results in better lives and sharper minds.


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Planetary Healing: The Little Things We Can Do

Written by Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

I wrote the following for the 132nd issue of The Culture of Awareness Weekly Newsletter, which I offer for $11.11 a month. Income from the newsletter helps my family and I get by, and the option to subscribe via PayPal can be found at the bottom of this post.

This week, we’ll talk about the little things we can do to heal the earth. A lot of big things obviously need done to restore our world to its once pristine condition, and we’ll make those big changes when everyone can come together, but until then, we can ask ourselves what small acts we can do to make things better for mother nature.

By making small changes, we can facilitate the much larger changes that need made before the earth can be a fully restored, healed world that provides its people with all the resources we need without us exploiting it or personally profiting from its resources.


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Croatia just canceled the debts of its poorest citizens

Starting Monday, thousands of Croatia's poorest citizens will benefit from an unusual gift: They will have their debts wiped out. Named "fresh start," the government scheme aims to help some of the 317,000 Croatians whose bank accounts have been blocked due to their debts.

Given that Croatia is a relatively small Mediterranean country of only 4.4 million inhabitants, the number of indebted citizens is significant and has become a major economic burden for the country. After six years of recession, growth predictions for Croatia's economy remain low for this year.

"We assess that this measure will be applicable to some 60,000 citizens," Deputy Prime Minister Milanka Opacic was quoted as saying by Reuters. "Thus they will be given a chance for a new start without a burden of debt," Opacic said earlier this month.


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The Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Think Exopolitics Matter

This list constitutes a very limited scope of the entire mountain of available data (thousands of pages that span over 7 decades) on this subject, but do make up some of the best mass sightings of UAP's (Unidentified Ariel Phenomena) and 5 of the highest level, credentialed, military/FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) personnel to date, and their testimony alone is enough to warrant taking the subject of exopolitics seriously.  The five mass UAP sightings span over 60 years, from WWII to 2011,  at minimum hundreds of thousands (probably millions) of eyewitnesses who saw them. All of them  were reported by the media at the time. 

1. John Calahan Senior official at the FAA

John Calahan was a senior FAA official during the Japan Air Lines Flight 1628 incident that took place on Nov. 17, 1986.  Along with his personal testimony, Mr Calahan has a stack of physical evidence from the incident including video of the radar tracings of the UAP, and several of the official FAA reports.


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Trust can only happen when you choose to trust another.

Humanity’s journey through the illusion has been long and painful as you have failed to recognize one another as siblings, as beloved children of God, and instead have engaged with each other in conflict, war, and deceitful practices due to the fear your apparent separation from God unleashed. For eons you have seen each other as threats and enemies whom you needed to attack or defend yourselves against, and the suffering you have experienced as a result of this enormous misperception has been most painful for you. Now this misperception is dissolving because so many of you have come to the understanding, through the painful experiences that you have undergone again and again and again, that this kind of behavior can never bring you the peace you are so urgently seeking

You still lack trust, and so, rather than loving one another – which is what you will do as the Love field enveloping you penetrates the hearts of even the most fear-driven among you – you are attempting to negotiate non violently to find a path to peace on Earth. This is in fact an enormously progressive step forwards for humanity because until very recently most believed that the only way to achieve any form of peace was through force of arms and firm suppression of those who could or might attack you. Peace through violence – what an oxymoron!


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The World Offers Enchantment

It is true. You are to follow your own heart. You are your own drummer. This is not to say that you are to necessarily follow all of your immediate impulses. You may want another ice cream sundae. This does not mean you have to say Yes to another ice cream sundae.

You may want with all your heart to have a new car. This doesn’t necessarily mean you are to buy one just now. Sometimes it isn’t a choice, or a good choice for you. It is not a bad thing when you cannot afford something. Not having the money helps you to discern and make decisions.

It is good for you to follow your dreams. Of course, all dreams aren’t about spending money. In the relative world, everything depends.

Common sense also has its place. Nor can it be said that common sense is to rule. Whose common sense is it? Yours or someone else’s? Results are not always the test. What you see as good results or unfortunate results may not tell the tale. Eventually, someone would have discovered the sought-after New World. If Christopher Columbus had initially listened to the advice of the world, it wouldn’t have been Christopher Columbus who discovered America.

It is not always so easy to know where your heart is leading you or whether it is truly your heart at all. Many a man and woman have fallen in love. Their hearts were certainly happy, and yet how many of these happy hearts married great happiness?



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