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GFP Newsletter - 8/19/2017

In meditation, you are one with your consciousness, so it doesn't function and exist as a mind. You are one - there is no division. When there is no division and unity comes in, all self-consciousness disappears. Let me repeat, because you can misunderstand it. It is not that the Self disappears, just the self-consciousness disappears.

And remember, you will not be in a state 'of unconsciousness; you will be perfectly aware, but not self-conscious. You will be perfectly aware, fully aware, but there will be only awareness, no division who is aware of whom - no subject, no object, simply a complete, a total state - a circle of awareness. That awareness in which self-consciousness is not is egoless. And that awareness has a grace, a beauty, a beauty that doesn't belong to this world.

Even an ugly person will become beautiful in that state; ugly as far as the criterions of this world go, but suffused, illuminated with something from the Beyond. The body, the shape may not be beautiful, but it is filled with some unknown grace. And then you forget the body; the grace is so much that you simply cannot attend to the body - you feel the grace.


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On Earth, Excuses May Star

God said:

Beloveds, on Earth, excuses exist.

An excuse may be true, yet it is not for you to make an excuse as if responsibility is not yours. There are no excuses for excuses. Refrain from excuses. You don’t need fall guys such as time, energy, ability etc. to fend for you.

Excuses make you helpless, as if you are a victim and are not responsible for your own actions and inactions. This is an area beholden to your will.

Dear Ones, of course, it may be so that you are too tired to wash the dishes. Perhaps the honest excuse is that you don’t feel like it. You may say you can’t make yourself do it.

You have this one Life to live right now. Make good use of it.

Most excuses are not worth their weight in tin. In any case, excuses are made of styrofoam.

Don’t malinger. Take action right away, and then you won’t have so much hanging over you. When you make an appointment, keep it.

Saying you’re sorry is a good step, yet it doesn’t mean it’s okay that you didn’t follow through. Don’t make excusing yourself a way of Life.

On the other hand, don’t beat yourself up. Move on. Just don’t let non-action take over.

I also realize that you often do not really know why you aren’t following through on something. You owed someone money, and the longer you haven’t paid it, the harder it is to get back your momentum. Something in you seems to prevent it. The longer you take to put something off, the harder it gets.


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Saudi Arabia Is Destroying an Entire Country — and the US Is Helping Them Do It

by Darius Shahtahmasebi, The Anti-Media

Following an air strike in Yemen that killed at least 12 civilians, a senior United Nations official has condemned Saudi Arabia’s actions, asserting the Kingdom has shown a complete disregard for human life.

According to Reuters, three women and six children from the same family were killed in their sleep during the dawn air strike conducted the Saudi-led coalition. Medical officials noted that the youngest of the children was just two years old. Ten others were wounded, according to the U.K.’s humanitarian coordinator in Yemen, Jamie McGoldrick.

In an official statement, McGoldrick said he was “deeply concerned” about the Saudi-led action, also accusing Saudi Arabia of violating international law:


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Mary Reed

Mary decided to make a video for those who may be struggling with their fear, anger, or sense of helplessness, and for anyone looking for a perspective that helps them look at what’s happening in an empowering way. And here’s the link.

She is also a a participant in a great new documentary: “What is Mysticism.” I heartily recommend it. It’s on YouTube in 12 consecutive parts, so it’s very easy to view/listen to it one part at a time, or allow the whole documentary to play right through. Here’s the link:



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Daily Message ~ Saturday August 19, 2017

The act of surrender is like putting your car in drive after you've programmed your destination into your GPS. Intention is step one. Activating your help is step two. But neither one will do you much good if you don't get into the flow that allows you to be guided to where you want to be. ~Archangel Gabriel



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AstroEyes Evolutionary Astrology – Cathy Lindsey

The Great American Eclipse is here!   It is all over the news….how to view it and with what.  Where to go to see it etc. etc.    How to avoid traffic jams as it is predicted to become the most watched cosmic event in human history.  But at the same time, the energies leading up to this Eclipse have been quit chaotic and in some instances almost/most volatile.  We can see this in our own lives and also around the World.  All you have to do is turn on the news for a few minutes.  The energies have been quit intense and are not easy for the body to handle.  A feeling of low energy, no motivation, and no direction…..are almost common at this time.  There is also a sense of emotional detachment…a feeling of being removed from reality.  Just remember that the body is trying to embody lots of intense, chaotic, and powerful energies. 

This Great American Eclipse is a total Eclipse that travels clear Across the United States, from coast to coast in a narrow band of totality! Solar Eclipse’s over very populated areas are relatively rare….which is another reason this Eclipse is headline news.   The more total the eclipse is the more intense the astrological effect is.  The location, from which an eclipse is visible, shows us areas where the world needs changes…. in society, cultures or leadership.

This  will be the first total Solar Eclipse to be visible coast-to-coast in the U.S. in nearly 100 years…the last time was in June 1918.  The August 21st Solar Eclipse is also the first total Solar Eclipse to be visible in totality….only from the U.S., since the nation was founded in 1776.  The next total Solar Eclipse to overshadow the U.S. is in 2024.  Solar Eclipses can create new beginnings and bright new opportunities.

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GFP Newsletter - 8/18/2017

Whenever you are ill, you become body-conscious. You are weak, you have a fever, something is wrong in the body; you become body-conscious. It hurts - you become body- conscious. When the body is absolutely okay, healthy, in a state of well-being, you are not conscious of it; not that you don't know that you are healthy, but no self-consciousness is needed. You are simply healthy. A state of well-being surrounds you.

But in this state, there is no division between the state and the knower. You are one with it. It is not that you FEEL well-being, you ARE well-being, so who will be conscious of it? There is no division, so who will know about it? Only in disease does the division come in. You are totally one with the body when the body is healthy. When the body is ill, a rift happens; you are broken asunder. You are not together. The body exists somewhere, you exist somewhere else.


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Multiple Studies Show that Sugar is Linked to Depression

Anna Hunt, Staff Writer
Waking Times

“Sweet food has been found to induce positive feelings in the short-term. People experiencing low mood may eat sugary foods in the hope of alleviating negative feelings. Our study suggests a high intake of sugary foods is more likely to have the opposite effect on mental health in the long-term.” ~ Anika Knüppel, Ph.D. student at the Institute of Epidemiology and Public Health at University College London

Knuppel’s research supplements many other scientific studies on the link between sugar and mental health. In the end, they all seem to reach the same conclusion: In addition to the physical damage sugar does to our body, an effect on mental health definitely exists. What we presently don’t know is the magnitude or the exact scope of these negative effects.


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You Are Living a New Life Now

God said:

There is no frittering away Life, even as you may be certain that all your Life on Earth may seem to identify itself as passing time.

You have to be doing something while you are here on Earth even as you sometimes may feel sure that you waste your Life in details. Beloveds, obviously, you don’t know what Wondrousness amounts to even as you stare Wondrousness right in the face.

Begin to salute Life no matter what Life may seem to look like. Give Life a run for its money. There’s more to Life than you credit Life to be. Credit your Life highly. This is a Great Journey you are on. There has never been another Life just like yours nor will there ever be. Take My Word for this.

You may think that your Life is old hat when Life is the Newest of the New. There is no other Life like yours. You are the only One leading your Life. You may think your Life is a dime a dozen. This is impossible, of course, for you venture forth.

Unless you are on a Great Journey, why would you desire a pillow to rest your head on and Room at the Inn?

Beloveds, perhaps the most amazing thing of all to you is that you are to twirl your Life around to serve Me. You may have thought that your Life is all about you, and that I am, above all, to serve you when it is for you to serve Me! It is for you to serve Me even when you may have no idea what this means.

Unless you rise High in Life, dear ones, well, you are mistaken, as mistaken as can be.


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Daily Message ~ Friday August 18, 2017

There is an understanding of the importance of having clarity for what you would like to create moving forward. But during such times of energetic intensity, much that is looking for healing comes up for examination and release. So how do you stay focused on what you want while having what is NOT wanted come up so clearly?

Dear Ones, your world is always full of contrast. You are grand and powerful energetic sorters. Do not be afraid to look at, identify, and let go of old energies. Acknowledge, label, and release. Then consider it gone.

You can then consider yourself much more in line with what you DO wish to create, now that you are not hauling that old energy with you. Allow your focus to continue to be brought to where it can be of the greatest good for you, whether it is a momentary acknowledgment of what is no longer a match, or redirecting towards your new creations.

It may help to think of it as cleaning out your closet. You have to look at each thing to decide whether you would like to keep it or to let it go. You get to have continuation with what works with you, and you can release the rest without a second thought. And you understand the space that is created in your close is ready to receive the new that so better matches the times you are in and your latest preferences.


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Great Changes

What exciting times are coming your way!  Some may view them with doubt, fear and trepidation.  Others may view them with excitement, joy and anticipation.  Regardless of how you see it, there are great changes  in the works and on the way!
Now, my love, it is time to remind yourself of your breathing, to stay calm and as centered as possible.  I realize there is no guidebook for these moments, however, quiet listening will ‘set you to rights’ and all will be well. ~ Creator



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Parents Catch FBI In Plot To Force Mentally Ill Son To Be A Right Wing Terrorist

by Matt Agorist, TFTP

It’s become a near-weekly occurrence. Somewhere in some state, the FBI will announce that they’ve foiled yet another terrorist plot and saved lives. However, as the data shows, the majority of these cases involve psychologically diminished patsies who’ve been entirely groomed, armed, and entrapped by FBI agents. Simply put, the FBI manufactures terror threats and then takes credit for stopping them.

While many of these cases have garnered attention and been exposed in the alternative media, a recent case out of Oklahoma sets a new low for FBI and exposes how insidious these plots can be.


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GFP Newsletter - 8/17/2017

Chuang Tzu says: If the shoe doesn't fit, then you are conscious of the feet. If the shoe fits, the feet are forgotten. It is because of a headache that you become aware of the head. If the headache disappears, where is the head?

Along with the headache, the head also disappears. When something is wrong it becomes like a wound. When you are ill, then this so-called self-consciousness exists. When everything fits, is a harmony, and there is no discord, the shoe is not pinching, everything is absolutely okay; you are not self-conscious. Then you are. In fact, for the first time you are, but you are not self-conscious.


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Wild Adventure in Life

God said:

In terms of the world, everything is important to you. Dear Children of My Heart, at the same time, note that everything in the world is fleeting.

Your feet may seem to be on the ground, yet the Earth you walk on stands in mid-air.

Life on Earth is, more or less: Now you see it, now you don’t.

The world is wily. You can’t quite keep up with the world, even as you go far beyond the world.

It is possible to say that the world is a mile a minute. It is possible to say that the world is preposterous. There isn’t anything you can’t say. There almost isn’t anything you haven’t said.

You Sing a Song of Sixpence, and you hang your Life on a Star. Now you are getting closer to the Truth of It All.

Life is a passing fancy, yes, and yet Life is far more than that. Life may seem to you like a commodity. What seems is not what always is. You are greater than you conceive. I conceive you great.

Join Me in this Wild Adventure in Life. You come across Life. You stumble on Life. You cognize Life. Life is a dream you have. Ah, what a dream. What a dream you dream. Yet there is more to your Life than you ever dreamed of. There is more going on than you fathom. Even as nothing is really happening, there is more to Life than what you dissemble. Hang your Heart on a Tree.

Much of Life is an attempt to be more than you think you are, and, yet, the Reality is that you are far more than you think you are.



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