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Daily Message ~ Friday October 24, 2014

Dear Ones, you cannot be in love and in judgment at the same time. Love includes, accepts and nurtures, judgment excludes, rejects and punishes. Which would you like to receive? How would you like your partner to feel? Only love, unconditional love, will create the safe environment for your relationship to grow and evolve to its highest potential. ~Archangel Gabriel


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Finding the Sacredness in the Healing of Your Shadow

By Joy Brugh


Fall is upon us and that traditionally spooky, scary holiday – Halloween is almost here.   While it may seem that we only bring out those scary monsters and costumes once a year to play, the truth is each of us is haunted by our own inner demons and scary monsters.  The renowned Swiss psychologist Carl Jung called this place the “shadow self.”  These are the aspects of our selves that stalk us, lurk hidden in the shadows but pervasively and stealthily influence and impact our lives every day, often times wreaking havoc and creating chaos.

In your journey to wholeness and healing, it is important to explore the dark and hidden crevices of inner selves – your shadow self.  In the shadow you will find the un-owned parts of your personality — the part of you that stays unknown, unexamined, and out of the light of your conscious awareness.   We often deny or suppress these parts of ourselves...


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3 Celebrities Who Use Their Stardom For Conscious Awakening

Source: | Original Post Date: September 28, 2014 –


As we become more consciously aware, we come to the conclusion that there is something intense and unbalanced about the way that we create “celebrities” in the world. Hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people all putting their focus on individual people – movie stars, musicians, and even politicians… for those on the receiving end of such mass attention, it can send one off the deep end. This is also in-part why so many “celebrities” have redonkulous ego’s and strong drug problems…

But it’s not ALL for naught, for what is a Celebrity but someone who is celebrated? And if we can all learn to celebrate each other, we can all live the lives we want to, we can all be loved and respected by our peers and those around us.

Here is a list of 3 amazing people...


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Masters in the Making: Day 52, Eb 13

MASTERS IN THE MAKING When a human is fully conscious, following the path of the lightworker and striving for unity through unconditional love, all things are available. There have been many Masters who have walked the Earth in human form. These Be-ings were able to do amazing things: heal the sick, resurrect the dead, teleport, manifest objects from thin air, etc. Within each of you is the ability to be a Master. It is through facing your fears and learning to love all Beings unconditionally that your gifts will be restored to you. True unconditional love comes from understanding that each and every one of you came from the same Source and will eventually return to the same Source.

As each of you begins to have more understanding of unconditional love, one by one, your abilities will return to you. Take time to look at the dark energies within you, those shadows that are less than loving and kind. Clean out the cobwebs by facing your fears, apologizing to others and taking responsibility for your actions. You cannot rise vibrationally as long as you harbor dark feelings towards others and blame them for your station in life.

Dark thoughtforms glop together. Love flows freely. In order to raise your vibration, you must lighten up and let loose of all dark thoughts, words and actions. Set your intentions to live the life of your dreams and visualize the utopian society you wish to dwell in.


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8 Emotional Patterns That Can Disturb Our Inner Peace


At some stage of our lives we all experience emotional dysfunction to some degree, especially when we’re maturing. In some cases it may just be part of the learning curve as we grow into our more developed selves. Simple examples are that we might dwell on a problem too long, get upset or angry too easily, or think self-abusive thoughts consistently. For others it might impact us more significantly and even result in a form of mental illness.

Yet that isn’t to say that negative thoughts or feelings are dysfunctional. In the short term, experiencing negative thoughts and emotions is natural because we’re human and it is part of the human experience. Instead of that negativity being suppressed, when we give it the space to breathe, it voluntarily gives way to our fundamental philosophies and beliefs and more positive feelings. However, when we feel these emotions for ongoing periods of time it can have a detrimental impact on us and others...


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Consumers Will Soon Have Devices In Their Hands To Detect GMO And Toxic Foods

Source: | Original Post Date: May 26, 2013 –


In the not too distant future, consumers will be able to run on-the-spot tests for environmental toxins, GMOs, pesticides, food safety and more with their smartphones and other hand-held devices.

Every human being on every developed nation on Earth, whether living in a rural or isolated area, in the middle of a large city, or near an industrialized area, now contains at least 700 contaminants in their body including pesticides, pthalates, benzenes, parabens, xylenes and many other carcinogenic and endrocrine disrupting chemicals.

We are being bombarded on a daily basis by an astronomical level of toxicity...


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10 Ways To Stop Being A Slave And Bring Down The Pyramids Of Control

Source: | Original Post Date: May 24, 2012 –


There are very real conspiracies in the world, and those conspiracies are always conducted by people “in the know” against those who are ignorant or naive of back-room machinations.

Past slavery was largely based on force (thus was much more obvious), but modern-day slavery is actually more widespread because global slave masters use all of the scientific tools at their disposal to win hearts and control minds, convincing us that our hands and feet are free, so we must be living self-directed lives.

There are signs that the mind-pyramids that technocrats have built to enforce their 21st-century global plantation slave syste...


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Drinking Soda Ages You As Quickly As Smoking Cigarettes


I think it’s common knowledge that smoking is bad for you. It harms organs like your lungs, heart, kidneys and bladder, it makes your skin wrinkle and look unhealthy; just all around bad stuff. Smoking cigarettes ages you faster.

But according to a new study published in the American Journal Of Public Health, drinking just one 20-ounce sugary soda drink a day may age you just as quickly as smoking cigarettes. This study involved 5,309 American adults between the ages of 20 and 65 with no history of diabetes are cardiovascular disease and studied them between 1999 and 2002.

For the people involved in this study, the more soda you drink, the shorter their telomeres become over time. Telomeres are the protective caps on DNA at the ends of chromosomes in cells...


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Impulsive M4.0 flare erupted from central region on the Sun

A moderately strong and impulsive solar flare measuring M4.0 at its peak time erupted from huge central region on the Sun on October 24, 2014 at 07:48 UTC. The event started at 07:37 and ended at 07:52 UTC.

A Type II (664 km/s) and IV radio emission were associated with the event. Type IV emissions occur in association with major eruptions on the Sun and are typically associated with strong Coronal Mass Ejections and solar radiation storms.

The source of today's M4.0 flare Region 2192 located almost at the center of the disk. This region has 'beta-gamma-delta' magnetic configuration and is capable of producing more strong to major eruptions on the Sun. Earth directed CMEs from this region are now highly likely.

Region 2192 is the largest sunspot of this cycle and this is how the it looked like on October 23 during partial solar eclipse:



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From Stress to Joy — Practicing the Sense of “Enough”

From Stress to Joy — Practicing the Sense of Enough

By Judy Zehr

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

What drives our anxious mind? One of the keys can be found in our “default circuits” or the neural circuits — the thoughts and feelings — that incessantly run as the semi-conscious backgrounds of our inner lives.

These default circuits are “wired” into our inner lives by repetition and experience and resemble a mental virus we pick up from our culture or family. Our default circuits are like the little man behind the curtain running the great and powerful Oz. They might run the show, but they are fueled by implicit memories: unconscious or barely conscious fears, lusts, hostilities, passions, cravings, repulsions and the like...


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Sit Right Here, Near God

Weeping is a mechanism that lets go of sorrow. Yet you do not really want to be done with sorrow. You may say you do. You may think you do, yet you drown yourself in tears of sorrow, and somehow, and somehow the sorrow is a comfort to you. Weeping assuages something within you at the same time as it opens wounds and puts salt on them. When you don’t know what else to do, you cry. It is not a show-down. It is not coming to terms with your self-avowed heartache. It is just weeping, and sometimes you don’t really know why. You can list reasons, yet you don’t really know why.
It is not wrong to cry. If it is a release, it is a release you need at the time. You don’t know what else to do. Often your woe doesn’t have a name. It is an unnamed woe in your heart. There seems to be no end to it. When you turn the pages of your life on Earth, you feel abandonment. Time has passed, and loved ones are no longer with you. Your crying may come down to this:
“What am I going to do without my friend? I have lost a friend. I have lost mother and father and brothers and sisters and more friends that I can count. In many ways, loved ones are lost to me in a distance of time and space. Oh, how I would visit with my lost friends now if I could.
“I am bereft at life. Life is an ache in my heart. I am sure life is not meant to hurt so much.


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We’re Beating Monsanto! Yes to GMO Labeling Prop is Winning 49 to 44 in Oregon

The full scheduled voting on a state-wide ballot for Measure 92 in Oregon to label GMO foods won’t come in until November 4th, but voting has begun, and we’re winning!

The measure would ensure that the labeling of genetically modified foods was mandatory, and that Big Food corporations along with Big Chemical like Monsanto and Dow wouldn’t be able to label foods ‘if they felt like it’ as the Grocery Manufacturer’s Association has suggested we consumers allow.

Since when can you trust Monsanto and Coca-Cola to tell the truth about anything they create? Mandatory labeling is the only way for complete transparency of our food supply to transpire, and we deserve to know what is in our food! Voluntary GMO labeling is essentially what we have now, and doesn’t really work to let consumers fully know the truth regarding food ingredients.

Full story... (

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Big Pharma invents 'Sluggish Cognitive Tempo' disease to drug millions more children

(NaturalNews) The drug industry has come up with yet another phony mental illness that it says afflicts as many as 2 million children: "Sluggish Cognitive Tempo," or SCT, one of the most ridiculous counterfeit diseases yet. According to a description of the "disease" published in the Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology, children with SCT are basically daydreamers, which Big Pharma is now using as a catch-net classification for children who can't be declared as having attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

The emergence of SCT comes as parents, medical professionals and child psychologists increasingly question the validity of the millions of ADHD diagnoses that are really just cases of kids being kids. In order to keep these children drugged up and the cash flowing, the psychiatric and drug industries basically invented SCT as a fallback. In other words, when an ADHD diagnosis doesn't fly, declare the child to have SCT...

Full article:

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GFP Newsletter - 10/23/2014

If you have fear, you have fear- why make a problem out of it? Then you know that you have fear, just as you have two hands. Why create a problem out of it- as if you have only one nose, not two? Why create a problem out of it? Fear is there: accept it, note it. Accept it, don't bother about it. What will happen? Suddenly you will feel it has disappeared. And this is the inner alchemy -- a problem disappears if you accept it, and a problem grows more and more complex if you create any conflict with it. Yes, suffering is there, and suddenly fear comes- accept it. It is there and nothing can be done about it. And when I say nothing can be done about it, don't think that I am talking about pessimism to you. When I say nothing can be done about it I am giving you the key to solve it.

Suffering is there. It is part of life and part of growth; nothing is bad in it. Suffering becomes evil only when it is simply destructive and not creative at all; suffering becomes bad only when you suffer and nothing is gained out of it. But I am telling you the divine can be gained through suffering; then it becomes creative. Darkness is beautiful if the dawn is coming out of it soon; darkness is dangerous if it is endless, leads to no dawn, simply continues and continues and you go on moving in a rut, in a vicious circle. This is what is happening to you. Just to escape from one suffering you create another; then to escape from another, another. And this goes on and on and all those sufferings which you have not lived are waiting for you. You have escaped but you escape from one suffering to another, because a mind which was creating a suffering will create another. So you can escape from this suffering to that, but suffering will be there because your mind is the creative force.

Accept the suffering and pass through it; don't escape. This is a totally different dimension to work in. Suffering is there: encounter it, go through it. Fear will be there, accept it. You will tremble, so tremble. Why create a facade that you don't tremble, that you are not afraid? If you are a coward, accept it.

Everyone is a coward. People you call brave are just facades. Deep down they are as cowardly as anyone else, rather, more cowardly because just to hide that cowardliness they have created a bravery around them, and sometimes they act in such a way that everyone knows they are not cowards. Their bravery is just a screen. How can man be brave- because death is there. How can man be brave- because man is just a leaf in the winds. How can the leaf help not to tremble? When the wind blows the leaf will tremble. But you never say to the leaf, "You are a coward." You only say that the leaf is alive. So when you tremble and fear takes grip of you, you are a leaf in the wind. Beautiful- why create a problem out of it? But society has created problems out of everything.



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