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Astrology Forecast for March 2015

by Kathy Biehl

Astrology’s Enormous Changes At the Last Minute

Never mind the calendar and the weather. The most active time of the year has arrived. March puts us through a gauntlet of flaring passions, fire bombs, eruptions, earthquakes, departures, and shape shifts that stabilize surprisingly quickly. And most of the action kicks in well before the first day of spring.

Little is coming out of nowhere. Developments are breaking into being that have been building below the surface, or starting and stalling, or taunting us from the periphery or elsewhere. The trigger comes from three big influences happening in quick succession. Their combined effect escalates the action, rearranges the playing field (and the players) and shoots us in a direction for years to come.

Cosmic change agents Uranus and Pluto have their final smack down mid-month, wrapping up the foundational restructuring they have been demanding for the past three years...


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The Avenue of the Present

What if the Universe is slanted in your favor? This is the premise to start from. Otherwise, you carry a heavy weight -- the idea that the Universe has to prove itself to you. Start off as a friend to the Universe. Truly, the Universe is not out to get you.

The Universe and I are pulling you along in the Bright Light of the Sun and to the Bright Light of the Sun and all that goes with Bright Light. Have you thought otherwise? Have you perhaps thought you were lost in a forest somewhere or in a barren desert? Would you really be so foolish as to think that?

Today you start thinking anew. This means that you start out on the right foot. This is like pledging your troth to the Universe and Me, or, at the least, voting for Us.

Where have you been placing your bets? Think about this a moment. Have you bet on disaster, ill-feelings, despair and so forth?

Come, walk into the Avenue of the Present with Me. I am by your side, and have never been away from it. Whither thou goest, I go. It’s that simple. This is all you need to remember. This has to be remembered so you know where you are and where you feet are guided to take you. You are not a lonely traveler on Earth. You are right smack in the center of My heart. You never leave.

Your mind can abandon Truth, yet the soul of you does not, cannot, will not. You are moored in My heart, and I carry you in My arms in the Center of My heart.


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5 Reasons Why You Should Love Your Haters


Some people kinda stink. They detract, criticize, and never leave you alone about your ideas and what you do. Some might even go as far as to hate you. That stinks! But you know why you should love your haters?

1. They’re probably just jealous of you.

Some people deal with envy and jealousy better than others. Sometimes when people are bummed by your success, they lash out and criticize what you do. But reacting mean or angry at them won’t fix anything. Show them love.

2. Hating is the easy way out.

When it comes to our haters, blaming you for their problems is their easy way out. But know that they have problems, real or perceived! Passing the blame on you makes coping easier for them. Knowing that they have their own problems is enough of a reason to approach them with love and kindness always!


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GFP Newsletter - 2/28/2015

When I say stop obeying, what I am saying is: become your own self. And the man who has become his own self will know when to obey and when not to obey. He will not be obedient, he will not have a character of obedience. He will decide according to each case when to obey and when not to obey.

When he will see the truth he will obey, when he will see untruth he will not obey. He will remain free to obey or not to obey.

And it is good to be free, because you have obeyed stupid politicians for too long, and they have been creating violence, war, bloodshed and nothing else. You have obeyed the priests too long and they have given you churches and the temples and the mosques, and they have taken the real temple of God away from you. They have talked about the other world but they have destroyed this world - and this is the only world there is.

So when I say don't be disciplined by anybody, I don't mean that you should become a chaos; I mean you should become an inner discipline. Be disciplined according to your own awareness.

Follow your own awareness, be a light unto yourself. This is freedom - to become a light unto oneself.


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Hundreds Of Farmers Block Roads Protesting Monsanto’s GMO Crops


Christina Sarich, Natural Society
Waking Times

Poland’s largest farmer uprising ever has occurred as convoys of tractors took to the roads recently in protest of GMO infiltration and land grabs by biotech and Big Ag corporations.

More than 150 farmers blocked roadways and held numerous demonstrations in order to bring attention to the important issue of food sovereignty in Poland. Their focus is a ban on GMOs and a restoration of small farmer’s rights after decades of oppressive health and safety regulations which take rights away from small farms and give them to mono-cropping, poisoning Big Ag mega-companies.

The farmers have been stalwart – refusing to call off their demonstrations until their demands are met. Rallies and demonstrations have littered the country – in over 50 locations. Hundreds are picketing government offices in addition to the road blockades.


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How Your Thoughts Create Your Destiny, Explained

HJ: As within, so without.  This principle is foundational for all forays into higher consciousness and for understanding your life at the deepest levels.  And when you begin to then work at the deepest levels — at the level of beliefs and emotions — you shift your thoughts and your reality and destiny shortly follow suit.

- Truth

How Your Thoughts Become Your Destiny

By Gary ‘Z’ McGee | Prevent Disease


“Watch your thoughts, they become words. Watch your words, they become actions. Watch your actions, they become habits. Watch your habits, they become character. Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny.” — Unknown

The preceding quote has been attributed to many people:...


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Daily Message ~ Saturday February 28, 2015

Your unconditional love of self creates a cozy, comfortable nest of everything you could ever need. From that completely cared for state, you will be able to approach life from a place of peace, harmony, wholeness, balance and wellness. So go ahead! Create that wonderful cocoon of love and nurturing that you will always be able to settle back into, to recharge, connect with your true self and BE. From there, everything else will become possible. ~Archangel Gabriel


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Shocking: Obesity Found To Spark 500,000 Cancer Cases Annually

Source: | Original Post Date: December 2, 2014 –

It is an unfortunate truth that both the United States’ and the world’s populations are becoming fatter. It seems that with each passing year, obesity rates increase – which sparks a whole host of other diseases. In fact, one report by the World Health Organization’s cancer research agency says that obesity is now responsible for nearly 500,000 cancer cases each year.

The report, which was published in the medical journal Lancet Oncology, gathered information from 184 countries.

“Among women, postmenopausal breast, endometrial and colon cancers accounted for nearly three-quarters (250,000 cases) of obesity-related cancers, while colon and kidney cancers accounted for more than two-thirds (nearly 90,000 cases) of obesity-related cancers in men.”


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How To Break Out of Your Comfort Zone

As Humanity continues to rise to unthinkable levels of love and connection, integrating a true sense of self love is crucial. This can not be a forced process, for your soul will feel disrespected if you apply pressure or force love where it is not in alignment with how you truly feel.

Loving ones self fully and in truthful emotional alignment is a selfless seed, loving ones self openly and loud to show others what you feel you have achieved inside will only rob you of your moment for expansion.

Self esteem means for one to have a realistic respect and knowing of ones true authenticity and identity, this is confidence in its rightful position.

Self esteem that exaggerates cockiness is usually formed as a source of protection, or heart armor, and can ripple that same emotion to others.

Simply being honest with ones self about ones true strengths and weaknesses will set the space for more of who you are to emerge and integrate and will in turn help the collective do the same.


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The 10 Inventions Of Nikola Tesla That Changed The World

Source: | Original Post Date: July 10, 2014 –

the-10-inventions-of-nikola-tesla-that-changed-the-worldNikola Tesla is finally beginning to attract real attention and encourage serious debate more than 70 years after his death.

Was he for real? A crackpot? Part of an early experiment in corporate-government control?

We know that he was undoubtedly persecuted by the energy power brokers of his day — namely Thomas Edison, whom we are taught in school to revere as a genius.  He was also attacked by J.P. Morgan and other “captains of industry.” Upon Tesla’s death on January 7th, 1943, the U.S. government moved into his lab and apartment confiscating all of his scientific research, some of which has been released by the FBI through the Freedom of Information Act. (I’ve embedded the first 250 pages below and have added a link to the .pdf of the final pages, 290 in total).


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Openness and Strength


Written by Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

I was in a pretty bad place the other day, and I didn’t feel like I could climb out of my own negativity. Most of us have been there at one time or another, and sometimes, we reach a point where we don’t feel like we can continue on; where we just want to give up and let the world come crashing down around us.

This is how I felt, and I didn’t feel motivated to write, post to the blog or do any of the things I usually do, which made the situation a lot worse because I feel somewhat of an obligation to do those things. They’re part of my mission, after all.

After wallowing in my self-created negativity for what felt like hours, the realization finally hit that we have to stay strong – especially when we face so much negativity that we don’t feel like we can get back up.

We have to have inner strength, because without it, the difficulties we face each day will easily bring us down and keep us from shining our light.


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The 11 Commandments Of The New-Age-Ego (In A Nutshell)

The ego, as you know, is clever, very clever. It can utilize everything for its own protection and perpetuation – including spirituality. With the very tools created for its dissolution, it can etch out a new version of itself. And since the old big-bad-ego has got more bad press than Kim Jong-un, it has been reinventing itself across the world in a new avatar: the new-age-ego. Since it is even more deceptive in this crystal-addicted, incense-sniffing guise, GD and me had a sit down to identify this new-age-ego in all its new-age glory. At the end of our hilarious session, we identified its eleven most important commandments, which are active below the surface at all times.

Speed is one of the most under-appreciated tricks of the new-age-ego. Busyness, anxiety, rushing are all hallmarks of a superlative ego at work. Of course, the new-age-ego chases new-age goals, which are indisputably noble. Between perfecting your downward dog and saving gay humpback whales, the ego ensures you don’t keep any time for yourself.
Even when you are on the potty, the ego won’t let you rest – it will insist you reply to at least three emails, read two pages of Eckhart Tolle and retweet Rumi on Twitter. After all, you have to ‘live up to your full potential’.


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Practical Tips for Raising Earth-Conscious Children

How to Raise an Earth-Conscious Child

By Alexandra Du Toit

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

Children these days have many technological distractions that keep them busy and less connected with the environment. Whether it’s a video game, television program or computer screen, children are forgetting how to connect with their natural side.

Many parents seem to be forgetting the importance of teaching children about their intrinsic connection to the earth and their role in protecting the planet for future generations. There are ways to help children cultivate an earth-conscious way of living.

Live by example

Our children learn how to be in the world by learning from what their caregivers do. Educate yourself about ways to help protect our earth, and live by example.


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The Brain Benefits of Learning a Second Language

learn a language

By Deane Alban

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

The proven benefits of learning a second language include improvements in intelligence, memory, and concentration and lowered risks of dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Understanding language is one of the hardest things your brain does. The benefits of learning a second language seem, in fact, to be proportional to the effort expended by the brain. Because language is complex, speaking or learning a foreign language gives your brain a good workout. It’s good brain exercise that makes the brain stronger.

It’s hard to believe now, but at one time raising children in a bilingual home was believed to stunt their intellectual growth. (1) Experts thought their brains would become confused and that it might even contribute to schizophrenia or split identities. But times have changed. We now understand that precisely the opposite is true...


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Brazil Arrests ‘Amazon’s Biggest Destroyer’

Rhett A. Butler, Mongabay
Waking Times

Authorities in Brazil have arrested a man they claim to be the single biggest deforester in the Amazon, according to a statement issued by IBAMA, Brazil’s environmental protection agency.

Ezequiel Antônio Castanha was detained Saturday in Novo Progresso in the state of Par´ in a joint operation involving IBAMA, the Federal Public Ministry, the Internal Revenue Service and the Federal Police. Castanha is accused of running a ring that invaded public forests which were cleared and then sold on to speculators. The forests were located along the BR-163 highway between Altamira and Novo Progresso.

IBAMA says that Castanha’s gang was responsible for chopping down 15,000 hectares of forests over the past decade, causing $15 million in environmental damage and racking up another $30 million in fines. Castanha faces up to 46 years in prison for land grabbing, counterfeiting, illegal deforestation and money laundering.



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