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GFP Newsletter - 4/19/2014

Each child is born a Buddha, but cannot remain a Buddha for long. That is part of growth: he has to lose it.

Unless he loses it, he will never be able to understand its value. It is like a fish in the ocean... The fish is born in the ocean, lives in the ocean; but knows nothing of the ocean, cannot know. There is no separation, there is no space, there is no gap between the two. Fetch the fish out of the ocean, throw it on the shore, and immediately there is great understanding in the fish. Now the fish knows for the first time the beauty of the ocean, the joy of the ocean. Now the fish longs for it. Let the fish slip back into the Ocean again and see its rejoicing, see its joy.


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Sacred Tobacco: A Misunderstood Magic Wand - Joylin Hall

GFP Note: We know there's a whole lot of controversy over the plant, and we'd like to point out that radioactive tobacco with poisonous additives is not the same as naturally grown tobacco. Tobacco is able to pull radioactive elements out of the soil, which means it's monumentally stupid to grow it with radioactive fertilizer, but that's exactly what happens. They use radioactive phosphate fertilizers, which are a cheap byproduct of Uranium mining. It's no mystery why people get cancer from radioactive smoke and having radioactive tar stuck in their lungs. We highly recommend growing your own, or getting it from a source you're sure doesn't use radioactive fertilizer.

Smoking is an extremely powerful spiritual/magical tool. However, since our human culture does not understand its metaphysical properties and how to use it beneficially, in addition to our having a highly corrupt corporate tobacco industry and a lot of really gross commercial "tobacco" that is seen by many as "normal," the harsh effects of this powerful tool misused have come to define for many people what tobacco just "does." (Something like under 25% of habitual tobacco smokers actually develop any smoking-related illnesses... something is making the difference between those that do and those that don't.) I want to bring light to how tobacco actually works in order to break down these destructive misunderstandings that are so damaging to people's health and relationship to the spirit of tobacco, so that you may partner with this amazing plant spirit and benefit from her many gifts.

I'd like to assemble the teachings I have been receiving from my spirit guides in the herbal kingdom, especially tobacco (others include cannabis, mullen, lavender, rose, sage, cedar, sweetgrass, etc.), who I collaborate with by smoking and smudging with them.

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5 Health Benefits of Red Bush Tea

Red bush tea, also known as rooibos tea, which literally means red bush, is an herb that grows from a small shrub which only thrives in a region near Cape Town, South Africa. Its health benefits have been valued in South Africa for centuries, but this sweet-tasting, healing tea is becoming increasing popular throughout the world.

Packed with powerful antioxidants

Red bush tea contains lots of powerful antioxidants, including quercetin, which is known to help protect against all sorts of illness and disease including cancer, diabetes and heart disease. In addition to this potent substance, it also contains a high concentration of two lesser known antioxidants, aspalathin and nothofagin.

These polyphenol antioxidants help fight free radicals which can help slow the aging process, reverse visible signs of aging and protect against disease. These compounds also offer nerve relaxing properties that may even reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

Better digestion

As the tea contains a high level of flavonoids, particularly quercetin, this compound has the ability to encourage healthier digestion and supports the digestive system in a number of ways.

Read the rest here:


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Living Courageously: How to Conquer Your Fears - The Healers Journal

HJ: Living courageously is the simple act of refusing to accept less than what you are capable of.  Fear is your greatest roadmap to living courageously because it points you in the precise direction of the areas of yourself that you need to heal for maximum results.

Knowing where to ‘start digging’ is priceless information, but how to dig?  How do we get at the deep, subconscious emotional patterns and baggage causing us to be fearful in the first place…  causing us to react habitually to those things which should be catalysts for great change, success and personal evolution?

The article below outlines 6 powerful ways to begin facing and conquering your fears. Beyond that, we recommend this article:

The Art of Letting Go: 5 Steps to Permanently Release Whatever is Holding You Back

To conquering your fears and living the empowered, courageous life you have within you just waiting to be expressed!

- Truth

Read the full article here... (thehealersjournal.com)

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Lessons from Dying - The Master Shift

Death is a taboo.  No one wants to discuss it or face it because the fear of it is greater than the reality. I remember reading some article years ago that when asked thousands of people what their biggest fear was they said “death: mine or someone near to me.”  This type of death we have been taught to fear is an illusion and only a transition.  Now three months later I have woken to deeper lessons of dying.

Lesson 1:  The hardest part of dying is waking up.  I traveled to a beautiful place.  The light that embraced me felt like nothing here on earth.  Makes you wonder why anyone would want to return, huh?  I asked that question for a month and a half.  We return from that experience just because we must (it doesn’t help that someone is pulling your butt away from the light either).  There’s no great mystery to it.  There are moments in my days that seem to stop me for a bit and I return to that place of safety, love, and omnipotence.  In waking up there is the melting of illusion.  Life is a magical experience.  Yet, most people take it for granted, bogged down with the control, anxiety, and fear of living the lengths and widths of such a fortitude.

Lesson 2:  Your body is a great wardrobe.  Every morning I have to re-size myself to fit into this skin.  I wake with such immensity.  That was a huge issue when I returned from the “beyond.”  I didn’t fit into my body.  There was this expansion and greatness that didn’t modify to what I knew was Millie’s body.  I looked around me and saw everyone’s light so much larger than their costume.  I kept asking myself, “How do I get inside and stay in there?”  I stopped trying.  I just went with it.  Your body is the best outfit you will ever have.  Treat it with kindness and love.  Give it the consideration it deserves.   Your heart beats to keep you alive along with every organ in that outfit.  Love it!

Lesson 3:  Growth is marvelous; stagnation sucks; laughter is the teacher of all...

Read the rest here... (themastershift.com)

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There is no master key to happiness. There is only your key. - Cosmicmessages

I had this crazy thought the other day: “Who am I?”

Immediately after, everything I had read in the realm of spirituality came to mind. Words from Eckhart Tolle, Neale Donald Walsch, Leo Tolstoy then the words of my mother, things I had told clients, my friends and the like.

They were all really interesting responses but they were essentially bullshit. According to everyone else, I am a globule of energy, a daughter, a soul, helpful, beautiful, fat, too skinny, sickly looking, healthy, brave, lazy, selfish AND selfless… to name a few. I was confused. Who was right?

Instead of getting caught in the waves of conflicting beliefs and riding whichever one I picked for the day, I stopped. I pulled out and became an observer. I realized I have been trying to swim in the storm of loving intentions. How can I navigate through these well-meaning thoughts and words?

No wonder I’m confused. No wonder sometimes I don’t know if I’m coming or going. I have a difficult time making decisions, no kidding! No wonder I do things sometimes that I think will make me happy and I find that I’m not smiling as I do them. Those decisions are based on other people’s viewpoints, not my own.

The only way out of this stormy sea was to start from scratch.

I needed to let it all go.

Read the rest here... (cosmicmessages.wordpress.com)

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The World Is a Field in Which You Move - Heavenletters

God said:

When your heart craves upliftment, uplift yourself. When you require a hand up, give yourself a hand-up. When you feel blue, use a different crayon. You are not a leaf dependent upon the wind to move it. The wind may blow, yet you are your own mover.
You may have responsibility for others yet only to a degree. For yourself, consider that all the responsibility is yours. Certainly, life takes patience. You can’t just stamp your foot, and the world obey. On the other hand, you are the hand that wields your life. You are a power in your life. You are not a pawn. Your life is not meant to be entirely a waiting game. Get up and move yourself.
You may believe that you are at the mercy of life. There is much that is not under your direct control. Still, the same, you have say in your life. If life seems to be beating you down, get up. It is for you to arise. You are the maestro of your own life. If you have a box of crackerjacks, you open the box. You don’t have to wait around for someone else to open the box for you. You are the centrifugal force of your own life.
I gave you breath, yet, now, for the time being, you breathe on your own, so to speak. In any case, you are to make your own moves. When you are disturbed, undisturb yourself. When you are confused, unconfuse yourself. It is good advice to lie beside the still waters. If the still waters are not where you are, before you can lie down beside the still waters, find the still waters. They are located within you.


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