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A Grand Time

It has been said before, but bears repeating…be gentle with yourself!  You are the only you that has ever been, and you are sorely needed on your Earth plane.  Whatever healing you choose to do is radiated out for the whole planet.  You may feel very alone, isolated and friendless during this process but, I can assure you, that is not the case! (Smiling) There are a multitude of others feeling the same way, doing the same thing and living their lives in the same fashion.  The time will come when all of you will feel each other and a great change will happen; everything you have been working toward come to fruition.  That will be a grand time, indeed! ~ Creator

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Daily Message ~ Monday December 10, 2018

A major theme of  2018 has been power – what it is, what it isn’t, and how you can step more fully into it in an empowered and authentic way. As you are wrapping up this profound year of transformation, it is important to become aware of any ways you may be continuing to give your power away. It may be through denying yourself to please others, still playing it small in certain areas or not fully shining your light out of fear, continuing old habits that are disempowering, avoiding sitting with your emotions or addressing healing that needs to be done, or waiting for others to tell you what to do rather than assuming the role of empowered leader of your own life expression.

Dear Ones, there is no time that has ever been as supportive of you clearing up these last bits and pieces as right now. It is not more than you can handle, in fact, living with these old energies that are unnecessarily holding you back is far more difficult than finally dealing with them once and for all. It is much like waiting to the last minute to write an exam that is required for school and has been hanging over your head for a long time. Often the resistance to the project was far more uncomfortable than the actual doing of it.

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Life Deferred

God said:

Beloved, may you live well and long. May you know what is of significance and pledge yourself to what matters rather than to what is really not so important that you cannot leave it behind you when this is all you can do.

When all is said and done, when you sift through your imagined possessions, when the dust settles, what do you take with you? What fits into your heart and soul and leaves its mark on you? No one takes steamer trunks anymore these days. Who could ever fit so much in your baggage now? One handbag may be too much.

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Coming Soon!

Before the next part of the world-wide shift occurs, you are being asked to re-examine what you would like your existence to look like.  Would you like to be around those that attempt to keep you exactly where you are for their purposes and reasons…or…do you prefer to be embraced by those of like vibrational level?  These may seem like very simple questions but, in reality, it is going to require some very deep thought.  Everything, absolutely everything, is beginning to move forward in quantum leaps and how you navigate these changes will be determined by you and those surrounding you.  Remember, the healing and developing has been, is and will affect your world.  Think passionately and choose wisely, dearest.  Your future is at hand! ~ Creator

GFP Newsletter - 12/9/2018

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Start trusting yourself -- that is the fundamental lesson, the first lesson. Start loving yourself. If you don't love yourself, who else is going to love you? But remember, if you only love yourself, your love will be very poor.


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New Year Special

Are you ready for change? As the New Year approaches, it is time to begin thinking about what you want to co-create for yourself. You are invited to release triggers/negative thoughts and step forward into your new life!
Through December 31st, I’m offering 1 hour sessions for $60. Use the session now, purchase for use at a later date or give the gift of healing to family and friends.
Space fills very quickly so, book your session soon with an e-mail to

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Daily Message ~ Sunday December 9, 2018

We wish to repost a message we originally shared October 24 today because it is an important one and we wish for as many people as possible to see it.

Moving forward during such transformational times exposes you to many pockets of energy. It is important to understand that there are times that may feel uncomfortable for you and to know what to do should such a time occur. As you become experts in working with energy, which all of you are doing, these skills will become well ingrained. What we wish for you to understand is that you can lovingly guide yourself forward from whatever energy you might find yourself in, and this message is the key to doing just that. It also is a blueprint for advice you can give others should they ask for your assistance.

The original message:

If you have found yourself in a painful place, it can become very easy to stay focused on what is not working for you. It can also be very difficult to remember what you know from such a dark place. If you are in such a situation, the key is to very gently and incrementally begin to disengage from the resistance you are in.

How do you do that? You cannot resist resistance, for it will only beget more of the same. And acceptance can be too great of a leap for many of you to make from such a painful place. So we urge you to simply understand that your discomfort exists as a redirectional tool, and start to lead yourself to things that you can be less resistant to.

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Look into My Mirror

God said:

Beloved, how might life look differently to you when you see Me as top coach in your book – not as a possibility but as an absolute reality? What if you saw Me tossing basketballs into the net of your life, not now and then, but every second of the day?

What if you could see Me playing out in your life fervently, as if you can see Me meaning everything to you as I run interference for you, doing everything for you? How might you find yourself feeling more eager about life? You wouldn't have to put the wind into your sails.

When you can feel that I am YOUR basketball player, wouldn't you be relieved? Might then your life be more of a bird in hand?

GFP Newsletter - 12/8/2018

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There is an intrinsic quality in human consciousness to trust and to be trusted. Everybody enjoys being trusted, it is respect from the other person; and when you trust a stranger it is more so. There is no reason to trust him, and still you trust him. You raise the man to such a high pedestal, you value the man so much, it is almost impossible for him to fall from that height. And if he falls he will never be able to forgive himself, he will have to carry the weight of guilt his whole life.

A man who trusts himself comes to know the beauty of it -- comes to know that the more you trust yourself, the more you bloom; the more you are in a state of letgo and relaxation, the more you are settled and serene, the more you are calm, cool and quiet.

And it is so beautiful that you start trusting more and more people, because the more you trust, the more your calmness deepens, your coolness goes deeper and deeper to the very core of your being. And the more you trust, the more you soar high. A man who can trust will sooner or later know the logic of trust. And then one day he is bound to try to trust the unknown.


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As you continue to enjoy your rest period, remember to indulge in things you find enjoyable to nurture your mind, body and soul.  It could be quietly reading a book, exploring nature or sharing your feelings and experiences with friends…these are all important steps to recharging your batteries or filling your cup so that, when the next wave arrives, you will be ready to embrace the changes with a light, happy and open heart.  There is a very strong difference between being child-like and childish.  Learn and know the difference so you can show others how to embrace that joy! ~ Creator

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Daily Message ~ Saturday December 8, 2018

As you reach the end of 2018 you are poised to enter a new year in an energetic state of clarity like never before. You have purged and shifted much, and that will be reflected in the new timelines you will select as you enter into 2019. These new timelines will focus much on what your preferences are and what brings you joy as a means of self expression.

Dear Ones, we highly recommend, as you put the finishing touches on the life review you’ve been immersed in this year, that you identify and explore any area of your life you used to be drawn to and passionate about that others encouraged you to abandon. Perhaps you loved to sing or make art and your family convinced you to let those activities go because they didn’t deem them as realistic career paths. Or perhaps you loved to play baseball or other sports but gave them up because you started a family and pushed your activities to the background in order to focus on your responsibilities.

Dear Ones, please know the advice others give you is based on what would be right for them and their own life expression. They simply are not qualified to speak on what your soul wishes to experience during your incarnation. They are not privy to that information because they only have the ability to see from their own vantage point.

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Shine Like the Stars

God said:

Beloved, you have your choice as to what you make for breakfast this morning. Make oatmeal if you like. Make a frittata. This is your option to decide. Ultimately, you are responsible. If you are out of eggs, who is to pick up another dozen?

GFP Newsletter - 12/7/2018

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Society condemns self-love. It says it is selfishness, it says it is narcissistic. Yes, self-love can become narcissistic but it is not necessarily so. It can become narcissistic if it never moves beyond itself, it can become a kind of selfishness if it becomes confined to yourself. Otherwise, self-love is the beginning of all other loves.

A person who loves himself sooner or later starts overflowing with love. A person who trusts himself cannot distrust anybody, even those who are going to deceive him, even those who have already deceived him. Yes, he cannot even distrust them, because now he knows trust is far more valuable than anything else.

You can cheat a person -- but in what can you cheat him? You can take some money or something else from him. But the man who knows the beauty of trust will not be distracted by these small things. He will still love you, he will still trust you. And then a miracle happens: if a man really trusts you, it is impossible to cheat him, almost impossible.


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Take a deep breath and release, dear one…that wave is over!  Now that you have a little time to rest, reassess and regroup, it is time to take stock of what needs to be let go next.

Look at your boundaries; do you view them as something flexible?  Do they change depending on which person you are around?

Listen to your self-talk; do you constantly berate yourself or do you build yourself up in ways that will benefit your whole being?

Take time to feel!  Do you stuff your emotions, or do you let them flow when they arrive knowing the release will bring you deep relief within?

Taking care of your being is and will become extremely meaningful as you move forward into the next shift.

As always, know that you are loved, supported, cherished and (sometimes) carried through it all. ~ Creator

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Daily Message ~ Friday December 7, 2018

What does your spiritual self want your human self to know today? What do you need to thrive and flourish? What magic can you create by working together? Just asking these three simple questions on a daily basis creates a firm foundation for self love and empowered forward movement. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young


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