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Your Personal God

God said:

You like it when you sit down with Me as your personal God, My focus devoted to you. I like sitting down here with you as well, even as I know I am sitting down with My One Self.

You are the common thread, dear One. You are One with Me, so, wherever you are, I am.

We can also say then that you are the Whole Loaf. I am the God within. I am the Source of All, and I am contained within you. You might call Me your DNA. Certainly, I am the Foretold Essence of you.

We are Being. Being has no borders. Being has no limitations. Beingness is Oneness. One God, yet each human being stirs Godness. I say it again. We are One. You are not merely an adjunct. You are the Whole Package.

This is mind-boggling to you.

You really love the idea of a God Outside you. You find comfort in feeling that a God of Love holds you in His or Her Hand and carries you as a Babe in Arms.

All the while, it is You Who carries your Self. You are responsible to and for Your Self. Certainly, I am not speaking to that small version of you that you carry around and attest to. I, God, do not downplay you. It is your own vision that puts you down, swearing that it is impossible that you can be God. You are the God you do not believe in. You are the disavower of the God Within.

You swear that you are a mere body. You swear that you are a puppet on a string.


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Daily Message ~ Thursday September 29, 2016

When you are unsure how to proceed in any area of your life, simply asking, “What would be the most loving choice for others?”, “What would be the most loving choice for me?” and “What would be the most loving choice for all?” can be very helpful.

This allows you to step out of the situation and look at it with your higher wisdom, which creates an alignment that often offers a completely different viewpoint. This then creates action that comes from the divine beingness of the soul, driven by inspiration rather than the knee jerk doingness of the ego.

Decisions and actions made from that space of energetic alignment will always create far more satisfactory results than any others and will facilitate forward movement that is for the greatest good of all. ~Archangel Gabriel


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GFP Newsletter - 9/28/2016

We are trying to become something which is not in the nature of things. We are not allowing nature to take its course; that is our agony.


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10 Companies That Control Almost Everything We Eat & Drink (Infographic)

by Alexa Erickson, Collective Evolution

Scour the aisles of the grocery store, and you may be astonished to find just how many types of Pringles there are out there. But while there seems to be no end to the diversity of junk food, a comprehensive infographic has been put together to show you just how few corporations provide us with the hundreds of products available at our fingertips.

Oxfam International created the infographic that exposes an inconceivable reality: Just 10 main corporations manufacture the majority of what we purchase at the market.

“What we did is we took certain issues … [and] we saw the kind of impacts they had on the ground,” Chris Jochnick of Oxfam told NPR. “We released reports about those issues and those impacts and how they’re tied to the 10 largest food and beverage companies. And then we pushed the companies to begin to address them.”


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You Shall Be Greatness

God said:

Yes, I have told you to counteract a negative thought by turning it into a positive thought. This is a step you can take. I know you strongly want to be above the low-consciousness thoughts that too often have invaded your mind.

Never underestimate the power of intention and desire. You desire to get past negativity, and so you will. You desire to get away from spiteful thoughts, and, so, it is a given that you will be free of thoughts you don't want to keep.

Thoughts do seem to come out of nowhere, yet most of your thoughts are derived from you. They come from judgments you make. You find people guilty of not appreciating you, and you condemn them. You condemn them to your remembrance of their offense. In a small way, you wreak revenge upon them. You pay them back in kind by snide thoughts that you hold against them.

Your negative thoughts based on hostile feelings are like small doses of poison you take. You take small doses, yet they are, nevertheless, poison. These small doses are not good for you. You also poison those you blame for your thoughts. Your thoughts reach them awkwardly, yet it is your thoughts that poison you most of all.

I know you want to remove such unwieldy thoughts from your mind. You want to be greater than a petty reactor. You want to be above pettiness. You want such thoughts out of your mind. Truly, you do not want to be a small thinker. You want to be a credit to yourself, and you want to be a credit to Me.


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The Abstraction Is The Illusion

Truth is very simple, what's true in this moment doesn't require any thinking. It doesn't take any analysis whatsoever, you just look and see. Your experience in this very moment is the Truth, all it takes is being open, seeing without filters. This is true meditation, observation without bias.

So why is this so difficult for most people?

You're doing the exact opposite near constantly. You've taken this moment and turned it into an abstraction, this is the whole function of the mind. Past experiences are turned into concepts, and these are projected onto your present moment.

Understand the difference between an abstraction and Reality. There's no such thing as a tree. You will never find a "tree" because what a "tree" really is is a set of criteria that make up a concept in your mind. You will never find the tree in your mind precisely because each real tree is unique. It is impossible to reduce it to a concept. It's useful for communication, but it's a kind of magic trick. A literal "spelling" that turns an experience into a word.

Not only have we made abstractions, we're creating abstractions of abstractions. The word moon is not the Moon, that's just one level of abstraction. Then the word moon is turned into a written symbol, a representation that you can read, so that's two levels of abstraction away from the Moon now. Writing is not an inherent part of language, a child can speak long before they know how to write. The written word is only a representation of the sound a word makes, and because of the way pronunciations shift it doesn't really do that accurately.

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My wonderful, loving child; you will make mistakes. Some of them will have you blushing with embarrassment, cringing with shame or quietly crying over the pain you have caused. I am here to tell you that
it is okay! (Smiling) For every mistake you make, there is an opportunity for you to learn how to make things different, better and right. Do not be hard on yourself… are human and chose your human existence to learn and grow. You are doing just fine, my Love! ~ Creator


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Daily Message ~ Wednesday September 28, 2016

As sensitive human beings on an ascending planet, many of you are greatly affected by the shifting energies. Something that can be very helpful to you is to create an energy log.

An energy log is simply keeping a diary of any astrological or energetic events, your feelings and symptoms during those events, and what you may have found helpful to keep you more comfortable during those times. By keeping track, you will soon find that you can tell from your body what is happening, and you will be able to seamlessly know what has been helpful in the past, allowing you to move through such events in far more comfortable ways.

You will also be able to see how connected you are in a more tangible way, how your body is always communicating with you and guiding you, and empower yourself to move with ease through it all. It’s a very helpful tool because in fast moving energies it can be difficult to remember how you have felt in the past and what may have brought you ease.

Also, the act of keeping track will allow you to make suggestions to others on how they might become more comfortable, as well. It is a wonderful practice to see patterns and solutions, to move more willingly with the energies, and to acknowledge that you are, indeed, part of an incredible and unprecedented time on your planet. ~Archangel Gabriel


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GFP Newsletter - 9/27/2016

The bigger the expectation, the bigger is going to be the frustration.

It is within your hands to be frustrated in life or not. Just your expectations should become smaller, smaller, smaller, and in the same proportion the frustration will become smaller. A day will come when there will be no expectation; then you will never come across any frustration.

You think, you imagine, some moments of pleasure - and they don't materialize, because existence has no obligation to materialize your imaginations. It has never given you any promise that whatever you think is going to happen. You have taken it for granted without any enquiry, as if the whole existence owes you something.

You owe everything to existence.

Existence owes you nothing.

So if you are running to catch shadows, you cannot catch them - it is not in the nature of things.

Then there is pain, because you were so much absorbed in running after the shadows that you were feeling a kind of fulfillment. A goal was there; although not in your hands but far away, still it was there. And it was only a question of time, a little more effort. Be a little more American: try and try and try again - and sooner or later existence is going to yield.

Existence does not care who you are, American or Russian. It never yields to anybody - it simply goes in its own way. By making an effort to fulfill your desires, to force nature, existence, to come behind you, you are creating causes of pain, suffering.

The moment you understand, you drop these causes.

And the dropping of the causes is the disappearance of all your misery.

It was your projection.


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Who Lost Last Night's Presidential Debate? America Did

by Nick Bernabe, The Anti-Media

(ANTIMEDIA Op-Ed) Trump’s supporters and conservative media say he won. Hillary’s supporters and the liberal media say she won. But who lost the presidential debate last night? Well, America did.

America lost because Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are among the most unliked candidates in American political history. We lost because Trump is a billionaire who spent his entire career benefiting from politicians to make his fortune. We lost because Hillary is a politician who spent her entire political career benefiting from billionaires to make her powerful (and rich).


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There Is No Loss

God said:

You don't want to make too much of what you may call signs. Let's say you lost a story you wrote or you lost a chord of music you heard playing inside you.

Is a loss meant to be lost for some unknown reason? Was the story meant not to see the light of day? Was the chord never to be heard? And then come the why questions, and you ponder more.

Dear Ones, you don't want to second-guess Life. You don’t need all the answers. It's perfectly fine to be without all the answers.

Signs can become a preoccupation. You begin to wonder around the clock. So busy are you listening to signs from above that you divert yourself from living life right here on Earth. Or, it could be said, you live life predominantly from a perspective of analysis which is hardly the point of life. Why analyze your life away?

In a sense, your life is what you think of it. What you think of your life is what you make of it.

Oh, My goodness, there is no end to speculating on life and wondering what this means and that means or what this could mean and what that could mean. With analysis, you wear yourself down to the ground. You may well make too much of that which does not bear making much of at all.

In the instance of the lost story or a lost chord, the point is that it got lost, and you are to live life. You know, the best you can do is to take one step after another. With a story lost, you are left with other choices than when the written story is still available to you. There are always new chords left for you to discover.


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Daily Message ~ Tuesday September 27, 2016

Flow is expansion and freedom. Control is contraction and constriction. If you understand that everything you desire – healing, love, abundance, connection, growth – is a flow, you will start to see that your habit of control simply cannot get you the results you are wanting. Why hold onto an old system that really isn’t effective? ~Archangel Gabriel


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GFP Newsletter - 9/26/2016

"What is agony and what is ecstasy?"

The same. They are not opposites as they are understood to be. They are complementaries, intrinsic parts of one organic whole. Neither can exist without the other.

It will be a little difficult to understand because they have always been thought to be polar opposites.

They are polar opposites, seen from the outside. But all polar opposites are joined together from the inside. The negative or positive poles of electricity, the body and soul - from the outside they are not only different but antagonistic. From the inside they are two aspects of one phenomenon.



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