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This is a very mystical, intuitive and loving New Piscean Moon.   It is very very watery and dreamy…with visions, Angels and the psychic realms all available during the days of this New Piscean Moon.  Neptune that rules Pisces is sitting with this Piscean New moon along with Venus emphasizing the energies even more.  Neptune is known for unconditional love for all and Venus is known for romance and love!  This is a lot of Love energy on all realms!  Even though there are a few challenging aspects at this New Moon…with all of this Piscean energy…we tend to be drawn more to the energies of Love, creativity and fairy tale dreams.  Embrace this energy ….. take time to get in touch with it and feel it!  Pisces/Neptune are also extremely intuitive and Spiritual…so it is a time to go inward and Meditate, Manifest and think of ways in which the peacefulness and unconditional Love part of Pisces can be brought out into the World.  This is one of the strongest New Moons to Manifest on….to create the reality you want to live in.  Meditate, dream and listen….Manifest Love, and Peace!


The World is still in chaos, fear, transformation, division and at times it can be a little volatile. Things are still being put in our faces…so we can’t miss them….so we know what it is that needs to be changed and transformed. This is happening all over the World, and recently in England along with  our own country…. within our own lives and all humanity.  Remember…Transformation isn’t easy…if it is easy, than your not doing the work!!


Ascension Gift 6 Continuation of a New Beginning by Archangel Michael

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Greetings beloved beacons of light upon the Earth. I am Archangel Michael; it is an honour to be in your presence today as there is much occurring on the inner planes and upon the Earth. Everything is blossoming, spiritual evolution is advancing and quickening, you’re understanding and remembrance of the Creator is developing at great speed. It is important at this time to acknowledge that in 2020 you embarked upon a new beginning with the New Earth Ascension Blueprint anchoring into the Earth and into your being. This has now fully anchored. The next stage and the continuation of this new beginning is to co-create with the New Earth Ascension Blueprint, activating the Blueprint within your being. Thus, creating a new Earth, a new reality, new situations, new experiences, new perspectives, new beliefs, and new understandings. You are embarking upon a new way of being, a new beginning which will develop from within your being as a co-creation with the New Earth Ascension Blueprint. This co-creation allows you to be yourself, your truth, power, wisdom, and expression of the Creator on the Earth.


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AstroEyes Evolutionary Astrology – Cathy Lindsey

This is a very active New Moon in Aquarius as the planet Uranus (which rules Aquarius) closely squares (friction and stress energy) Saturn/Jupiter/Venus and widely Mercury Retrograde all in Aquarius.  Then Mars (warrior energy, action, initiation) is also squaring Pallas Athena and this New Aquarius Moon.  Actually there are 7 planets sitting together in Aquarius at this New Moon…including the New Moon itself!  That is a lot of Aquarius!   We haven’t have this many planets in Aquarius since the early 60’s!  We were in what I refer to as the 60’s part 1 then and now we are in what I call the 60’s part 2.  The mid 60’s is where we planted seeds of how we wanted the world to be.  For those that remember…there was a revolution going on in the areas of social movements etc..…but also big energy focus on peaceful protest, Peace, Love, the community, natural gardens, taken care of the Earth and Love fests etc.   Now in the 60’s part 2…we are again in a revolution, a focus on “we the people”, Global warming, peaceful protest, organic foods, natural medicines and our communities etc.,etc.

Clairvoyants - can people look into the future?

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Clairvoyants and fortune tellers are booming in all eras. But there are just as many doubts about this interpretation of the future. What is clairvoyance and are there people who can see into the future? If we want to deal with this, we first have to get rid of a clichéd worldview. Namely that clairvoyant must see something and that clairvoyant always hit the mark. Otherwise, the topic is no longer worth discussing.

The clairvoyant works with different channels of perception In general, clairvoyance is known in the population by the clairvoyant seeing something. It could be a vision, an image or a symbol. This appears before his inner eye and contains a message for the future. But even this perception of the work of a clairvoyant is subject to a cliché. Clairvoyance is only indirectly about images or visions appearing that can be interpreted. Rather, a clairvoyant works with the perception of vibrations that can have certain energetic forces.

Visions and images support an interpretation Most famous clairvoyants in history have symbolic figures in the visions that conveyed the message. It was a combination of LOOKING and HEARING. Even if this symbolic figure itself does not represent a message, perceiving a vision is clearly a pictorial scene. The words that are then audible contain the real message. Hellsehen, Wahrsagen, telefonische Beratung


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