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AstroEyes Evolutionary Astrology – Cathy Lindsey

This is a very active Full Moon in Aquarius…as the planet Uranus (which rules Aquarius) squares (friction and stress energy) this Full Moon.  Adding to the already chaotic, urgent, transformative and at times volatile energies.  These last couple of weeks/months we have had several very powerful events happening…in the United States and also throughout the World.  With the Corona Virus spreading quickly and the pandemic continuing….it feels like the rug has been pulled out from under our feet.   We are in more of a survival mode…then a comfortable mode. No matter how chaotic, intense and transformative the last several weeks/months have been, and still are..…..we now know that the Universe is getting very serious! 

The World as we know it….does not look the same as it has and we are not sure how this coming year will play out.  That is ok…remember that we have to stay out of the fear. We are supposed to be creating a NEW World…a new way of being and we can’t do it on an old foundation. The Universe is really serious about changes…that we as a human race….need to be making.  The Universe will also help us along…if we Ask!  Time to Meditate and to Manifest a better and peaceful World and life.  The Universe is very very Serious…but will help us through.  You just have to ask!!!

Steady As She Goes

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In the midst of the turmoil and world chaos, I see that deep down I am as calm and centered as can be. How could I be anything else?

Maybe it simply boils down to what is made available to us as a whole. I feel it is more about what we chose to concentrate on. Turn on a TV, if you still have one of those things and you can see a constant stream of negative news and entertainment designed to make you want more. The same thing happens on social media. My Facebook wall is so polluted with negative finger-pointing, uni-level points of view, and well-meaning intentions. It is so ugly, I do not read a thing on it. It is hard to not walk away feeling it is the end of the world. And perhaps it is but an end of life, it is not.

I was born in a world where people used rotary phones, did not lock doors and electric magnetic fields (EMF) were few. Today, we are bombarded with the next greatest and "bestest". G5 promises faster connection speeds while many sound the health and environmental alarm.

The tough part is that the vast majority everywhere listen to mainstream news. Considering five companies hold all news outlets in the US, it is hard to imagine we have access to fair, impartial, and unbiased news. Considering how big businesses conduct themselves and looking into their business model, it is not too difficult to see there is a fundamental underlying problem. Between what they say and what they do, there is a world of differences.

Still, within the safety of my "inside", there is calm. It is almost as if there is a wise person sitting, looking. observing, and not getting excited about anything. Neither happy nor sad, this inner entity watches with an anchored confidence. There is a hint of a "make the transition now or wait for a few more decades", but overall, things are going according to divine Universal intention.

Pentagon’s U.F.O. Unit Will Make Some Findings Public

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No Longer in Shadows, Pentagon’s U.F.O. Unit Will Make Some Findings Public

For over a decade, the program, now tucked inside the Office of Naval Intelligence, has discussed mysterious events in classified briefings.

Mr. Reid, the former Democratic senator from Nevada who pushed for funding the earlier U.F.O. program when he was the majority leader, said he believed that crashes of objects of unknown origin may have occurred and that retrieved materials should be studied.

“After looking into this, I came to the conclusion that there were reports — some were substantive, some not so substantive — that there were actual materials that the government and the private sector had in their possession,” Mr. Reid said in an interview


No crash artifacts have been publicly produced for independent verification.


Chase The Problem, It will Come Back Running At You

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The human makeup is perfectly well made up. We can handle a lot, process almost anything, and establish healthier foundations. But stand in the way of processing, push it away to eventually deal with it later and the problems exponentially grow. In other words, chase away unresolved problems, they will come back with insistence. Might as well resolve it now. It only gets tougher the longer you wait.

Cannabis and alcohol are strange substances. Alcohol is perfectly accepted in most cultures and even has medicinal values. Cannabis is not as accepted and has medicinal values. Both work wonder in temporarily putting away problems to the side. But problems do not resolve themselves on their own. That is why we sleep. So that we can process, order, arrange and learn from what we experienced. Without sleep, we put things to the side. We might use cannabis and alcohol to alleviate stress, but the problems remain.

EMDR (Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing) was invented in order to deal with old traumas that were not properly processed earlier. The reason why it works is that it lets us re-experience a traumatic event and letting the human psyche deal with it in a natural way. Progressive Counting also works very well I hear.

The human psyche is well done. It can tolerate so much and when limits have been reached. It can turn itself off. That is why so many who have been molested or raped talk about not being there, being removed from the event, as if their mind had been removed and taken elsewhere. It is the way our psyche deals with traumatic events. It shuts down temporarily and deals with it later, usually at night during sleep.


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AstroEyes Evolutionary Astrology – Cathy Lindsey

This Cancer New Moon is the second cancer New Moon in a row.  We had a Cancer New Moon on June 20th at 1 degree of Cancer along with an Eclipse and the Summer Solstice…and this current New Moon on July 20th….is at 28 degrees of Cancer.  Making this a powerful message from the Universe about Nurturing, Caring, Home, Family, Protection, Emotions, and Mother Earth.  During the Spring Equinox (the Astrological New Year and the backdrop for entire year)…when the Virus was well on it’s way…we had a strong  message from the Universe (because of the Nodes etc) that the Cancer energy was what the Universe wanted us to embody.  Getting back to spending time with our Family’s, the Earth, our homes etc.   We ended up spending a lot of time at home with our Families and found out that it wasn’t so bad.  The Universe new it was time in our Evolution (personally and of the collective/humanity) to balance out spending too much time at work and away from family and nature and move out of  the energy of work, work, work, and not spending time with family…to enjoying and making time for Family and Nature.  This second Cancer New Moon is like a pop quiz!   The Universe is nudging us to see if we started to make that change and focus more on being with Family/ Home and not so detached and focused on working all the time.   It is extremely important right now that you pass this quiz from the Universe!  We don’t want the Universe to be unhappy with us J     

Over Rover. Move Over. There's Something Leaner

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I'm watching a few extremely well-off people fret with unease, sadness, and empathy. It must be hard seeing your universe shaken to the root when you are not expecting it.

The thought came about when Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, Ivanka Trump, I am not sure what she does, and Rometti, who sits on the board at IBM came out and misguidedly asked Americans to go get another job and or another career. The video is difficult to watch as the three make a convincing point that they are very out of touch with reality. But what was even more painful to watch was how they felt to me as slave drivers watching their fortune dwindle and asking the common Joe to go out there again and get working.

The problem with these people is that they are not good stewards of the economy. The average US CEO makes thousands of dollars compared to their employees. I am not saying they should get paid more or less, but to understand the reality of everyday life before asking the good people to go out there and find another job -- as in by magic. What is needed is a fertile ground where a smart economy can happen. And the current one is anything but smart.

This link can bring you up to speed. Here are a few snippets:

...CEOs get paid a lot. For the companies on our list, the average CEO salary in 2018 was $18,669,849—or just under $9,000 an hour. Disney’s Robert Iger highest-paid CEO making over $65 million in 2018, while Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos made the least (a paltry $1.6 million).

...employees, on the other hand? Well, their average salary was a much lower $15.37 an hour, or about $32,000 a year.


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