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Harmonization of all Ascension Portals nears completion.

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Iridescents Im-body Gaia global…


gaia_energy1Iridescents Im-body Gaia global as planetary In-Lightening has resulted in clearance of all major shadow unbalance points.

Forces of Light have proceeded with Love-imbuement operations needed in this moment.

Harmonization of all Ascension Portals nears completion.

Participants are to be acknowledged and appreciated.

New Earth News Mt. Shasta ...

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The latest info I have is that almost all Lemurian presences/forces, etc... throughout the planet are being cleared, ie. erased, to make way for the incoming new paradigms...
I'll keep you posted about this...
Even Telos has been shutdown and dismantled....
Some of them are now ascending beyond this planet, and others are adapting to the very new incoming ascension forces of the New Earth...
This goes for most other older centers throughout the planet, including Mt Tam ...

Avatar Planetary Creation Civilization

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I've been following the restructuring of the planet's grids and chakra system with a predominately Avatar Planetary Creation Civilization to bring in the requisite Creator Avatar Races and other advanced civilization creation forces to implement the Avatar Planetary Creation Civilization with as much expediency as possible.  

This is a major development for this planet and for the entire creation which is becoming a Divine Physical Living Creation Universe.

Some of the universal life forces of creation are already joining in to create the planetary living creation system, and to facilitate the ongoing ascension of this planet's life.

Many more will be coming in to add their resources to the mix.


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Beloved masters, we will continue our review and expansion on some of the most important techniques and information we have given you over the past twenty-two years. It is time to release, transmute or upgrade many of the old restricting thought forms and structures that you have accepted as your personal reality. If you will spend some time in meditation and contemplation, reviewing the structures you have created in your third/fourth-dimensional reality, which include mental, emotional, physical and even some spiritual restrictions, you will quickly determine that it is time to release many of the ties that bind you so that you may move quickly and gracefully into the expanding, empowering world of the future. 

Many of you feel as if you are in the final stretch of a long, difficult race and your energy and enthusiasm are lagging. You are growing more and more disenchanted with the glamour of your worldly existence, and the things that used to excite you seem somewhat tarnished and dull. It is because you are shifting in and out of two vastly different realities or several dimensions at once, and your four lower bodily systems (physical, mental, emotional, and etheric), are trying adjust to and catch up with your Soul/Spiritual Self. This has put much stress and strain on your earthly vessel.

The people of the Earth are all in the process of transformation on every level. Human life as they have known it is changing and from those changes comes ways of living that will be far better for everyone.

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April 27-May 4, 2014

Beloved Ones,

The people of the Earth are all in the process of transformation on every level. Human life as they have known it is changing and from those changes comes ways of living that will be far better for everyone. It is not an easy time during this process and so there is a need for faith in the vision of a better world for all. Certainly the outer world does not reflect the higher vision during these times as it goes through the changes but it is already a template on the higher planes of life. This is where all changes begin and then work their way into the physical. Humanity as a whole has chosen the changes that are occurring and some changes happen suddenly and others will take a longer period of time. Patience is needed for those of you who have been doing the work for many years.

For those who are in the process of interfacing with their higher aspects, the task is to become their higher aspects. All that is not of the highest expression within each individual is now making its way to the surface to be acknowledged, learned from, blessed and released. As one is freed of long hidden aspects of oneself that lived in one’s very cells, it is important to practice forgiveness of self and all others with whom you have had interactions in the totality of your life during this lifetime and any others whose memory may surface during this process. After sincere forgiveness comes a replenishment of more light into one’s cells, and to maintain this light one then becomes a person who constantly blesses all people and all situations that may arise. It is in this practice that greater connection with one’s higher aspects takes place.

This is a very beautiful transmission...

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Ashira: One of the areas that we like to speak of is the magnificent beauty of your planet. And we have come for a very long time, not so all of you can necessarily come on ship.  I mean, we are happy when the time is right, and we will avoid the chaos of an earlier faux pas, but the issue isn’t coming on board ship and asking for a ride home, whether it is to Venus or Andromeda, or anywhere else in the galaxies.

The joy is being on this magnificent planet.  And you are correct, that what you think of as mundane, we think of as spectacular! So it is one of the reasons also, why part of the Mother’s Plan has been to keep you in physical form. Gaia  is a planet of physicality.  It is a planet of such beautiful diversity that you can take lifetimes after lifetimes after lifetimes – and we are talking the hundreds of years that we all live.

But to explore … On board ship, I have said to you, we have gardens, we grow food, there are animals. Now, did you ever think why?  Yes, part of it is we maintain ourselves – but it isn’t a necessary vital requirement.  It isn’t a life force issue, it is to sustain our very souls.

NASA tries ending ISS live streaming after UFO docking incident

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Published on Apr 21, 2014

On 29 January 2014, NASA live streaming showed what appeared to be a sleek elliptical UFO docked with the hull of the International Space Station. Another incident on March 3 again recorded from the ISS live stream, showed a UFO again very close to the ISS.
NASA's response to public requests to explain the docked UFO incident and more recent UFO incidents was startling. NASA had decided it would end ISS live streaming.


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