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Overcoming Trauma

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     My name is BBoverco.  I hope to encourage and inspire people who are trying to overcome some challenge in their lives.          In December of 1989 I was driving home for the Christmas break of my first year in college.  I fell asleep (something I would not recommend), went across the median to the highway, and was hit by a car traveling the other way.  I sustained a closed head injury (a.k.a. traumatic brain injury) because my head was shaken around so violently in the accident.

     Then, I lay in a coma for 14 weeks.  By the grace of God I woke up in late March 1990.  I stayed in Baylor Hospital for awhile, and, sometime in the spring of 1990,  was transferred to Baylor Rehab., where I began an extensive rehabilitation program.  And, believe you me, when I write extensive, that is exactly what I mean.  I had 2 sessions a day with a physical therapist, 2 with an occupational therapist (to reteach me to do everyday things like eating), 1 with a speech therapist, and 1 with a neuropsychologist.  I left Baylor Rehab. in August 1990.  Then, I lived at my parents' house and went to outpatient therapy           until the end of 1990.       

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