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My physical system has gone #BERSERKO. So, I'm currently #FORTIFYING with #GOODSTUFF #YEP ❤

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My physical system has gone BERSERKO. I couldn't even do the Ladies Night Open Mic (a co-ed event) the other night, and I'm not sure that's ever occurred before, actually. I've always showed-up to my "shows." I've also had to stop working for the moment at The Shambhala Center because I can't be moving around much and it's very hard for me to help people & answer their questions when my body is like this. Anyway, it's been coming in waves for a while now. Sometimes I've been fine & able to do stuff, and then.....just no. SO, I'm currently fortifying my system with good stuff, and there's more good stuff to come. ‪#‎YEP‬!

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THIS 4th OF JULY WEEKEND IN MOUNT SHASTA: "We are happy to announce our extended hours for the 4th of July Weekend! In addition to being open until 7pm, we will host vendors outside all weekend, have drumming after the parade from 2-4pm, and our free, shaded sitting-area out-front will be available to cool-off during the hot weather! Happy 4th of July! ["MOUNT SHASTA FOURTH OF JULY STREET FAIRE AND FESTIVAL" poster and schedule by the Mt. Shasta Chamber of Commerce. We support our City!]" -Mt. Shasta Shambhala Metaphysical Center & Store https://goo.gl/WwKqRk #MOUNTSHASTA #4thOfJULY #BOOM 

THIS EARLY EVENING in MOUNT SHASTA, 4-7pm!: Live Painting, Sculpture, Acoustic Music, & a Kids Art Table at the Mount Shasta Art Walk for the Mount Shasta 4th Friday Art Walk ‪#‎FREE‬ ‪#‎MOUNTSHASTA‬ ‪#‎ARTWALK‬ ❤

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"We are again excited to participate in the Mount Shasta 4th Friday Art Walk, and invite you to it Friday, June 24th! For this month's Art Walk, we are featuring the Artwork of Amanda Thomas, and she will be painting live, out-front. We are also featuring the Wire Wrap Tree Sculptures of Ancient Forest, and they will also be out-front, wrapping wire trees on-site. We loved having Live Acoustic Music and a Kids Art Table during last month's Art Walk, so we are doing it again this month! Musicians are invited to come and play for the Art Walk crowd, and "Kids of All Ages" are invited to participate at the Kids Art Table--just show-up! This month's Kids Art activity is "Cardboard Robots" from Ikko Eco Tanigawa. This community event is free & open to the public, 4-7pm. Picnic dinners & snacks are encouraged and welcome."

"ATTN. ALL WAYSHOWERS" I found out today that RAINBOW THUNDERHEART died of cancer. He wrote... ❤

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I found out today that BlueThunder LeBeau just died of cancer. Last year during the Eagle Queztal Condor Gathering in Sedona, Arizona, he told me that he was given the information that it was time to change his name to RAINBOW THUNDERHEART. I honor that, and aPPreciate his work with the "Rainbow Tribe & Family." He wrote these words:

Prophets and Visionaries are rarely celebrated or even welcomed as such within their regular environs. Family think you are the black sheep, neighbors think your plain nuts and the community spins wonderful and reckless tales of your imagined notorious misadventures, brimming with danger and threat.

But WE know who you REALLY are. WE SEE YOU. You are one of the Dreamweavers, threading Reality with intention, purpose and the possibility of the unprecedented.

You are the PoetBard, telling the story of a new mythos and cosmology, one where every particle is sentient, aware and responsive to your call.

You are the Vibrational Master, harmonizing, attuning and synchronizing as you work with energies unseen, frequencies still called into question by so many.

You are the Heart-Centered Healer, bringing compassion, aid and kindly help; you bind up the broken-hearted and heal the lame and halt.

You are the SingerSower, planting musical seeds into the spiral cochlea cornucopia of those ears that are open and responsive to your Song.

FROM THE SHAMBHALA CENTER IN MOUNT SHASTA: "We are excited to participate in the Mount Shasta 4th Friday Art Walk, and invite you to it this Friday, May 27th!"

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FROM THE SHAMBHALA CENTER IN MOUNT SHASTA: "We are excited to participate in the Mount Shasta 4th Friday Art Walk, and invite you to it this Friday, May 27th! We are featuring the Artwork of Susan Isabelle and having Live Acoustic Music outside with the Crew from the Ladies Night Open Mic. Also featured is a Kids Art Table, so be sure to bring the whole family when you art-walk this Friday in Mount Shasta! This event is free & open to the public.


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