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Would You Like To Meet Your Twin Soul? Here's How!

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Activate Twin Flame Recognition Sequence!


Activate Twin Flame Recognition Sequence!

The words woke me up, right before the alarm. I felt Spirit 'nudging me' to say the words out loud. So I did. I said it three times.

And nothing happened!

Or so I thought.

Here I am now, writing to you on how to activate YOUR Twin Flame recognition--because it has happened to me.

A bit of history--144,000 'Illuminated Beings' decided to come to Gaia, or Earth as most people call Her. These were archangels and above, the Elohim. In Heaven, these beings are androgynous. Archangel Gabriel is actually Archangel Gabrielle, and shows more of the feminine side. Archangel Michael is predominantly 'masculine'. But as far as energy in these two great Archangels goes, both are androgynous.

These 'Illuminated Beings' thought it would be interesting to get to know God and themselves through the experience of Duality, a realm where Polarity exists. To enroll in this 'experiment', these souls were 'split' into a Male and a Female Twin. These are the Illuminated Twin Souls, or Illuminated Twin Flames.

Soul Mates, and Twin Souls, also exist but are outside the scope of this blog post.

A Message From Our Lady: Christmas 2013

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A Holiday Message From Our Lady 2013


My Beautiful Jewels,

I come to wish you the merriest of Christmases that you have ever had.

I bring Joy and Light.

It was not long ago that I was here with you, in the flesh. Two thousand years is as fast as twenty is on Earth when you are in Spirit--one blink--as you say it. (snaps her fingers) And everything has passed.

I am the same. (she touches her heart).

I am the same as I was two thousand years ago in the flesh. My heart is pure and filled with Love for everyone. Would you not deny it?

For you know Me in your Heart, and this is True what I say.

I love You.

I love all of You.

Each and every one of you is in my Heart.

Even the ones who reject Me.

I love them with equal fervor and abandon in my Love for All Of My Children! You are with me (touches her heart), here, in my Heart. I cannot love you any more or I would explode with gentle sweet love for you...

Upon the face of the earth I once walked with my own feet. And now here in Heaven a cloud serves as my 'walk'. No matter where I am, my Love is a constant for all humanity.

Inviting The Christ Light In You

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Diana Cooper posted a lovely prayer about these times, and the Solstice ushers in an extra opportunity to absorb the Light of the Christ Consciousness. For those of you energy workers and healers out there, this is an excellent opportunity for you. Here is the prayer, as well as a very small 'extra' one of my own for your benefit. Aloha and Mahalos, Namaste, Reiki Doc

The Event And You: Information To Help You Decide On The Cobra Petition

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Some of you are familiar with the upcoming intervention to aid humankind on the planet, The Event. Even if you have never heard of it, here is everything you need to know to make the decision that is right for you. Please share with those you care about. It is important. Mahalo.

As The Energies Increase, What About Yours?

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You Have A Right To Your Feelings


Are you the leaf? Or the flower?

As the vibrations increase, some of us are going to bloom and be in a vibration of Heaven! We have been working very hard to 'cut ballast' and 'let go' of anything that has been holding us back. I am talking about the Lower Vibrations--grudges, hatred, anger, sadness, distrust, and withholding of Love. Some people call it 'ego' but I wouldn't label it anything more than 'habit'. It was the way of thinking and doing for most of your life!

Someone right now told me, today, 'to go away'. This is someone I have helped financially, through my resources and the resources of those who follow this blog.

I KNOW for a fact the Event has been triggered. I know the prosperity funds are right around the corner. And I KNOW that this person is not going to be out of the hotel for very long before Big Changes happen. He has been given Just Enough to Get By until, well…according to Sheldan Nidle it is already happening.

Fear or Love?: A Sneak Look Ahead At The Energies Of The Event

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Last night, the concept of 'Rowing your own boat' got 'upgraded' in a story of renting an electric boat to enjoy some Christmas Lights in the Harbor. Although I've never driven a boat before…the results, as well as the perception of my friends, is very much like how we are going to experience the emotions and the energies of The Event. The full story here:

A Message On The Season From The Galactics

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Whenever you get that 'warm fuzzy' feeling in your heart this time of year, Jesus and the Angels, The Ascended Masters, our brothers and sisters in Agartha, Buddha, and the Galactics want you to know THEY feel it too. It also generates 'Light' that can be seen from where THEY exist. For more, if you're interested, click here:


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