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Mahalos and Aloha: In Gratitude To The Resistance Movement

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Freedom is not free--in thankfulness and appreciation for the workers of the Resistance Movement who dedicate their lives to the Light. Life is the force of the Goddess Energy. It is a gift of the Creator, of Source.

Life is so much more than the presence of a pulse and respirations and an intact neuro examination! It is more than the birds that fly, the flowers that bloom, and the fish in the ocean!

Life is the Consciousness that we keep after we transition from this world to the next! Life is the energy, our Vibration, our gift we are allowed to keep and manage personally thoughout all of our life experiences.

Right now there is a beautiful red and green baby hummingbird taking a bath in the fountain on the balcony. It is clearly enjoying its bath. This morning I filled the fountain, it was empty. Now the hummingbird is done, takes a sip, and flies off to do its tiny hummingbird things.


This is Life: the interaction of consciousness, kindness, opportunity, enjoyment, gratitude, and the ability to enjoy the moment and move on.

Life exists as this throughout the Universe!

You Are The Midwives Of The Golden Age!

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Everyone agrees that childbirth is a miracle. Everyone who works directly with this miracle, and the people who are close to the woman actually having the baby, knows that miracles sometimes take a lot out of you when they happen! You are soon to experience the miracle of Heaven On Earth. Here is a pep talk to motivate you for your role in Helping Gaia 'give birth' to the New Age of Light.

A Message From Our Lady: Good Morning To All My Loving Hearts

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My Dear Children,
It was a long night, wasn't it?
And now it is day. Daylight is pouring in through the windows of your soul! God will grant fertility, creativity,the  'bonheur' (the French word for happiness), courage and all will bear  fruit in the New Renaissance, starting today.
At this time many of you are overwhelmed with the day-to-day activities that are needed for you to survive. Even this scribe of mine here has not had work since Thursday last. Someone offered to take her short day in the Operating Room today. She would have liked to take it, to allow her more time for her work on 'Otherworldly Things'. But she declined because there has to be someone to pay the bills.
The time will come where it will not be as brutal as this. Although she 'loves her work' there are many things that are of interest to her and she has to forsake them for the 'time is not right' to lie on the couch and read a book or go for a walk in the nature paths that are by the hills in her part of the world.
The balance is Here, Now.
Only through Time are you gong to SEE it.
The energy shifts are 'IN' and are 'taking very nicely', like a plant that has been moved in the garden to a new site.
(For the rest of the message, click here:

Are You An Empath? Here's How To Know

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A beautiful article came through on Facebook, and I am reblogging it here: 

Are you an empath? Here is how to find out.
Major Traits of an Empath

There are different types of empaths who employ different psychic empathic traits. These are the 10 levels of the empath:
Psychometry - the empathic ability to receive energy, information and impressions from objects, photographs or places.
Telepathy - the empathic ability to read people's thoughts.
Mediumship - the empathic ability to feel the presence and energies of spirits.
Physical Healing - the empathic ability to feel other people's physical symptoms in your own body (and often the ability to heal, transform or transmute them).
Emotional Healing - the empathic ability to feel another person's emotions.
Animal Communication - the empathic ability to hear, feel and communicate with animals.
Nature - the empathic ability to read, feel and communicate with nature and with plants.
Geomancy - the empathic ability to read the energy of places and of the land - geomancers can feel the energies of the Earth, such as Ley lines. They can also get headaches, pain or anxiety before earthquakes or other disasters occur anywhere on the planet.
Precognition - the empathic ability to feel when something important is about to happen (often this can be a feeling of inexplicable dread or doom).
Claircognizance or Knowing - the empathic ability to feel what needs to be done in any given circumstance, often accompanied by a feeling of peace and calm, even in the midst of a crisis.

Nesting, Ariel's Moxie, and Her History Of Gaia

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You might not 'get' the significance of the title; I will explain it to you. One, there are some pretty funky energy shifts going on in me, as in 'full-term', 'ready to give birth in spirit' energy changes I believe are related to The Event. Two, Ariel De Angeles has some pretty amazing blogs that 'went by' the last few weeks, and I have put them together for you in one place. Her 'Moxie' series speaks to the Highly Advanced Lightworkers like she is, I am, and possibly you are too. The last four links are amazing, channeled from Archangel Metatron history of 'things Gaia' and are a must read. You will be glad--if you like Galactic Free Press, you are going to be in for a treat when you find what 'intel' is shared there. Click here for everything:


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