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Welcome Beloveds, we are here once more to guide you through the life journey that you came here to experience. We ask that you once more process all our words and guidance through your hearts. We note that many are failing to do this and would ask the question why is it so difficult for many of you to allow yourself to FEEL? Many who read our words are still using their mind to create the life experience and we guide you strongly to detach from this way of BEing.

~ASHTAR~~Claiming Your Freedom to Create Your Abundance~

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Ashtar, Teleconference, 6~28~11

Claiming Your Freedom to Create Your Abundance

"Well, Greetings Everyone, this Family, in this Celebration - coming together is most appropriate.  You have heard so much news, and indeed we could go on by the hour, the day even, with all of the changes that are occurring everywhere on Planet Earth.  And it is most appropriate to focus upon that which you call the 3D changes, the changes in governments and societies, and yes the changes that are being facilitated, not just by us who come, but by you Beloved Ones, by calling forth the Light, by sending out the Love Beams.  This is how the great changes are made.  This is how the consciousness is raised, and this is how the vibrations of the Planet are able to increase!


~Hilarion's Weekly Message July 10~17, 2011~ENERGY INCREASES~

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Hilarion's Weekly Message 2011

July 10~17, 2011





Beloved Ones,

As the frequency of the new energies increases in intensity, many people upon the Planet are feeling various emotions, ranging from great joy to great sorrows, regrets and feelings of loss and pain. These feelings are not only those that have been deeply held within each Soul since early childhood. Beloved Ones, these feelings are all part of the collective consciousness or rather, unconsciousness, that has been gathered as a field of energy that surrounds the Planet. This is held to the Planet as a vibrational field that has kept Humanity imprisoned within this field for millennia.

~Ashtar Monthly Message~7~9~2011

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Ashtar Monthly Message~7~9~2011


by Galactic Love Reporter ~ Michael Angelio

Well Beloved Family, Its that time for another update.

 Lots of occurances, lots of tranformations and lots of you making the most out of the new higher energies. This is all good. It has been a bit rough on you all with so many alignments and updates comming into your matrixes.

With so much going on there has been little time for you to sit and think it all through properly. Yet it has been one massive change so far hasnt it?

It is so exciting to see how well you are responding to all these energies and updates. Your climb up the ladder is going very smoothly.

~AN UPDATE FROM The Arcturians: The Process of Ascension 7~9~11

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~GALACTIC LOVE REPORTER Suzan Caroll  WITH AN UPDATE FROM The Arcturians: The Process of Ascension 7~9~11





We are the Arcturians.

We enter the consciousness of our awakened grounded ones now because we wish to prepare you for what is soon to come about in your reality. We would like to communicate with every one of our grounded ones, but, unfortunately, there are still many who cannot—yet—embrace the unknown in the fashion. Nonetheless, we wish to tell all who can receive this message that the time is NOW. You may say, “The time for what?” Our answer is, “It is the time for which you have awaited.” Your process of ascension is moving into a new frequency because your Solar System has moved into a new area of space.

Within this region of “outer space,” which is simultaneously “inner space,” you must keep careful watch upon ALL your thoughts and emotions because your powers of instant manifestation are quickly returning.

~Angel Message~7~8~11

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Beloved souls, Life is one big adventure isnt it? You never know what its going to be thrown your way. So be ready at all times for the unexpected, and make the most of every opportunity sent your way, as these are ways in which we can see your growth. The more you set out to enjoy the life experience here in duality the better you can help others to do so too. Take a few moments to sit and look at any old habits, ruts and stuck areas in your life, and make a plan to get out of them. keep it fresh and simple. Try something new. Give yourself the permission to enjoy it. Do the things that give you a great sense of joy, peace and wonder.


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Welcome beloved brothers and sisters, we are here to guide and support you as you begin to move through the changes that are the new energies across planet earth. Many of you are struggling with illusion just now as the illusion tries to teach that nothing has changed, that the world is the same as it was yesterday. We are here to guide you strongly to detach from this teaching as it is not truth. Once more we ask you to process all of our guidance and words through your hearts.


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