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~~What Do We Do Now?~ Love Reporter ANgeleka ~

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~LOVE REPORTER ANgeleka Stargate~



As it is obvious that some ancient prophecies are being fulfilled, and our planet  and our HUmanity are going through many changes, we ask ourselves...


  ~What Do We Do Now?~


Call it The Shift or call it Evolution, there are many activities that affect us that are out of our apparent  "control".


The way we used to address things is no longer working.

~High Council of Orion message for 17th June~

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Welcome beloveds and we give blessings that we are able to communicate with you and help to guide you at this time. Many of you struggled with our words regarding fear and love and we are here to guide you through this. It has been firmly implanted into your BEing that love is conditional, all over the planet the same “romantic” scenario is played out constantly. It is in your media, it is in your films, it is everywhere. From little children playing at “fairy tales” to teenage films that seek to reinforce that LOVE hurts.


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